Throwback Thursday: Colorado Stars Back In The Day

Change is hard to see in small increments. When you see an athlete compete nearly every week, you may miss the tiniest of changes, but when we look way, way back, change is a bit easier to spot. 

In years past Alan Versaw threw up articles of Colorado's best when they were freshmen. You know, those ones where we get to see scrawny little 90-pound freshmen boys with a clean face and boney arms. Oh, just me? 

So, in keeping with that theme, I went deep in the archives and compiled a photo album for a Throwback Thursday

The only difference is that some of these photos go way back...

Some faces changed, some didn't. Take your guess on who you see, and there'll be an answer key on the last page. 

And oh, just so there's no hard feelings: I decided I couldn't exactly go on with this without participating myself...

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