Online Registration =/= Entering A Meet

Looking to be part of the crowd at a meet? There's more to it than doing online registration!

There has been something of a spate of schools doing online entries for a meet without the knowledge of the host school to kick off the 2018 cross country season. So, the measure of clarity that this article will add to that situation is in order.

Simply stated, coaches, you should not consider your school entered into a meet until you have contacted the host school, filled out the necessary paperwork (which might be online, but not at Colorado Track XC), and have been approved to enter the meet. Then and only then should you consider doing online registration for the meet.

Meet managers, there is a proactive step you can take that will effectively block non-entered teams from entering your meet. You can add a password to your meet. That will prevent teams that have not gone through the established channels of entering your meet from gaining access to your meet to do online registration.

Briefly, your steps to accomplish this go as follows:

  • Go to your meet page (while you're logged in) and click on the gray Meet Manager button. This will take you to the main admin page for your meet.
  • Scroll down a little on that page to the Registration section. There you will find a textbox labeled Password required to register. If that textbox has no entry anyone can do online registration for your meet. That's convenient, but it does allow rogue schools to enter along with the schools who have gone through the proper channels.
  • Enter your password into the textbox and click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
  • Inform all the schools/coaches who have duly entered your meet of the password that will be necessary for them to complete online registration.

That's it. Problem solved. Note that if some schools have already started online registration prior to you adding a password to your meet, nothing will change for those schools. Adding a password only changes things for schools that begin, or attempt to begin, online registration after the password has been entered.

So, new coaches, please don't go rogue. It creates all sorts of problems for host schools. Enter the meet before you do online registration. Many meets list contact information for entering the meet on the meet page.

Host schools, please consider helping new coaches (and even a few experienced ones) to learn the ropes of properly entering a meet by adding a password to your meet.

That is all. Thanks!