5A Boys: Sprout, Dakota Ridge, Storm To Victory

Connor Ohlson and Austin Vancil went 2-3 to lead Dakota Ridge to a decisive team victory.

Heading into the State meet U.S. No. 11 Dakota Ridge had an edge over Mountain Vista, but Mountain Vista being Mountain Vista, and the defending state champions, there was a feeling that this race was bound to be closer than it looked on paper. 

But the boy's from the 'Ridge came ready to run. The stands were counting as white singlets with "Dakota Ridge" came roaring into the stadium.

While the top-10 individuals waited to be escorted to the podium, Ohslon and Vancil anxiously waited for team results. They shared nervous glances towards their tallying crew in the stands, wondering if they had done it, or come close and just missed out. 

And then they got the word: Dakota Ridge nabbed the state title.

Ohlson and Vancil's 2-3 finish gave them an early edge, but it was White's 10th place finish that leaned the race in favor of Dakota Ridge, despite Mountain Vista's tight pack. White was Dakota Ridge's third runner, and in front of Mountain Vista's No. 1. Jack O'Sullivan

Benjamin Piegat was perhaps what sealed the victory for Dakota Ridge, as he was just two places behind O'Sullivan. Peiget was Dakota Ridge's fourth man. 

Mountain Vista battled, however. 

Brody DempseySeth RouseSantiago Montano, and Davis Helmerich came within five seconds of each other. But while their fifth runner, Helmerich, did beat Dakota Ridge's No. 5 Ben Morrin, it wasn't enough to match that three-in-the-top-10 finish by the 'Ridge.

When the official tally was compiled Dakota Ridge had the victory with 47 points. Mountain Vista was the runner-up with 76 points, and Heritage was third with 115 points.