Week In Review: Sprout Drops US No. 2 8:40 In The 3,200

Cole Sprout ran the second fastest 3,200 time in the country at Arcadia. 

Colorado has its own big weekend, but to give a little focus on what happened in California, here are some highlights... 

Arria Minor went 11.57 in the 100, and 23.72 in the 200 - both 2nd-place finishes... 

Sydney Holiday went 11.83 in the 100 to finish 5th...

Lily Williams won the 400 in 53.97...

Taylor James went 2:07.12 to finish second in the 800...

Taylor Whitfield ran a 10:35 in the 3,200... 

Anna Hall went 14.27 in the 100 hurdles, and 41.34 in the 300 hurdles...

Cole Sprout went 8:40.72 to finish 2nd in the 3,200 (***US No. 2, and fastest Colorado time ever***)

Micaylon Moore went 23-6 to finish 2nd in the long jump... 

Cian Quiroga won the discus and the shot - 189-2 in the discus, and 58-1.5 in the shot...

Featured Meets

Arcadia Invitational

Arcadia HS Track Arcadia, CA
Apr 5, 2019 Apr 6, 2019
2,341 Total Performances (76 CO)

Photo Albums (5)

Videos (71)

Articles (21)

Elite Performances

Girls (28)
100mF 1 2nd11.57Arria MinorDenver East High School
100mF 1 5th11.83Sydney HolidayBroomfield High School
200mF 1 2nd23.72Arria MinorDenver East High School
200mF 4 7th24.75Camille PeisnerValor Christian High School
200mF 1 6th24.93Sydney HolidayBroomfield High School
200mF 2 20th25.19 wTaylor JamesNiwot High School
400mF 1 1st53.97Lily WilliamsGrandview High School
400mF 1 6th56.75Camille PeisnerValor Christian High School
800mF 1 2nd2:07.12Taylor JamesNiwot High School
800mF 1 9th2:13.60Keely JonesValor Christian High School
800mF 3 12th2:16.43Reese DragovichValor Christian High School
800mF 2 25th2:18.27Maggie SmithNiwot High School
3200mF 1 20th10:35.85Taylor WhitfieldValor Christian High School
3200mF 1 6th10:47.27Grace JohnsonBattle Mountain High School
3200mF 2 6th10:48.69Layla RoebkeNiwot High School
3200mF 1 9th10:54.21Sierra BowerBasalt High School
3200mF 1 10th10:55.43Kenadi KruegerThompson Valley High School
3200mF 1 13th10:58.18Joelle McDonaldNiwot High School
3200mF 1 19th11:00.08Samrawit DishonNiwot High School
3200mF 1 31st11:10.30Elliot PribramskyBattle Mountain High School
100HF 1 8th14.27Anna HallValor Christian High School
300HF 1 2nd41.34Anna HallValor Christian High School
300HF 2 8th45.52Lizzie WatersValor Christian High School
4x200mF 1 3rd1:42.15Valor Christian High School
DMRF 1 12th12:13.91Niwot High School
LJF 1 11th17-11.25 wSadie McMullenValor Christian High School
DF 1 2nd132-1Jane PowersValor Christian High School
SF 2 17th36-0.5Jane PowersValor Christian High School
Boys (15)
100mF 1 3rd10.76Gavin SawchukValor Christian High School
200mF 3 10th22.16Gavin SawchukValor Christian High School
200mF 1 17th22.48 wKorey HairstonDenver East High School
3200mF 1 2nd8:40.73Cole SproutValor Christian High School
3200mF 3 1st9:12.16Dylan SchubertThompson Valley High School
3200mF 3 2nd9:12.70Dillon PowellAir Academy High School
3200mF 1 23rd9:12.79Cruz CulpepperNiwot High School
3200mF 2 7th9:15.78Aidan FitzgeraldDurango High School
3200mF 1 21st9:28.06Ares ReadingNiwot High School
4x100mF 1 8th42.18Valor Christian High School
LJF 2 2nd23-6Micaylon MooreFort Collins High School
TJF 2 1st47-10Micaylon MooreFort Collins High School
TJF 2 2nd48-0.5Allam BusharaFort Collins High School
DF 2 1st189-2Cian QuirogaValor Christian High School
SF 2 1st58-1.5Cian QuirogaValor Christian High School

Mullen Invitational

Mullen HS Stadium Denver, CO
Apr 6, 2019
1,119 Total Performances

Photo Albums (1)

Videos (81)

Articles (3)

