Week In Review: Another Big Day At NXR-Southwest

The dust is still settling - and will be for a few more days until the committee decides who gets an At-Large berth for nationals. 

But for now, we can take another look back at that Big Saturday in Arizona...

Who's got the Automatic qualifier to Nationals?

Already off the bat, Colorado has two teams who earned an automatic qualifier for Nike Cross Nationals - Mountain Vista finished second on the boy's side, while the Valor Christian girls stunned the Southwest region with runner-up finish on the girl's side. 

The Mountain Vista boys turned the tables with a big-time run to finish second. Harrison Witt had a great day to lead the team to a stellar 37-second 1-5 split, and an average of 15:33. 

They were on the radar heading into Arizona, but they clearly stepped up Saturday morning. 

On the other side of the spectrum, wow Valor... 

The Valor Christian girls were sort of on some peoples radar... Arapahoe stunned Colorado at State, but Valor achieved the same feat - but across the entire Southwest region. 

They were ranked 10th heading into the meet, but had the additions of Lanie Szuch and Isabella Prosceno for the first time this season. Even with the duo in the lineup, Valor ran great across the board to stun everyone - they had a 18:06 average, and a 1-5 split of 1:02. Szuch led the squad with an impressive 17:32 seventh place finish. 

Sixth at State, second at NXR-Southwest...

Individually, Riley Stewart did what she's done all season long - win. Stewart dominated the field over the final mile to run a new personal best of 17:03. Samantha Blair and Cameron McConnell will be joining Stewart in Portland, as they nabbed third and fifth place finishes, running 17:19 and 17:20, which earned automatic qualifiers as well. 

Cole Sprout successfully defended his title with a 14:41 clocking, and like last year, he's headed to Portland with a handful of Colorado runners. On that note... Colorado stacked six of the top seven places, proving that this is one insanely high-quality/quantity state. 

Had the states been scored, the Colorado boys would've set everyone's pencils down before the clock hit 15 minutes - really.

Cruz CulpepperConnor Ohlson, and Dylan Schubert went 3-4-5 to nab automatic-qualifiers, running 14:54, 14:55, and 14:58, and they might, *might* be joined by one more individual...

Still Alive, But Waiting/Hoping For That At-Large Berth... 

Colorado will be represented at Nationals with two teams, and seven individuals, though that number could (should) go up...

Niwot and Cherry Creek took the third and fourth spots in the girl's team race, which keeps them alive, but with no guarantees. What helps Niwot is that a third-place finish gets the first "Look." Add that they dominated nearly every race they competed in this season without Lucca Fulkerson, which included a perfect 15-point victory at regionals, and a dominating 4A state title. 

Oh yeah, and last year they finished third at NXR-Southwest, got an At-Large berth, and went on to lead the Southwest region with a fifth-place finish at Nationals... 

Cherry Creek has a tougher road of the two, but they're still alive. Similar to Niwot, they had some impressive wins during the season (regional victory over Arapahoe and Cherokee Trail), and a runner-up finish at state to Arapahoe. 

Both squads were consistently ranked within the Top 25 nationally, so both squads do rationally have a shot of heading to Portland next week.

For the boy's, Dakota Ridge will be waiting in anticipation until the announcement as well, as they finished third this year. But like Niwot, they've got a lot of reason to be hopeful for an At-Large bid.

Their season-resume includes a one-point runner-up finish to NXN auto-qualifier Mountain Vista at Pat Patten, but they turned the tables on their friendly 470 rival when it mattered the most - region and state. Dakota Ridge trounced Mountain Vista by 41 points at regions, and then again at State - this time by over 50 points. These key victories, and their consistently high national ranking should earn them that At-Large Berth, but for the time being, we'll all have to wait and see.

Oh yeah, and they did finish third at Nationals last year - surpassing every previous ranking of their squad before the day. 

