Week In Review: That Just Happened

Another huge weekend brings too many top performances to list...

Most weeks are hard to summarize, given the vast amount of great performances. But this week really just went to another level. While there's so much to digest, we'll skim the tops of the weekend and really dive into quite a few match-ups and insane performances in the near future, because honestly, there are a lot of great story-lines and angles here...

If I were to give a "Performance Of The Week" this week, I wouldn't.

Because how do you compare Michael Mooney's US No. 1 8:50 3,200 in Arcadia to a pair of 4:12 altitude miles out of Cole Sprout and Carter Dillon at Mullen? (I will admit, however, having witnessed that 1,600 first-hand, it still gives me chills just thinking about it -- watch the video and you'll see what I mean.)

(Mull this over: Sprout, Culpepper, and Lee - all 4A, and all have run under 4:13 in the mile... Who takes state? And then there's the 5A match-up of Mooney and Dillon... My stomach turns just thinking about these races...)

And what about Arria Minor's 11.38-23.23 double? Or Anna Hall's nation-leading (and new 4A classification record) 42.03 in the 300 Hurdles? Mullen was stacked. 

(Mull this over: Minor's wind-aided 23.23 in the 200 is unofficially the fastest 200 in Colorado history...)

And how could we forget Max Manson's 16-10 victory in the pole vault at Mullen? Or Emily Sloan's 13.43 100 hurdle victory in Arcadia?

My fingers can type fast enough.


Mullen Invitational

Mullen HS Stadium  Denver, CO 
Apr 7, 2018
1,109 Total Performances

Photo Albums (1)

Videos (68)

Articles (6)