Elite Performances

Girls (35)
100mF 6 1st11.96Maya ProvencalRalston Valley High School
200mF 5 1st25.16Maya ProvencalRalston Valley High School
400mF 4 1st57.17Abby GlynnMead High School
400mF 4 2nd57.88Regan AurichLutheran High School
400mF 4 3rd57.88Lilly LavierAlamosa High School
800mF 3 1st2:14.07Marlena PreighFairview High School
800mF 3 2nd2:16.33Lilly LavierAlamosa High School
800mF 3 3rd2:18.65Kasey KlocekGreen Mountain High School
1600mF 3 1st5:00.43Marlena PreighFairview High School
1600mF 3 2nd5:04.34Sarah O'SullivanMountain Vista High School
1600mF 3 3rd5:08.22Quinn McConnellPeak to Peak Charter School
1600mF 3 4th5:10.94Madeleine BurnsDurango High School
1600mF 3 5th5:17.56Caroline EckMountain Vista High School
1600mF 2 6th5:17.76Olivia KruegerThompson Valley High School
1600mF 3 7th5:18.67Katie FlahertyClassical Academy, The
1600mF 2 8th5:19.00Sydney SwankerBroomfield High School
1600mF 3 9th5:19.34Elizabeth SchweikerRalston Valley High School
1600mF 3 10th5:19.51Lizzy HardingBattle Mountain High School
3200mF 1 1st11:08.67Lanie SzuchEvergreen High School
3200mF 1 2nd11:10.99Tiya ChamberlinWheat Ridge High School
100HF 6 1st14.94Zion SmithNorthfield High School
300HF 5 1st45.06Abby GlynnMead High School
300HF 5 2nd45.43Claira GilchristLoveland High School
4x200mF 4 1st1:44.83Niwot High School
LJF 2 1st17-11Mia MansonMonarch High School
PVF 2 3rd11-0Logan KuskieLyons High School
PVF 2 1st12-0Mia MansonMonarch High School
PVF 2 2nd12-0Kristina WillisClassical Academy, The
DF 2 2nd130-9Logan DeRockRoosevelt High School
DF 2 1st136-2Gya'ni SamiSierra High School
SF 2 5th36-1Sarah SamsDouglas County High School
SF 2 4th36-8Kajsa BorrmanLoveland High School
SF 2 3rd37-7Logan DeRockRoosevelt High School
SF 2 2nd38-0.5Amaya AtencioAlamosa High School
SF 2 1st38-10Joy FifitaBroomfield High School
Boys (43)
100mF 6 1st10.85Jackson ConnellyRegis Jesuit
100mF 6 2nd10.86Elijah WilliamsGateway High School
100mF 6 3rd10.88Sterling BrassfieldEaglecrest High School
100mF 6 4th10.97Keirryse SimpsonDenver East High School
100mF 6 5th11.00Tyler WilliamsStandley Lake High School
200mF 5 1st21.90Elijah WilliamsGateway High School
200mF 5 2nd22.04Keirryse SimpsonDenver East High School
200mF 4 3rd22.47Sterling BrassfieldEaglecrest High School
200mF 5 4th22.60Jackson ConnellyRegis Jesuit
200mF 4 5th22.62Langston WilliamsEaglecrest High School
200mF 3 6th22.76Cole CaskeyLutheran High School
200mF 2 7th22.77Richard SafohGateway High School
200mF 4 8th22.79Drew MortonClassical Academy, The
200mF 3 9th22.79Rashid Seidu-ArozaRangeview High School
200mF 2 10th22.80Jackson PriceRegis Jesuit
400mF 4 1st49.46Nicholas NuhferArvada West High School
800mF 3 1st1:56.48Yasin SadoDenver West High School
1600mF 3 1st4:16.24Yasin SadoDenver West High School
1600mF 3 2nd4:16.49Austin VancilDakota Ridge High School
1600mF 3 3rd4:19.34Connor OhlsonDakota Ridge High School
1600mF 3 4th4:21.11Mason NormanClassical Academy, The
1600mF 3 5th4:23.84Will DaleyDenver East High School
1600mF 3 6th4:25.11Matthew MettlerAir Academy High School
1600mF 3 7th4:25.59Yonas MogosGateway High School
3200mF 1 1st9:41.69Seth BruxvoortHeritage Christian Academy
110HF 6 1st14.21Zion GordonRegis Jesuit
110HF 6 2nd14.75Mason AnthonyElizabeth High School
300HF 5 1st37.92Mason AnthonyElizabeth High School
300HF 5 2nd38.32Garrett NelsonPoudre High School
4x100mF 6 1st42.61Overland High School
HJF 2 1st6-6D'Angello WrightMountain Range High School
HJF 2 2nd6-6Owen KoonceCentaurus High School
HJF 2 3rd6-6Cisco PadillaPueblo West High School
LJF 2 1st22-10.5Mason AnthonyElizabeth High School
TJF 1 1st53-3Adam McQuireCastle View High School
PVF 2 4th14-0Mason AdamsLoveland High School
PVF 2 2nd14-6Samuel GodwinBroomfield High School
PVF 2 3rd14-6Hunter PotrykusSilver Creek High School
PVF 2 1st17-0Max MansonMonarch High School
DF 2 4th150-1Anthony RosenstrauchPalmer Ridge High School
DF 2 3rd158-1Tyler NelsonDouglas County High School
DF 2 2nd160-5Avery ShunnesonThomas Jefferson High School
DF 2 1st164-4Max ChristenberryBattle Mountain High School

