Big Air In The 'Butte: Street Vaulting Comes to Colorado!

Ricky Bobby wants to go fast - who wants to go high?

The first annual Crested Butte Street Vault brought Colorado's big-air-thirsty pole vaulter's to the high country last week. Crested Butte, which sits at 8,909 feet of elevation deep in the heart of Colorado, played host to the world's highest street pole vault competition.

Max Manson said it best a year ago: "There's something appealing and thrilling about catapulting yourself 16 or 17 feet into the air. It's a crazy feeling." 

Add that to the backdrop of Mt. Crested Butte, and perhaps the state's most eclectic town, and you've got one incredible show.

The event included a runway streaking down the center of Crested Butte's "main street" - better known as Elk Avenue, and it brought over 30 pole vaulters from the high school ranks on up to the elites. 

Colorado's pole vault king, Max Manson, starred in the event, claiming the elite competition with a vault of 17-2.5. 

The girl's side of the competition saw quite a few big post-season performances, as Hannah Preissler took the high school division with a vault of 11-7-75. Amira Cummings took the runner-up spot in 10-2.