Palmer Ridge Busts Rust At Legacy Rust Buster

5:58 - 5:59 - 6:00...

Isabella Prosceno ran at a steady cadence along the dirt path. Her light brown eyes cast down at the ground where her spikes would soon be while her brown curls, which were held back by a bright band that was debatably orange, or pink, or both, danced behind her, swaying with her rhythm. 

She had nearly 10 meters on her chasers, which included Legacy's Abby Jones, and Palmer Ridge teammate Maren Busath. With one mile down, and two to go in the first race of the season, Prosceno was stating her intentions early. The 2017 state runner-up was here to run her race. 

While she ran on without any noticeable challengers early in the race at the Broomfield County Commons Friday afternoon, the sun beamed down from above, and it had no cloudy challengers either. The course, while mostly flat with a few gentle rolls, was exposed to this bright orange challenger from above, and it would take its victims on this hot, hot day.