Blazing At The Bell

Tiya Chamberlin nabbed a win, and a personal best. 

First Winners Of The Day

The first to pumped their arms up the hill and to the finish were the Glenwood Springs duo of Henry Barth and Gavin Harden in the Division 2 race. They were the first runners under 16 on the day, and they wouldn't be the last. 

Barth took the win in 15:39, while Harden was just two seconds back in 15:41. The 1-2 punch helped Glenwood Springs take third as a team, though it was Frontier Academy's pack that claimed the team race with an impressive 82 points. Frontier packed their entire top five into the top 26. 

While the back of the boy's race was inching towards the finish line, a figure nearly a foot shorter and with a loose dirty-blonde ponytail swaying in her wake was kicking hard towards the finish. 

Wheat Ridge's Tiya Chamberlin was eating up the back of the boy's race, and opening her season in style - with a personal best of 18:13. 

"I didn't even really decide whether I was going to race until midweek," Chamerlin explained. "I came here today with the mindset that I wanted to do as well as I could do, and just really push myself."

The decision proved fruitful for Chamberlin, who took down a stellar field that included Windor's Morgan Hykes, who took second in 18:20, and Steamboat's Maggi Congdon, who finished third in 18:32. 

In the team competition there was a tight race within the top three. Silver Creek took a narrow four-point victory over Glenwood Springs, going 89 to 93, while Frontier Academy was just a few points back in third with 100 points. 

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