Final Coaches Poll: Girls

It's Championship Season...

This is where rankings are just a number, and now it's time to prove that number, or flip the script. We've got the final tally heading into regionals. 

Where does everyone stand?


The pecking order of Mountain Vista - Cherokee Trail - Cherry Creek remained solid this week. While Mountain Vista appears clear of the competition, Cherokee Trail and Cherry Creek could provide the best actual team battle heading into State.

The biggest movement this week came from Fairview, who surged back into the No. 4 spot. 


We're revving up for a battle here... Niwot remained the No. 1 this week, though No. 2 Battle Mountain is creeping back into the title race. We'll see a battle of epic proportions in another week...

The rest of the 4A landscape saw very little movement this week, as they're likely bidding their time until regionals and the Big Dance next week.


Peak to Peak was a clear No. 1 this week, just as they have been all season. The real question is how things play out behind them. 

The Classical Academy inched forward to a more decisive No. 2 this week, though they've got a hard-charging D'Evelyn squad hot on their heels. 

The biggest leap this week came from Frontier Academy, who jumped to the No. 4 spot.


We'll see a hotly contested battle between season-long No. 1 Lyons and the defending state champs and surging No. 2 Nederland at the regional championships in Lyons Thursday.

The chess pieces are very set in their places, as they have been in recent weeks, though there was some minor shuffling on the backside of the rankings, with Soroco and Golden View making a push in the final weeks of the season.