Week In Review: Sloan Storms To New US No.1

Emily Sloan ran a nation leading 8.07 to record the second fastest 60H in high school history. 

Colorado athletes were spread across the country this past weekend, with most competing at the Simplot Games. While there were a load of highlights we covered in previous stories, the main story coming out of this weekend had to be Emily Sloan, who ran a nation-leading 8.07 at the USATF Indoor Championships. Sloan made it to the semifinal heats against professionals before being eliminated. The time is the second fastest by a high school girl, ever. She's just .05 off the high school national record. 

Simplot Games

Idaho State University  Pocatello, ID 
Feb 15, 2018 Feb 17, 2018
2,176 Total Performances (259 CO)

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Elite Performances

Girls (50)
60mF 3 1st7.40Arria MinorDenver Lightning
60mF 3 6th7.74Jaiden ParisAngel Flight
60mF 1 14th7.89Maya ProvencalAngel Flight
60mp 2 1st7.50Arria MinorDenver Lightning
60mp 10 6th7.81Jaiden ParisAngel Flight
60mp 12 14th7.93Maya ProvencalAngel Flight
200mF 1 8th25.78Julyah WilsonNite Moves Track Club
400mF 3 1st53.47Arria MinorDenver Lightning
400mF 3 3rd55.56Kyairra ReighDenver Lightning
400mF 1 13th59.04Helen MaleyDenver Lightning
400mF 1 16th1:00.09Nina KempDenver Lightning
400mp 1 1st54.25Arria MinorDenver Lightning
400mp 3 5th57.64Kyairra ReighDenver Lightning
400mp 13 15th1:00.01Helen MaleyDenver Lightning
400mp 8 18th1:00.45Nina KempDenver Lightning
400mp 17 20th1:00.92Kiona GibbsDenver Lightning
800mF 3 1st2:16.95Marlena PreighFairview High School
800mF 3 5th2:20.30Lina CorralesAMATA
800mF 3 6th2:20.42Abby ScottDurango High School
800mF 2 10th2:23.60Shannon KingFaith Christian Academy
800mp 2 1st2:19.19Marlena PreighFairview High School
800mp 2 4th2:22.64Lina CorralesAMATA
800mp 3 6th2:24.01Abby ScottDurango High School
1600mF 3 7th5:08.77Isabella BowlandFairview High School
1600mF 3 8th5:10.50Madeleine BurnsDurango High School
1600mF 3 10th5:15.81Madi KenyonRough Rider Track Club
1600mF 1 23rd5:28.54Abigael HowardDenver Lightning
1600mp 1 6th5:10.19Isabella BowlandFairview High School
1600mp 1 9th5:16.57Madi KenyonRough Rider Track Club
1600mp 2 11th5:17.57Madeleine BurnsDurango High School
1600mp 1 21st5:25.33Lauren McKennaFairview High School
1600mp 4 25th5:27.35Abigael HowardDenver Lightning
3200mF 1 9th11:26.64Addi IkenLittleton High School
3200mF 1 10th11:29.43Lauren Zoe BakerSilver Creek High School
3200mF 1 12th11:46.74Alexandra EmersonDenver Lightning
3200mp 2 7th11:22.16Addi IkenLittleton High School
3200mp 2 10th11:25.28Lauren Zoe BakerSilver Creek High School
3200mp 3 14th11:35.99Alexandra EmersonDenver Lightning
3200mp 1 16th11:38.82Caitlin McConnellCherokee Trail High School
60HF 3 5th9.05Delaney SmithColorado Jets
60HF 2 7th9.16Esth Diza-mbeloloDenver Lightning
60Hp 4 6th9.16Delaney SmithColorado Jets
HJF 1 2nd5-11Rylee AndersonSilver Creek High School
LJF 1 11th17-2Chian DeLoachCherokee Trail High School
TJF 1 2nd40-4Hawa KamaraLet it Fly Track Club
TJF 1 4th39-7Arianna FisherLet it Fly Track Club
TJF 1 9th38-4.5Jazlynn ShearerLet it Fly Track Club
TJF 1 20th35-3.5Caitlin SimmonsAMATA
SF 1 4th38-11Maddison DedicWalsh High School
SF 1 6th38-7Macradee MillerLet it Fly Track Club
Boys (38)
60mF 1 10th7.09Sterling BrassfieldAMATA
60mF 1 13th7.11Ibro SoumahSprint 50
60mp 11 15th7.23Korey HairstonDenver Lightning
60mp 18 17th7.24Sterling BrassfieldAMATA
60mp 16 18th7.24Ibro SoumahSprint 50
200mF 2 4th21.86Jalen LyonAMATA
200mF 2 12th23.14Ibro SoumahSprint 50
200mp 10 5th22.96Deondre RitterAMATA
200mp 6 8th23.11Jalen LyonAMATA
200mp 8 11th23.17Ibro SoumahSprint 50
400mF 2 3rd49.59Adam StarkRough Rider Track Club
400mF 1 12th51.40Jason FarrellAMATA
400mF 1 13th51.45Kobe ChristiansenElevate Athletics
400mF 2 14th51.50Carson EbersbachDenver Lightning
400mF 2 16th51.79Brayden HambyRough Rider Track Club
400mp 2 7th50.84Adam StarkRough Rider Track Club
400mp 3 9th51.44Brayden HambyRough Rider Track Club
400mp 14 11th51.59Carson EbersbachDenver Lightning
400mp 11 14th51.76Jason FarrellAMATA
800mF 2 7th2:01.04James ThomasAMATA
800mp 4 5th1:59.28Nick NowlenRalston Valley High School
1600mF 3 4th4:19.96Landon Rastunat-co
1600mF 3 10th4:24.88Cal Bantaunat-co
1600mp 2 2nd4:24.22James LeeSilver Creek High School
1600mp 2 3rd4:24.67Landon RastLegend High School
1600mp 1 12th4:29.06Cal BantaAir Academy High School
3200mF 1 10th9:37.26Jackson PrattLake County High School
3200mF 1 11th9:40.15Brock DykemaSilver Creek High School
3200mF 1 14th9:58.38Nick Shampoeunat-co
3200mp 2 10th9:42.89Brock DykemaSilver Creek High School
3200mp 1 14th9:51.81Nick ShampoeDiscovery Canyon High School
60HF 3 4th8.21Zaire JacksonAngel Flight
60HF 3 5th8.22Joel NyatusahGazelle Sprint Club
PVF 1 2nd15-9Garrison HughesLet it Fly Track Club
PVF 1 5th14-3Lincoln YoungLet it Fly Track Club
PVF 1 15th13-9Vincent DavisonLet it Fly Track Club
PVF 1 15th13-9Griffin HamptonArapahoe High School
SF 1 7th53-9.5Reece DavidsonFaith Christian Academy


Air Force Collegiate Open

Cadet Field House  USAFA, CO 
Feb 16, 2018
3 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
PVF 1 4th13-0Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
Boys (1)
PVF 1 3rd15-11.75Max MansonSuperior Track Club