Colorado Heads To Brooks PR Invitational

Michael Mooney leads Colorado athletes to the Brooks PR Invitational this weekend. 

The Brooks PR Invitational in Seattle has quickly gained a reputation of being one of the more difficult meets to gain entry into to, given that athletes from across the country are handpicked to compete. Regardless of the exclusivity, Colorado has a slew of athletes who've been invited to perform on the big stage. 

In the two-mile two of the state's best are slated to run the eight-lap event. Michael Mooney and Cole Sprout are entered. They'll battle the No. 1 3,200 runner in the country - James Mwaura, who has run 8:46. Mooney is currently ranked third in the event with his 8:50 PR, while Sprout has a 9:01 PR - which was run in Colorado. His altitude conversion puts him more in the mix with Mwuara and Mooney. Additionally, Sprout is the lone sophomore in the event, which is filled with seniors and juniors. 

Cruz Culpepper is the lone Colorado entrant in the mile, which includes 4:04 miler Dustin Horter. Like Sprout, he's the only sophomore in the event. Culpepper's 4:12 Colorado PR would rank him in the top-10 nationally when converted from altitude.

For the girls Emily Sloan will toe the line in the 100 hurdles. Currently, she's ranked No. 3 in the event. She'll battle US No. 2 Grace Stark. 

In the 400 is the shocker of the 2018 state championships: Lily Williams. The 5A state champion is currently the lone Colorado entrant. As of June 7, there is no sign of 51-second 400 runner and US No. 1, Arria Minor, on the entrant list. Williams will battle US No. 2 Tierra Robinson-Jones, who is the top-ranked entrant. 

In the 1,600 Colorado's got the other half of the Mooney twins on the start line, as Madison Mooney is the lone entrant from the state. Mooney's 4:49 ranks her 13th nationally her 4:55 would dip her into the top-10 ranked milers, which are led by Catilin Collier's 4:38.

We'll have coverage here as the meet progresses.