Zion Gordon: Regis Jesuit to Southern California


Zion "Flash" Gordon's Best Marks

60 (i)- 6.85

60H (i) - 7.86

100 - 10.67

110H - 13.77

300H - 38.51


Q) Talk about the recruitment process - what other schools were you looking at, and how did you come to choosing the University of Southern California?

I was recruited by TCU, UCLA, Michigan State, CU, Long Beach State, and USC. For me, my visit at USC made me feel the most at home. The Coaching Staff and the team made me feel very comfortable the entire visit and I felt I would feel the same way if I attended the school. California also presents very good weather which is a plus.

Q) What do you plan to study at USC? 

I plan to major in Business Administration and minor in Entrepreneurship. 

Q) What got you into track in the first place?

When I was in elementary school playing little league football a track coach saw me and advised me to run track. I decided to run and I've enjoyed it ever since.

Q) You've had success in everything from the 100 on over to the 300 hurdles what would you say is your favorite event, and why? 

I'd have to say to my favorite race is the 110 meter high hurdles. I have had the most success with the high hurdles and also my mother was a hurdler so its cool that we have that in common. 

Q) You've made very consistent gains over the past three years, (particularly in the 110 and 300 Hurdles) talk about what you've done in order to stay healthy, and continue improving each year.

My coaches have put me in great positions to improve based on their training methods. All I've had to really do is put in the work at practice, be coachable and stay focused. 

Q) What event do you see yourself focusing on at USC? 

My main focus will be the 110meter high hurdles.  Hopefully I will be able to participate in some relay's as well. 

Q) Can you share any goals you have for the final weeks of the track season? 

Since I have been dealing with a few minor injuries this year, my first goal is to get fully healthy. Once I'm healthy my goal will be to run 13.5 in the high hurdles and 10.5 in the 100. 

Q) What is your favorite high school moment be (so far)? 

My favorite moment had to be getting invited to the Brooks Invitational Track and Field meet in Washington. Three years ago I didn't really see myself being invited to a national high school invitational meet of that caliber, so it feels good that my hard work has paid off enough to achieve such a personal goal.