Gold For Arria Minor And Team USA In The 4x4

Arria Minor anchored Team USA in the preliminary heats of the 4x4.

Some kids spend their summer in the pool, Denver East's Arria Minor has spent a summer on the track. 

She's been a dominating force in Colorado, and in the US, and for her efforts she got to the don the red, white, and blue for Team USA at the U20 IAAF Championships in Finland, along with Anna Hall

Minor anchored the 4x4 squad through the prelims. Team USA ran through the heat unrivaled in 3:33.

And they weren't done yet. 

Team USA took home gold with a staggering 3:28 in the final, winning the event by a clear three seconds. 

Additionally, Discovery Canyon's Lauren Gale donned the red and white of Canada in the 200. (Gale is a native of Ottawa.) She placed seventh in her heat in 24.78.