Elite Performances

Girls (60)
100mF 1 1st11.38 wArria MinorDenver East High School
100mF 1 2nd11.91 wSyanne AlgeeDenver East High School
100mF 1 3rd11.99 wSydnee LarkinCherokee Trail High School
100mF 1 4th12.00 wDawnielle LewisRangeview High School
200mF 1 1st24.54Anna HallValor Christian High School
200mF 1 1st23.23 wArria MinorDenver East High School
200mF 1 2nd24.54Sydnee LarkinCherokee Trail High School
200mF 1 2nd24.45 wKyairra ReighDenver East High School
200mF 1 3rd25.36Julyah WilsonOverland High School
200mF 1 3rd24.54 wDawnielle LewisRangeview High School
200mF 1 4th24.62 wSyanne AlgeeDenver East High School
200mF 1 5th24.63 wMaya EvansLutheran High School
200mF 1 6th25.14 wLauren GaleDiscovery Canyon High School
400mF 1 1st54.65Kyairra ReighDenver East High School
400mF 1 2nd56.58Lauren GaleDiscovery Canyon High School
400mF 1 3rd57.71Olivia WhitakerAir Academy High School
800mF 1 1st2:17.54MaLeigha MenegattiPueblo West High School
800mF 1 2nd2:17.63Keely JonesValor Christian High School
800mF 1 3rd2:17.75Katelyn MitchemBroomfield High School
800mF 1 4th2:17.94Kasey KlocekGreen Mountain High School
800mF 1 5th2:18.38Abby ScottDurango High School
800mF 1 6th2:18.39Jenna FitzsimmonsMountain Vista High School
800mF 1 7th2:18.98Maggie SmithNiwot High School
1600mF 1 1st5:19.23Katie FlahertyClassical Academy, The
1600mF 1 1st5:03.39Marlena PreighFairview High School
1600mF 1 2nd5:19.30Katie DoucetteArvada West High School
1600mF 1 2nd5:04.11Jenna FitzsimmonsMountain Vista High School
1600mF 1 3rd5:04.30Isabella BowlandFairview High School
1600mF 1 4th5:04.92Katelyn MitchemBroomfield High School
1600mF 1 5th5:07.69Liberty RiccaDiscovery Canyon High School
1600mF 1 6th5:08.45Lauren NeugeborenBoulder High School
1600mF 1 7th5:11.59Sarah O'SullivanMountain Vista High School
1600mF 1 8th5:13.60Keely JonesValor Christian High School
1600mF 1 9th5:13.93Isalina ColsmanRegis Jesuit
1600mF 1 10th5:14.65Claudia BurgessBoulder High School
1600mF 1 11th5:15.32Kasey KlocekGreen Mountain High School
1600mF 1 12th5:16.49Taylor WhitfieldValor Christian High School
1600mF 1 13th5:18.69Carley BennettLakewood High School
100HF 1 1st14.52Anna HallValor Christian High School
100HF 1 2nd14.63Jaiden ParisCherokee Trail High School
100HF 1 3rd14.96Kylie DavisRegis Jesuit
300HF 1 1st42.03Anna HallValor Christian High School
300HF 1 2nd44.96Jaiden ParisCherokee Trail High School
300HF 1 3rd45.08Kylie DavisRegis Jesuit
300HF 1 4th45.70Mackenzie FidelakNiwot High School
300HF 1 5th45.98Julyah WilsonOverland High School
4x100mF 1 1st46.85Denver East High School
4x200mF 1 1st1:44.70Smoky Hill High School
SMR8F 1 1st1:48.62Valor Christian High School
4x400mF 1 1st3:59.15Denver East High School
HJF 1 1st5-6Taylor JamesNiwot High School
LJF 1 1st18-6.25Maya EvansLutheran High School
TJF 1 1st40-4Sydnee LarkinCherokee Trail High School
PVF 1 1st12-8Mia MansonMonarch High School
PVF 1 2nd11-8Erika WillisClassical Academy, The
PVF 1 3rd11-2Heidi LilesMonarch High School
PVF 1 4th11-2Avery ViereggerValor Christian High School
PVF 1 5th11-2Kristina WillisClassical Academy, The
SF 1 1st38-5.5Amber GustasonMountain Range High School
SF 1 2nd36-6.75Shaelynn WilliamsMesa Ridge High School
Boys (56)
100mF 1 1st10.90 wTyler WilliamsStandley Lake High School
100mF 1 1st10.87Luc AndradaPueblo East High School
100mF 1 1st10.91 wZion GordonRegis Jesuit
100mF 1 2nd10.98 wAlex HiseDurango High School
100mF 1 2nd10.99 wNathaniel AnsahOverland High School
200mF 1 1st22.48 wNathaniel AnsahOverland High School
200mF 1 1st22.35Joel NyatusahOverland High School
200mF 1 1st22.31 wOscar SarabiaHinkley High School
200mF 1 1st22.65 wJake WachterMead High School
200mF 1 1st21.79 wTyler WilliamsStandley Lake High School
200mF 1 2nd22.72 wBrad RobertsRalston Valley High School
200mF 1 2nd21.81 wLuc AndradaPueblo East High School
200mF 1 3rd22.16 wKeirryse SimpsonDenver East High School
200mF 1 4th22.46 wIbro SoumahDenver South High School
200mF 1 5th22.49 wEthan LoperLutheran High School
200mF 1 6th22.65 wJared AmmonLutheran High School
400mF 1 1st48.99Adam StarkLoveland High School
400mF 1 2nd49.67Jared AmmonLutheran High School
400mF 1 3rd49.94Carson EbersbachDenver East High School
800mF 1 1st1:57.28Cole SproutValor Christian High School
800mF 1 1st1:55.66Carter DillonMountain Vista High School
800mF 1 2nd1:55.99Nick NowlenRalston Valley High School
800mF 1 3rd1:57.06Drew SeidelWheat Ridge High School
800mF 1 4th1:57.37Aidan FitzgeraldDurango High School
800mF 1 5th1:57.40Caden FosterMountain Vista High School
1600mF 1 1st4:23.73Mason BrownEaglecrest High School
1600mF 1 1st4:12.75Cole SproutValor Christian High School
1600mF 1 2nd4:25.16Justin McDanielMead High School
1600mF 1 2nd4:12.91Carter DillonMountain Vista High School
1600mF 1 3rd4:26.05Canaan LamberthClassical Academy, The
1600mF 1 3rd4:18.96Caden FosterMountain Vista High School
1600mF 1 4th4:27.22Ryan MoenClassical Academy, The
1600mF 1 4th4:20.53Cal BantaAir Academy High School
1600mF 1 5th4:27.91Nick ShampoeDiscovery Canyon High School
1600mF 1 5th4:21.92Austin VancilDakota Ridge High School
1600mF 1 6th4:22.07Chase DornbuschLakewood High School
1600mF 1 7th4:23.29Harrison ScudamoreDenver East High School
1600mF 1 8th4:24.82Joseph DickeDiscovery Canyon High School
1600mF 1 9th4:25.63Aidan FitzgeraldDurango High School
1600mF 1 10th4:26.01Zac WitmanLoveland High School
1600mF 1 11th4:26.59Yonatan KefleDenver South High School
1600mF 1 12th4:27.45Colin BerndtArvada West High School
1600mF 1 13th4:27.65Ethan RouseMountain Vista High School
110HF 1 1st14.07Joel NyatusahOverland High School
110HF 1 2nd14.36Zion GordonRegis Jesuit
110HF 1 3rd14.47Darrius GawSmoky Hill High School
110HF 1 4th14.52Zaire JacksonNorthfield High School
300HF 1 1st39.10Oscar SarabiaHinkley High School
300HF 1 2nd39.55Dane PalazzoValor Christian High School
300HF 1 3rd39.59Brett FreitagWindsor High School
300HF 1 4th39.60Darrius GawSmoky Hill High School
4x200mF 1 1st1:28.98Smoky Hill High School
PVF 1 1st16-10Max MansonMonarch High School
DF 1 1st165-2Kain MedranoPueblo East High School
SF 1 1st52-6.5Kain MedranoPueblo East High School
SF 1 2nd50-1Stuart FolkertsValor Christian High School

