Tips From The Top: Sydnee Larkin

Sydnee Larkin has been one of the best jumpers in the state of Colorado throughout her high school career. On three separate occasions she climbed to the top of the podium at Jeffco Stadium - she was the 2018 long jump state champ, and the 2016 and 2017 triple jump state champ. 

Her 41-10.25 mark in the triple jump this year ranked her No. 7 in the country. 

While the long and triple jump are clearly her forte, Larkin has had success in nearly every sprint event as well. She was fourth in the 100 and the 200 at the state meet this year

Her laundry list of performances include a slew of first place, second place, and third place finishes, spanning the entirety of her high school career - she's always found a way to be in the mix for the win. Her consistency it what made her a threat every time she competed, and it's in that consistency that she was able to battle back from injury her junior year.

Larkin will take her talents to Arizona State next year, but before she does, she shared what's kept her on top of Colorado all these years. 

Here are Larkin's Tips From The Top:

1. Stay positive. Everybody has bad meets and a bad race every now and then. You can't let that one bad meet define who you are, and what you can do. You learn from it, brush it off, move on and focus on the next. Always go into a competition with a positive mindset. Tell yourself that you are going to PR, and perform to the best of your ability. A positive mindset will never fail you. 

2. Have a goal and stick to it. I have many goals surrounding track and field. I have a lot of short term goals and a lot of long term goals. It's always good to have a goal so that you always have something to work towards.

3. My biggest tip is to always compete against yourself. Athletes are always so worried about their competitors because of the marks that they've put up. You go out there to perform better than how you did the previous week. You are your biggest competitor, and the only person who can beat you is you.