Thomas Jefferson Twilight

All-City Stadium Denver, CO
Apr 5, 2019
1,700 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (15)
100HF 1 1st14.76Zion SmithNorthfield High School
4x100mF 1 1st48.56Smoky Hill High School
4x200mF 1 1st1:42.59Smoky Hill High School
4x200mF 2 2nd1:44.23ThunderRidge High School
4x200mF 1 3rd1:44.52Fossil Ridge High School
SMR8F 1 1st1:49.57ThunderRidge High School
LJF 1 2nd17-11Lexye WoodElizabeth High School
LJF 1 1st18-8Christine BaileySmoky Hill High School
LJp 1 2nd17-11Lexye WoodElizabeth High School
LJp 1 1st18-8Christine BaileySmoky Hill High School
SF 1 2nd36-0.5Madeleine HubychLakewood High School
SF 1 2nd36-0.5Sarah ReinerThunderRidge High School
SF 1 1st37-0.5Amanda OppLakewood High School
Sp 1 2nd36-0.5Sarah ReinerThunderRidge High School
Sp 1 1st37-0.5Amanda OppLakewood High School
Boys (16)
200mF 1 1st22.61Sterling BrassfieldEaglecrest High School
200mF 1 2nd22.66Zion WagonerDenver East High School
400mF 1 1st48.38Langston WilliamsEaglecrest High School
400mF 1 2nd48.97Joseph MaguireFort Collins High School
400mF 1 3rd49.89Keirryse SimpsonDenver East High School
400mF 2 4th49.92Mason AnthonyElizabeth High School
110HF 1 1st14.51Mason AnthonyElizabeth High School
110HF 1 2nd14.80Zaire JacksonNorthfield High School
DF 1 2nd163-4Avery ShunnesonThomas Jefferson High School
DF 1 1st171-9Samuel DirkesSilver Creek High School
Dp 1 2nd163-4Austin HoltThunderRidge High School
Dp 1 1st171-9Samuel DirkesSilver Creek High School
SF 1 2nd51-2Ben StoyerCheyenne Mountain High School
SF 1 1st54-11Samuel DirkesSilver Creek High School
Sp 1 2nd51-2Ben StoyerCheyenne Mountain High School
Sp 1 1st54-11Samuel DirkesSilver Creek High School

John Tate Challenge Cup

Dutch Clark Stadium Pueblo, CO
Apr 5, 2019 Apr 6, 2019
1,369 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (3)
1600mF 1 1st5:15.33Kylie SimshauserFlorence High School
SF 1 2nd38-7.5Shannon VivodaPueblo East High School
SF 1 1st38-10Harlie MedranoPueblo East High School
Boys (21)
100mF 1 1st10.55Luc AndradaPueblo East High School
100mp 1 1st10.59Luc AndradaPueblo East High School
200mF 1 1st21.58Luc AndradaPueblo East High School
200mp 1 1st21.47Luc AndradaPueblo East High School
200mp 3 2nd22.70Devon WashingtonHarrison High School
200mp 1 3rd22.73Elijah BrownPalmer High School
200mp 3 4th22.80Jaiveon KendrickPalmer High School
400mF 1 1st49.27Treveon CollinsPueblo South High School
400mp 4 1st49.52Treveon CollinsPueblo South High School
110HF 1 1st14.83Elijah BrownPalmer High School
110HF 1 2nd15.00Charles Nnantah Jr.Pine Creek High School
300HF 1 1st39.47Charles Nnantah Jr.Pine Creek High School
LJF 1 1st22-0.75Brendan YoungCanon City High School
TJF 1 2nd45-6.5Darius CheatomHarrison High School
TJF 1 1st46-2Kelita BaroumbayeGunnison High School
TJF 1 1st46-5Brendan YoungCanon City High School
DF 1 2nd152-2Rece RowanPine Creek High School
DF 1 1st164-0Lane WalterCrowley County High School
DF 1 1st192-3Kain MedranoPueblo East High School
SF 1 2nd53-2Rece RowanPine Creek High School
SF 1 1st57-9.5Kain MedranoPueblo East High School