Arcadia Invitational

Arcadia HS Track  Arcadia, CA 
Apr 6, 2018 Apr 7, 2018
2,205 Total Performances (77 CO)

Photo Albums (5)

Videos (51)

Articles (18)

Elite Performances

Girls (19)
200mF 11 19th25.25Mary GillettNiwot High School
400mF 1 3rd56.12Mary GillettNiwot High School
800mF 1 14th2:16.58Jasmyne CooperDouglas County High School
3200mF 1 4th10:49.42Grace JohnsonBattle Mountain High School
3200mF 1 5th10:50.98Isabella ProscenoPalmer Ridge High School
3200mF 1 8th10:55.07Lizzy HardingBattle Mountain High School
3200mF 1 9th10:55.30Lina CorralesDouglas County High School
3200mF 1 10th10:55.64Addi IkenLittleton High School
3200mF 1 15th10:44.86Soleil GaylordTelluride High School
3200mF 1 17th11:02.23Ivy GonzalesBroomfield High School
3200mF 1 18th11:02.63Elizabeth ConstienBattle Mountain High School
3200mF 1 22nd11:14.35Madi KenyonRoosevelt High School
3200mF 2 22nd11:02.88Liz HoganMonarch High School
100HF 1 1st13.43Emily SloanRock Canyon High School
300HF 1 2nd42.25Emily SloanRock Canyon High School
4x800mF 1 7th9:26.15Battle Mountain High School
HJF 1 9th5-4Riley MastenRock Canyon High School
PVF 1 3rd12-7Hayley RayburnPlatte Canyon High School
SF 1 5th38-11Genna CampainFort Collins High School
Boys (17)
100mF 3 9th11.00Devin CadenaRock Canyon High School
3200mF 1 2nd8:50.96Michael MooneyBroomfield High School
3200mF 1 3rd9:08.34Easton AllredRock Canyon High School
3200mF 1 12th9:14.44Ares ReadingNiwot High School
3200mF 2 20th9:19.57Ryan MatsonPalmer Ridge High School
3200mF 2 24th9:20.59Joshua KrafsurFort Collins High School
3200mF 1 29th9:21.66Jonathan WoolfPalmer Ridge High School
3200mF 1 43rd9:28.18Isaac RussoMonarch High School
3200mF 1 48th9:29.10Kieran NayPalmer Ridge High School
3200mF 1 63rd9:36.04Michael LongDouglas County High School
3200mF 1 65th9:37.25Brandon HippePalmer Ridge High School
3200mF 3 70th9:39.02Brock HelveyDouglas County High School
3200mF 1 76th9:42.02Alex HootenCentaurus High School
LJF 1 8th22-5.25Micaylon MooreFort Collins High School
TJF 1 7th46-4.75 wAllam BusharaFort Collins High School
TJF 1 11th45-1Micaylon MooreFort Collins High School
SF 1 8th51-9.5James HeaterRoosevelt High School

