Leap Of The Week: James Heater

James Heater threw 55-2.5 last week for a new Colorado No. 1 in the shot

James Heater has been heating up for a long, long time, though it appears that he's finally hit his hot streak.

Heater opened his high school career with a toss of 34-10 in the shot put. It was at the Weld County JV meet, which he won. While a win is a win, the mark didn't truly hint at the full spectrum of his talents. 

By the end of the his freshmen year he had improved to 36-6.5. A year later he improved to 41-2.75. His first trip to state came his junior year, where he finished 11th in 4A, and he finished his season with a solid 47-9.75 best. 

To string you along and put this in perspective, currently the mark 47-9.75 ranks 34th in all-classifications, and 14th in 4A.

Let's move on to 2018...

Heater showed hints of his talents indoors, tossing 50-6, and that was just the beginning. He continued to hover around 50-feet outdoors, going 52-5.5 two weeks ago. The five-foot improvement from his junior year would've already been impressive enough, given that he had risen into the Top-10 ranks, but no, The Heater wasn't done just yet.

Heater added to his massive curve of improvement at the Randell Hess Invitational this past weekend, tossing 55-2.5. The mark is currently No. 1 in all-classifications. 

If James Heater was a pitcher, he'd be nicknamed The Heater.

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