Leap Of The Week: Carter Dillon

Carter Dillon dropped nearly 10-seconds off his PR to run 4:12.91.

There were more than enough options for this week's Leap Of The Week, but Carter Dillon's 10-second PR in the 1,600 is not normal. Trust me, I used be a miler.

While Dillon wasn't the only one in the race with a *near* 10-second PR, he edges out Cole Sprout for biggest leap here by a few hundredths of a second.

Adding to the prestige of Dillon's leap, was that he was part of one of the most epic 1,600 races in Colorado history. 

Dillon's 4:12.91 was a massive, massive PR. 

What was his PR before Saturday's soon-to-be-historic Mullen Mile?


To better appreciate the feat, let's look back on Dillon's history in the event.

As a freshman he ran 4:41. As a sophomore he ran 4:36. As a junior he ran 4:22. And now he's dropped another 10 seconds. No big deal.

And we're only talking about altitude times. 

Using NCAA altitude adjustments, Dillon's 4:12 converts to 4:06. 

Anyone who has run the mile knows that every second is precious, particularly when you're already running in the 4:20s, so when a 10-second drop occurs, it's something worth noting.

Clearly, Dillon has found another gear. 

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