Tiana Bradfield: Peak to Peak to Northern Arizona


Tiana Bradfield's Best Marks

800 - 2:16.31

1,600 - 5:04.30

5k - 18:12


Q) Talk about the recruitment process - what other schools were you looking at, and how did you come to choosing Northern Arizona?

A) The process was pretty crazy but also so ridiculously rewarding and eye-opening. I was looking at University of Arizona and University of Minnesota as well the University of Oregon for a while. All of these teams and universities were all so incredible. NAU was on my radar for a while, but if you were going to tell me that I would be signing with them a year ago, I probably would not believe you. But after meeting the coaches and the incredible people at NAU and seeing how much they all genuinely love each other and how absolutely driven they all are, I don't think I could see myself running for anyone else.  

Q) What do you plan to study at NAU?

A) I'm planning on studying sports medicine and majoring in Sports Sciences so that after my collegiate career I can work as a PT and help treat other athletes like myself.

Q) Most of your success has come in the 800/1,600, though you've proven to be able to run a quick 5k as well, what are you planning to focus on at NAU?

A) I'm super eager to run 1500 at the collegiate level, and I will still continue my cross country season. But I'm keeping an open mind to trying new things, especially for the track season. Like maybe some steeple at some point ;)

Q) Could you share any goals you have for the upcoming track season?

A) I'm so excited for this track season my main goals are to get as strong as possible so that I stay super healthy all of the track season. I'm also so pumped to run a fantastic 4x800 with the incredible girls on my team. We have our eyes set on some pretty big things this year, and I think it's going to be an incredible end to my high school track career.

Q) What would your favorite high school moment be (so far)?

A) I would say the biggest thing for me is seeing how resilient a community of runners can be when it feels like sometimes the odds are stacked against us. And seeing how tough and driven we all are for the success of our team. One of the most rewarding examples of this is the 1-2-3 finishes and the success of our 4x800 throughout the years. And I'm so happy and honored to be running for such an incredible coach and team like Peak.