Frank Woodburn Invitational

Stocker Stadium Grand Junction, CO
Apr 6, 2019
1,112 Total Performances (1,092 CO)

Photo Albums (1)

Videos (14)

Articles (1)

Elite Performances

Girls (5)
4x200mF 2 1st1:44.93Montezuma-Cortez High School
LJF 5 1st17-9Kaley St. PeterDelta High School
SF 7 3rd36-5.25Keely PorterDelta High School
SF 7 2nd36-7.25Aiga PeteloFruita Monument High School
SF 7 1st38-2.5Keli DryeMontrose High School
Boys (2)
200mF 8 1st22.65Kade ChristensenGrand Junction High School
HJF 1 1st6-6Colin MorrisonGrand Junction High School

Eagle Valley Devil Invitational

Eagle Valley HS Track Gypsum, CO
Apr 6, 2019
1,320 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
800mF 2 1st2:17.85Joslin BlairEagle Valley High School
Boys (3)
PVF 1 3rd14-0Ethan DaubsEagle Valley High School
PVF 1 1st14-6Holden DanielsEagle Valley High School
PVF 1 2nd14-6Oliver WhiteEagle Valley High School

Warren Mitchell Invitational (55th annual)

Bailey Track at Gaskill Field Limon, CO
Apr 6, 2019
1,235 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
HJF 1 1st5-4Raina BranchVista Peak High School
Boys (1)
PVF 1 1st14-0Mikey MikitaCalhan High School

Legend Titan Track Clash

Echo Park Stadium Parker, CO
Apr 6, 2019
1,129 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (8)
1600mF 2 1st5:18.21Shelby BaldingCherry Creek High School
HJF 1 1st5-4Alisha DavisGrandview High School
HJF 1 2nd5-4Riley MastenRock Canyon High School
LJF 3 3rd17-6Abigail TammingaLegend High School
LJF 3 2nd17-6.25Kara LucykMountain Vista High School
LJF 3 1st17-7.75Alexa GonzalezLegend High School
PVF 1 1st11-6Lauren JarossyLegend High School
SF 3 1st37-3Katherine HigginsPonderosa High School
Boys (13)
100mF 6 1st10.89Brian MosleyDoherty High School
200mF 6 1st22.27Brian MosleyDoherty High School
200mF 6 2nd22.68Marcus MillerCherry Creek High School
200mF 5 3rd22.73Jaden CastleGrandview High School
200mF 6 4th22.74Hunter ElliottMountain Vista High School
200mF 5 5th22.75Taylen HarrisHighlands Ranch High School
110HF 5 1st14.58Cameron HarrisBrighton High School
110HF 5 2nd14.88Ian GrayCherokee Trail High School
300HF 5 1st38.83Dillon AndrewsCherokee Trail High School
300HF 5 2nd38.95Zayden DavisVista Ridge High School
HJF 1 1st6-6Jonathon LewisHighlands Ranch High School
LJF 4 1st22-1.5Daryon WilsonMitchell High School
DF 4 1st155-8Brandy OkekeGrandview High School

Murray Kula Invitational

Windsor HS Track Windsor, CO
Apr 2, 2019
1,059 Total Performances (1,015 CO)

Elite Performances

Girls (13)
400mF 5 1st55.86Camille PeisnerValor Christian High School
400mF 5 2nd57.11Abby GlynnMead High School
100HF 5 1st14.40Anna HallValor Christian High School
100HF 5 2nd14.90Destiny GrimesValor Christian High School
300HF 5 1st45.32Abby GlynnMead High School
300HF 5 2nd45.49Lizzie WatersValor Christian High School
4x400mF 2 1st3:57.07Valor Christian High School
LJF 3 1st17-9.5Sadie McMullenValor Christian High School
SF 4 5th36-7.5Anna HollandRocky Mountain High School
SF 4 4th37-1.25Anna HallValor Christian High School
SF 4 3rd37-9.25Lauren WhyrickGreeley West High School
SF 4 2nd38-0.5Jane PowersValor Christian High School
SF 4 1st40-11.5Katie Dack-HowellLutheran High School
Boys (6)
300HF 5 1st39.76Garrett NelsonPoudre High School
LJF 1 1st22-0Peyton TurnageHighlands Ranch High School
DF 4 3rd159-1Parker GonserWindsor High School
DF 4 2nd160-2Jace PittmanSterling High School
DF 4 1st172-4Cian QuirogaValor Christian High School
SF 4 1st54-3.5Cian QuirogaValor Christian High School