John Tate Challenge Cup

Dutch Clark Stadium  Pueblo, CO 
Apr 6, 2018 Apr 7, 2018
1,267 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
HJF 1 1st5-4Jordan LanningBayfield High School
Boys (13)
200mF 5 1st22.68 wJayden OmiManitou Springs High School
200mF 4 1st21.91Jalen LyonFountain-Fort Carson High School
200mF 4 2nd22.07Deondre RitterFountain-Fort Carson High School
400mF 1 1st47.91Tyrese VanHorneHarrison High School
400mF 1 2nd49.45Jason FarrellFountain-Fort Carson High School
400mF 1 3rd49.83Devon WashingtonHarrison High School
300HF 2 1st39.78Carl HeideBayfield High School
4x200mF 2 1st1:26.99Fountain-Fort Carson High School
4x400mF 2 1st3:19.55Fountain-Fort Carson High School
HJF 1 1st6-6Jeremy CodyPueblo South High School
DF 1 1st164-6Lane WalterCrowley County High School
DF 1 1st154-10Charles BroomfieldCoronado High School
SF 1 1st52-9Charles BroomfieldCoronado High School

Eagle Valley Invitational

Eagle Valley HS Track  Gypsum, CO 
Apr 7, 2018
1,301 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
800mF 3 1st2:17.23Joslin BlairEagle Valley High School
Boys (4)
200mF 10 1st22.75Gavin OlsonGlenwood Springs High School
1600mF 4 1st4:23.64Ben KelleySoroco High School
LJF 1 1st22-1.5Justin ThompsonRoaring Fork High School
TJF 1 1st45-4.5 wJustin ThompsonRoaring Fork High School

37th Annual Sun Angel Classic

Sun Angel Stadium  Tempe, AZ 
Apr 6, 2018 Apr 7, 2018
1,829 Total Performances (1 CO)

Photo Albums (2)

Videos (9)

Articles (3)

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
PVF 1 1st12-3Hayley RayburnPlatte Canyon High School

