Viewing Options For State Cross Country

Interactive Map: Colorado State Cross Country Course

This article was originally published by Alan Versaw before the 2017 State Championships. We've re-published for the 2019 edition.

The state meet runs on a course that traverses two properties divided by a creek. There are two bridges over the creek (plus a couple of bootleg crossings that both Norris Penrose and Bear Creek Regional Park would prefer that you refrain from using). One of the two bridges is part of the course and only open at certain times during the races. The other bridge is at the far east end of the course and demands a long hike/dash to anywhere the racers can be seen again after that point on the course. 

So, having a good strategy for viewing before you come to the meet is a useful thing. Also, having a strategy that differs from the strategy everyone else is using can pay dividends as well.

To help explain possible viewing strategies, I'm putting another copy of the course map into the article here. This one highlights a few points around the course, numbered for ease of reference. Then, below this map, I'll try to explain a few viewing options you could use, making reference to the numbered points. Note that the order of the numbers of the points follow the sequencing of the course.