Five Competitions To Watch At The St. Vrain Invitational

This weekend will see two kinds of exciting competitions: 1) Athletes battling for a state-qualifying mark in the final days of the open window, or B) Athletes battling for insanely fast times, as in school, or meet, or state records. 

The St. Vrain Invitational will have both.

If you're not already giddy with excitement for the next week's worth of track and field competition, let me help with you with that...

St. Vrain moved back a day to avoid any bad weather, and by the looks of it, the move appears to be a good one. The meet is set for a beautiful day of competition in Longmont, which paves the way for some insanely fast performances, and big battles.

After scanning over the Heat Sheets, this one looks like a real burner. It's Pre-State in every sense of the phrase - the best of the best competing against each other, in the week before State.

So, here are five competitions to keep an eye on while you're sitting in the stands basking in the Colorado sun that's hidden from the land for the past five days...

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