Legend Titan Track Clash

Echo Park Stadium  Parker, CO 
Apr 7, 2018
1,066 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (16)
200mF 5 1st24.79Taylor WatsonCherokee Trail High School
200mF 5 2nd25.42Lily WilliamsGrandview High School
400mF 5 1st55.94Lily WilliamsGrandview High School
400mF 5 2nd56.13Bryce JohansenHighlands Ranch High School
100HF 4 1st14.98Delaney SmithCherry Creek High School
4x400mF 2 1st3:55.78Grandview High School
HJF 1 1st5-5Kylee HarrGrandview High School
LJF 1 1st18-0Abigail TammingaLegend High School
LJF 1 2nd17-10Aumni AshbyCherry Creek High School
TJF 1 1st37-7Aumni AshbyCherry Creek High School
PVF 1 1st12-4.25Lauren JarossyLegend High School
PVF 1 2nd11-2Morgan AdsitDouglas County High School
PVF 1 3rd11-2Ana GeorgeCherry Creek High School
SF 1 1st38-2.5Leilah VigilGrandview High School
SF 1 2nd36-10Katherine HigginsPonderosa High School
SF 1 3rd36-6.5Elena OppHighlands Ranch High School
Boys (18)
100mF 6 1st10.95Dimitri StanleyCherry Creek High School
200mF 6 1st22.65Ben PeytonGrandview High School
200mF 6 2nd22.80John FultonPonderosa High School
400mF 6 1st49.61Marcus MillerCherry Creek High School
400mF 6 2nd49.82Van LucasCherry Creek High School
400mF 6 3rd49.83Dimitri StanleyCherry Creek High School
1600mF 2 1st4:27.40Caleb ReamChaparral High School
3200mF 2 1st9:30.89Landon RastLegend High School
110HF 5 1st14.59Andrew DoctorLiberty High School
110HF 5 2nd14.93Cyprien ToffaCherry Creek High School
300HF 4 1st39.23Dillon AndrewsCherokee Trail High School
4x200mF 2 1st1:27.04Cherry Creek High School
4x400mF 2 1st3:23.67Grandview High School
HJF 1 1st6-5Tre TeagueDouglas County High School
LJF 1 1st22-0 wAaron HarrisGrandview High School
PVF 1 1st15-2Justin SandbergChaparral High School
DF 1 1st155-7Tyler NelsonDouglas County High School
SF 1 1st54-5.5Drake NugentHighlands Ranch High School

Robert F. Caviness

Aurora Public Schools Stadium  Aurora, CO 
Apr 7, 2018
1,158 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
HJF 1 1st5-5Raina BranchVista Peak High School
Boys (3)
200mF 10 1st21.92Elijah WilliamsGateway High School
LJF 1 1st22-4Kevin TraylorGateway High School
LJF 1 2nd22-4Daiquan HillGateway High School


Warren Mitchell Invitational (54th annual)

Bailey Track at Gaskill Field  Limon, CO 
Apr 7, 2018
966 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
SF 1 1st40-3Heather GrahamGenoa-Hugo High School

David S. D'Evelyn Invitational

Jeffco Stadium  Lakewood, CO 
Apr 7, 2018
1,001 Total Performances (944 CO)

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
SF 1 1st38-10.75Lauren WhyrickGreeley West High School
Boys (2)
DF 1 1st156-4John HochanadelFort Morgan High School
SF 1 1st51-7Reece DavidsonFaith Christian Academy

Thunderhawk Twilight Invitational

Prairie View HS Track  Henderson, CO 
Apr 3, 2018
909 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
1600mF 2 1st5:15.73Brynn SilesLegacy High School
Boys (1)
300HF 5 1st39.49Garrett NelsonPoudre High School

Frank Woodburn Invitational

Stocker Stadium  Grand Junction, CO 
Apr 7, 2018
823 Total Performances

Photo Albums (1)

Articles (1)

Elite Performances

Boys (1)
200mF 1 1st22.76Ty GrantCedaredge High School

Salida Invitational Track Meet

Salida HS Track  Salida, CO 
Apr 7, 2018
774 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Grand Valley Cardinal Open

Grand Valley HS Track  Parachute, CO 
Apr 3, 2018
711 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
HJF 1 1st5-5Faith NovessDeBeque High School
SF 1 1st37-1Katie HykeCedaredge High School

Glenwood JV Meet

Glenwood Springs HS Track  Glenwood Springs, CO 
Apr 3, 2018
592 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Highland Weld County JV Meet

Highland HS Track  Ault, CO 
Apr 4, 2018
546 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Abel Velasquez Invitational

Ignacio High School Track  Ignacio, CO 
Apr 7, 2018
458 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Santa Fe League Meet

John Mall HS Track  Walsenburg, CO 
Apr 2, 2018
450 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Boys (1)
DF 1 1st155-8Lane WalterCrowley County High School

Weld Central Welco Meet

Weld Central HS Track  Keenesburg, CO 
Apr 4, 2018
239 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Arcadia Multis

Arcadia HS Track  Arcadia, CA 
Apr 6, 2018 Apr 7, 2018
266 Total Performances (0 CO)

Photo Albums (1)

Videos (1)

Elite Performances

No elite performances.