James Heater: Roosevelt to Colorado State

James Heater will head to Colorado State next year to compete for the Rams.


                                    James Heater's Best Marks

Discus - 150-9

Shot - 50-7.25


Q) Talk about the recruitment process - what other schools were you looking at, and how did you come to choosing Colorado State?
I went on a visit to CSU in October, and watched both of morning and afternoon practices , and also went to the weight room and watched all of the throwers lift. After that, I kept in touch with Bedard, giving him updates on how things were going with my throws. I then went to both of their throwing camps for high school athletes. In this same time period, I was asking to Concordia Nebraska, Western State Colorado University, and Wyoming. I ultimately decide CSU, because I love the campus, their courses, the coaching staff, the facilities, and all the people that I came in contact with on my visit.

Q) What do you plan to study at Colorado State?
I plan on studying Sociology in concentration in criminal justice, and minoring in either political sciences or Spanish.

Q) You've made massive leaps of improvement each year, talk about what you've done to continue improving.
You get out what you put in. I have dedicated a massive amount of time through my high school years to being the best thrower I could be. It helps when you have a massive support group and amazing coaches like I have had as well. My mom, dad , Daniel Joiner, Link Lanter, Del Hessel, Abe Sauer, Paul Herman, Joe Brown, and many others have been some of the best coaches I could ever ask for, and are great role models to look up to. The have taught me to use my passion and drive to achieve what ever I want in life. 

Q) Could you share your first high school experience throwing the discus/shot. As far as my records show, you opened up your discus career nearly 56 feet behind your current PR, throwing 96-1. And your shot was 34-10, (now 50-6).
I vividly remember my first meet on varsity my freshman year.  Some how I had got put in the last flight of discus with all of the best throwers at the meet I remember looking around, and half of the guys in that flight had beards, and I remember thinking "These are men...". I will never forget that , because it reminds me of how far I have come.

Q) Could you share any goals you have for the upcoming track season?
Some goals I have this season are , conference champion in both shot and discus, and at least top 3 at state in both as well. One of my biggest goals this season this year is also to break Roosevelts 48 year old shot put record of 52'1".

Q) What would your favorite high school moment be?
One of my favorite memories of track in high school would have to be the throwers 4x400 that we threw together at Mullen my sophomore year. It had rained, and some of the guys on our 4x400 team had left, so 4 of us throwers decided to take the call of action. We ended up running something like 4:15, and took dead last, but won the respect of everyone at the meet... but we didn't get the box of pizza that we were promised, but oh well.