6.81h, Still Fast, But Not A US #3 Mark

Sterling Brassfield's 6.81(h) mark will be expunged from the national leaderboard. File photo.

We now have a full explanation of the 60 meter mark that rocked the state today.

Running in heat 3 of the 60 meter dash from yesterday's USATF-Colorado Indoor Championship meet, Sterling Brassfield posted a 6.81 time. What we didn't know at the time--at least those of us not at the meet--was that a earlier false start in the heat meant that the timing didn't get fully reset and FAT wasn't working for that heat. The 6.81, plus the other times recorded for the same heat, were hand times, not FAT.

The correct conversion for Brassfield's time would be to round up to the next tenth of a second (6.9), then add .24 seconds (7.14). The next thing I'll do will be to mark the times from that heat as hand times so they are correctly recorded on the athlete profiles in question.

It seems apparent, though, that Brassfield, only a freshman, has plenty of good marks in store for us.