Coaches & Meet Directors: Adding Information To Your Meet Page

Make sure people can use your meet page to get important information about your meet!

My time as webmaster here at Colorado Track XC is drawing very short. The reins will be wholly in the hands of Bobby Reyes in just a few days here. As my involvement will be taking a steep step downward starting this week, there are a few pieces of information I need to leave you with. This is one of those.

In the past, I've added a lot of meet information to meet pages for you. Over the years, though, MileSplit has made it easier and easier for coaches and meet directors to add that information directly. If you contact me about it, I'll just refer you back to this article--unless there is some legitimate roadblock in the way that's keeping you from getting it done.

So, here's the quick how-to on adding meet information (contact information, parking information, meet schedules, or whatever other information you wish to add).

1. You must be listed as the meet timer or have admin rights for the host school. Additionally, you must be logged in. Otherwise, you won't be able to do any of this.

2. Go to the meet page. Click on Meet Manager once you're there. Assuming you have admin access (see #1, above), the Meet Manager button is a gray button on the right-hand side of the black banner area at the top of the meet page. 

3. On the meet admin page, scroll down to Meet Information. Add whatever information you like there. Format that information as you wish using the html tools at the top of the box.

4. If you wish to add a downloadable document to the meet page, click on your user Account icon (a small person) in the upper right corner. Then click on My Profile. Then click on My Files. Find the file you want to add (note that there are file size limits) and click to upload the file. Now click on the filename in the directory of files that appears. Copy the entire url for the file. Now, go to the Meet Information area of the meet page. Write a short descriptor of the file (perhaps something like Meet Schedule). Highlight the descriptor, then click on the link icon (a chain link). Paste the file url into the appropriate location in the dialog and close the dialog. You have now successfully added a downloadable file to your meet page.

5. Click on Save Changes at the bottom. Note that while you're on the meet page, though, you can also do things like change entry limits for events, closing time for online registration, and all sorts of other things related to online registration. It may not be a bad idea to play around a little on the admin side of your meet page and learn how to master these skills before things get really busy this spring.

It's that simple. Really.

Note that you don't need to add a link to online registration instructions as that link is now hardwired onto the meet page for every meet with online registration. 

If you would like to add or change a logo to the meet page, first create a 120x90 pixel logo. Save it somewhere you can easily find it. Then click in the logo area in the top left corner of the meet page. When the dialog comes up to add a logo, search for and find the logo you just saved. Then click Upload Logo. There is a wait time for the page to refresh, but your new meet logo should be visible to all within an hour or less.

Note that I will only be able to add heat sheets to your meet page if you, or your meet timer, send me those heat sheets. I'm very happy to post heat sheets for you, and fans/parents very much appreciate those being available on the meet pages, but I don't have the time to query every meet director about heat sheets. So, please send those my way if you want them posted. I can--and often will--download entry lists directly from the MileSplit online registration, but nothing is broken up into heats until your meet timer does that. In short, if and when I download and post anything directly, those will be start lists and not heat sheets. Note that timers and meet directors can also add heat sheets and results directly to meet pages. Here's a quick how-to on that: 

1. Please only add flat html (text) heat sheets and results.

2. Click on the meet page, then on Meet Manager.

3. Click on Meet Results.

4. Add a Name, then copy and paste the heat sheets or results into the text box provided.

5. Then click on Submit.

Please note that the spring meet schedule is now complete with all rankings meets listed on the CHSAA site, plus a few that aren't listed there. 

See you around the track this spring!