And if there's anyone who's got to be rooting hard for Dakota Ridge right now, it's Gateway's Yasin Sado. The Gateway senior finished sixth overall in 14:58.43 - less than a half-a-second behind Schubert's auto-qualifier of 14:58.01. 

If Dakota Ridge gets an At-Large berth, Ohlson gets taken out of the individual qualifiers, leaving a spot open for Sado. 


And in the Oh-So-Close category, Parker Wolfe was just a few tenths of a second behind Sado, running 14:58.87 to finish seventh. In other words: seven boys broke 15, and it took 14:58.01 to qualify - automatically

On a brighter note - Wolfe is the top-returner for next year's race...

And likewise for the girls, but not just as teeth-clenchingly close - Sierra Bower. The Basalt junior was in the lead pack for much of the race before fading in the final mile to finish 10th. But even when taking out individuals on teams, Bower sits just outside that top-five looking in.

Though, talk about an honorable run...

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Nike Cross Nationals Southwest Regional

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Nov 23, 2019
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Girls (98)
5000mF 1 1st17:03.73Riley StewartCherry Creek High School
5000mF 1 3rd17:19.00Samantha BlairEagle Valley High School
5000mF 1 5th17:20.62Cameron McConnellCherokee Trail High School
5000mF 1 7th17:32.99Lanie SzuchValor Christian High School
5000mF 1 10th17:47.62Sierra BowerBasalt High School
5000mF 1 11th17:47.78Addison PriceCherry Creek High School
5000mF 1 13th17:49.74Lucca FulkersonNiwot High School
5000mF 1 14th17:50.42Grace JohnsonBattle Mountain High School
5000mF 1 18th17:54.37Taylor WhitfieldValor Christian High School
5000mF 1 19th17:56.79Samrawit DishonNiwot High School
5000mF 1 20th17:57.11Brooke WilsonValor Christian High School
5000mF 1 23rd18:01.77Elliot PribramskyBattle Mountain High School
5000mF 1 1st18:04.33Kenadi KruegerThompson Valley High School
5000mF 1 27th18:05.82Madeleine BurnsDurango High School
5000mF 1 31st18:10.82Lauren BoutellePine Creek High School
5000mF 1 33rd18:12.28Sarah O'SullivanMountain Vista High School
5000mF 1 34th18:12.43Joslin BlairEagle Valley High School
5000mF 1 35th18:15.37Ella JohnsFort Collins High School
5000mF 1 38th18:16.76Allison BeasleyPeak to Peak Charter School
5000mF 1 40th18:16.96Shayda ZarrinMountain Vista High School
5000mF 1 41st18:17.11Kennedy McDonaldClassical Academy, The
5000mF 1 42nd18:17.36Claire RusovickMountain Range High School
5000mF 1 43rd18:17.87Eva KlingbeilNiwot High School
5000mF 1 48th18:24.24Taylor JamesNiwot High School
5000mF 1 51st18:26.66Aspen FulbrightPueblo West High School
5000mF 1 52nd18:28.21Ava MitchellArapahoe High School
5000mF 1 2nd18:29.06Anna SwansonGrandview High School
5000mF 1 54th18:29.32Abigail MacLeanCherry Creek High School
5000mF 1 55th18:30.25Isabella ProscenoValor Christian High School
5000mF 1 58th18:31.49Sophia Connerton-NevinGlenwood Springs Middle School
5000mF 1 59th18:31.57Rachel GoodrichGolden High School
5000mF 1 60th18:31.73Joelle McDonaldNiwot High School
5000mF 1 63rd18:33.29Tristan Spenceunat-co
5000mF 1 64th18:33.75Amelia PhilofskyNiwot High School
