Tips From The Top: Anna Hall

Six-time Colorado state champion, and heptathlon national record holder, Anna Hall, shares her Tips from the top.

Anna Hall is the best all-around athlete in the country. Literally. That's not really even up for debate. She's the national record holder in the heptathlon, the U20 national champion in the event, and she finished ninth in the world at the IAAF U20 championships two weeks ago. 

And what's even more impressive is that she's national caliber in multiple events. Hall tallied three top-10 national performances this year in individual events. Her 40.76 300 hurdle personal best was No. 3 in the country - and No. 2 all-time in Colorado, her 6-0 high jump was No. 5 in the country - and one-inch below the Colorado state record, and her 19-10.5 long jump was No 10 in the country.

Most athletes would be thrilled to rank within the top-10 in the country in one event. Hall's name appears three times. And she achieved this all in her junior year of high school...

Oh, and did I mentioned she's a six-time Colorado state champion? She's claimed gold in the long jump, the high jump, the 100 hurdles, and the 300 hurdles, and that's not to mention any second, or third, or fourth-place finishes, because she's got a handful of those too.

When an athlete is this good at this many events, it's clear there's a mindset that has elevated her to such success. Fortunately for all of us mortals, she's shared some tidbits of information for this week's Tips From The Top.

Here are Anna Hall's Tips From The Top:

1. Write your goals down somewhere you will see them everyday. 
I have my short term and long term goals written on my mirror, and multiple other places in my room. Seeing them everyday gives me extra motivation on tough days. And having to cross them off and write new ones is the most satisfying and encouraging feelings ever. Be realistic with short term goals, they are stepping stones, so you should be rewriting those at least once every season, and think BIG with your long term goals, and keep setting those short term goals until you accomplish them! 

2. Be Confident! 
This sounds simple but it's actually really, really hard. Even if you are racing the world record holder, never go into an event thinking you are going to lose. Either compete to win, or focus in on yourself. Anybody can be beat on any given day! 

3. Keep it fun! (No matter how big the meet is) 
Everyone prepares differently, and if you've ever seen me warm up for a meet I probably don't look like I'm having fun... But I am, I promise! Yes there is a time to focus, but if track is what you really want to be doing it will show! Know that you are lucky to have the opportunities that you do, no matter how big or small, and make them your own. Find what about track makes it fun for you, and don't forget about it!