Leap Of The Week: Lena Fogarty & Company

Fossil Ridge's Lena Fogarty dropped nearly a minute from her personal best.

A handful of runners ran personal bests by nearly a minute, or just beyond a minute this past weekend, which made this week's Leap of the Week all the more difficult to name. So much in fact, that we'll have Honorable Mentions for the first time.

That downhill-both-ways-track at Desert Twilight allowed for a slew of huge personal bests, though breaking your Colorado personal best in Colorado has a bit of an edge to it.

The numbers don't lie. 

59 seconds is a long, long way, particularly when your PR came from Liberty Bell just three weeks earlier. But Fossil Ridge's Lena Fogarty didn't need a drop in altitude to drop nearly a minute from her best. 

Per the trend with the girl's freshmen class this year, Fogarty opened her season over 20 minutes, running 20:23. She ran 19:20 at Liberty Bell, and dipped under 20 minutes just twice more before making perhaps her most decisive improvement.

Fogarty ran 18:21 at the Thornton Invitational this past weekend, which is deserving of this week's Leap of the Week.

And among the honorable mentions, as mentioned above, there were many... Here are a few who highlighted that long, long list...

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