Leap Of The Week: Raymon Harper

Raymon Harper went 6-10 for a new Colorado No. 1 in the high jump.

Some talents you can see coming. Raymon Harper is one of those talents. 

It's not often you open your high jumping career with a win, and at 6-4, but that's what Harper did last year. 6-4 is already impressive - it'll win most meets. But Harper has clearly set his sights on more than just winning in-state meets this year.

But let's take a step back...

In his two years high jumping, he's been over six feet every time, which tallies to 13 times. 

Harper topped out at 6-6 last year, and went on to finish fourth at state, but he's made quick gains this year. He went 6-8 at the Broomfield Shootout a week-and-a-half ago. While the two-inch personal best lifted him among the state's best, it wasn't No. 1.

So, he took that momentum and added another two-inches, going 6-10 at the Lyons Invitational this past weekend for a new Colorado No. 1 mark. 

To put his 6-10 jump into perspective: it's the difference between being tied for 11th in the country, or 39th, where his previous best of 6-8 (from the week before) would've landed him. 

While we're talking of inches, and not feet, when you're near the top, every inch is a massive leap, as in the case of Harper's jump from 6-8 to 6-10. That's the difference between being among many, and among the best in the country.