Week 8 Coaches Poll: Girls

D'Evelyn surged three spots to No. 3 this week.

We're weeks away from the big dance and with each passing day we're seeing a little more of what to expect in Colorado Springs at the end of the month. While the favorites remained on top of their thrones this week, we did see a considerable amount of shuffling behind them...


The story in 5A this week wasn't Mountain Vista, Cherokee Trail, or Cherry Creek holding on to their 1-2-3 spots. No, the story this week was Monarch jumping four spots to the No. 4 spot. Monarch took a big win at Pat Amato, and the pollsters saw. 


Life in 4A was quite quiet this past weekend. On that note, Niwot remained No. 1, and not much else changed this week. Air Academy and Palmer Ridge swapped for the week, and Durango made the biggest leap, making a two-spot jump to No. 7.


Peak to Peak remained on top of the peak of 3A, and right on their tail The Classical Academy held on to their No. 2 spot, but the story this week was D'Evelyn jumping three spots to No. 3, following their sixth place finish at Pat Amato. 

Moffat was another storyline this week, jumping two spots to No. 5, after a fourth place finish at the Pantherfest.


Lyons kept its prefect streak of No. 1 rankings this season, though hold on and welcome back Nederland! The defending state champs made a big, big move into the No. 2 spot this week.

Another big move came from Dawson, who landed in the No. 4 spot this week.