David S. D'Evelyn Invitational

Jeffco Stadium Lakewood, CO
Apr 6, 2019
1,082 Total Performances (1,015 CO)

Elite Performances

Girls (4)
100HF 4 1st14.97Esther Diza-MbeloloD'Evelyn High School
300HF 3 1st45.98Esther Diza-MbeloloD'Evelyn High School
PVF 1 1st11-3Erin JoostChaparral High School
SF 4 1st38-6.25Lauren WhyrickGreeley West High School

More Meets

Erie Tiger Twilight Invitational

Erie HS Track Erie, CO
Apr 5, 2019
977 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
SF 3 1st37-5Joy FifitaBroomfield High School

Fightin' Red Invitational

Eaton High School Track Eaton, CO
Apr 6, 2019
953 Total Performances (835 CO)

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
SF 4 2nd36-9Allie HobbsEaton High School
Boys (3)
HJF 1 1st6-5Jade CassPawnee High School
LJF 3 1st22-5Scott GrableEaton High School
DF 4 1st152-7Jace PittmanSterling High School

Cardinal Open

Grand Valley HS Track Parachute, CO
Apr 2, 2019
708 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
SF 4 2nd37-1.5Keely PorterDelta High School
SF 4 1st38-1.5Sydnie MainMeeker High School

Cheyenne Wells Tiger Invitational

Cheyenne Wells HS Track Cheyenne Wells, CO
Apr 5, 2019
679 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Salida Invitational Track Meet

Salida HS Track Salida, CO
Apr 6, 2019
655 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
SF 1 1st38-2.5Emily ArseneauWoodland Park High School

11th Annual Weld Central Rebel Round Up

Weld Central HS Track Keenesburg, CO
Apr 5, 2019
588 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

NoCo Qualifier #3

Frontier Academy Greeley, CO
Apr 5, 2019
552 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
HJF 1 1st5-6.25Raquel ReeseRoosevelt High School
SF 1 1st37-4Laramie WoodsHighland High School
Boys (1)
DF 1 1st159-7Parker GonserWindsor High School

Thunderhawk Twilight

Prairie View HS Track Henderson, CO
Apr 1, 2019
532 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Boys (1)
HJF 1 1st6-7Jade CassPawnee High School

Holyoke Dragon Invitational

Holyoke HS Track Holyoke, CO
Apr 6, 2019
547 Total Performances (509 CO)

Elite Performances

Girls (3)
LJF 1 1st18-0Taeryn TrumperHolyoke High School
SF 1 2nd36-2Emali TorresHolyoke High School
SF 1 1st38-8Correy KoellnerHolyoke High School

Abel Velasquez Invitational

Ignacio High School Track Ignacio, CO
Apr 6, 2019
624 Total Performances (495 CO)

Elite Performances

Girls (4)
100HF 2 1st14.98Jordan LanningBayfield High School
HJF 1 1st5-9Jordan LanningBayfield High School
LJF 1 1st17-7Jordan LanningBayfield High School
SF 1 1st36-5Mikayla BarnesBayfield High School
Boys (1)
SF 1 1st53-8David HawkinsBayfield High School

City of Littleton Track & Field Championships

Littleton Public School Stadium Littleton, CO
Apr 5, 2019
473 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Highland Weld County JV Meet

Highland HS Track Ault, CO
Apr 3, 2019
399 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Weld Central Weld County JV Meet

Weld Central HS Track Keenesburg, CO
Apr 3, 2019
220 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Arnie Robinson Invitational

San Diego Mesa College San Diego, CA
Apr 5, 2019 Apr 6, 2019
921 Total Performances (68 CO)

Elite Performances

Boys (1)
DF 1 1st160-9.5Adam KarasPomona High School

Stanton County Invitational

Stanton County HS , KS
Apr 2, 2019
754 Total Performances (15 CO)

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Longmont HS JV

Everly-Montgomery Field Longmont, CO
Apr 3, 2019

Elite Performances

No elite performances.


Grace Center (St. Mary's HS Track) Colorado Springs, CO
Apr 2, 2019

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

D'Evelyn Jack and Jill Relays

Jeffco Stadium Lakewood, CO
Apr 5, 2019