5000mF 1 65th18:34.20Kinsey HallFairview High School
5000mF 1 66th18:34.36Mikayla CoxDoherty High School
5000mF 1 68th18:35.95Ashley JonesValor Christian High School
5000mF 1 70th18:36.71Claire SemerodCherry Creek High School
5000mF 1 1st18:37.84Katelyn MaleyBasalt High School
5000mF 1 75th18:39.58Mckenna MazeskiCherokee Trail High School
5000mF 1 2nd18:39.91Shannon KingFaith Christian Academy
5000mF 1 4th18:41.97Lena FogartyFossil Ridge High School
5000mF 1 77th18:42.44Madison ShultsNiwot High School
5000mF 1 78th18:42.92Jocelyn MillicanPalmer Ridge High School
5000mF 1 79th18:43.18Milaina AlmonteBattle Mountain High School
5000mF 1 81st18:46.03Brooke MossAir Academy High School
5000mF 1 82nd18:46.41Tarikwa WoldemariamCherokee Trail High School
5000mF 1 83rd18:47.22Sydney SwankerBroomfield High School
5000mF 1 4th18:49.11Anna WexlerMonarch High School
5000mF 1 85th18:49.20Sierra ParksBroomfield High School
5000mF 1 3rd18:50.13Olivia KruegerThompson Valley High School
5000mF 1 86th18:50.33Aloha ChurchillFairview High School
5000mF 1 5th18:51.56Stella ViethBoulder High School
5000mF 1 4th18:51.86Lily MourerGolden High School
5000mF 1 88th18:52.43Kasey KlocekGreen Mountain High School
5000mF 1 91st18:53.41Annie RomaliaMountain Vista High School
5000mF 1 7th18:53.90Laura RomeroDenver East High School
5000mF 1 92nd18:54.43Quin GreggLyons High School
5000mF 1 4th18:54.45Julia BrownFrontier Academy
5000mF 1 95th18:56.07Ella ChuraAir Academy High School
5000mF 1 96th18:56.29Dylan TeeplesAir Academy High School
5000mF 1 6th18:56.52Abby JonesLegacy High School
5000mF 1 7th18:56.84Nina St JohnMountain Vista High School
5000mF 1 8th18:56.99Alexandra CollinsRegis Jesuit
5000mF 1 8th18:58.04Lila CrowleyHeritage High School
5000mF 1 98th18:58.62Rebecca ThompsonClassical Academy, The
5000mF 1 6th18:59.60Madi MoenVanguard School, The
5000mF 1 101st18:59.82Amelia DiGianoFairview High School
5000mF 1 102nd19:00.07Hope StarkCheyenne Mountain High School
5000mF 1 104th19:00.69Tatum MillerAir Academy High School
5000mF 1 7th19:01.24Ella JohnsonVanguard School, The
5000mF 1 8th19:01.27Jadyn HeilFruita Monument High School
5000mF 1 107th19:02.68Emma ReederBattle Mountain High School
5000mF 1 12th19:05.13Kira MacGillArapahoe High School
5000mF 1 110th19:06.80Maren BusathPalmer Ridge High School
5000mF 1 14th19:06.94Mia MrazLegacy High School
5000mF 1 15th19:07.74Bryanna HoffmanChaparral High School
5000mF 1 111th19:07.86Lauren LapporteCherry Creek High School
5000mF 1 112th19:08.82Anna BusathPalmer Ridge High School
5000mF 1 113th19:09.55Lily WhelanBattle Mountain High School
5000mF 1 11th19:09.69Evelyn BoydNiwot High School
5000mF 1 12th19:09.79Aubrey SurageLewis-Palmer High School
5000mF 1 16th19:10.48Emily LamontagneArapahoe High School
5000mF 1 17th19:10.51Julia MainlandMonarch High School
5000mF 1 13th19:10.93Gabby ThomasNiwot High School
5000mF 1 117th19:11.22Maelynn HigginsBroomfield High School
5000mF 1 19th19:12.98Ella WolfRocky Mountain High School
5000mF 1 16th19:13.55Anne SullivanFort Collins High School
5000mF 1 17th19:14.96Julia SchorDenver East High School
5000mF 1 15th19:15.73Emma BergGreen Mountain High School
5000mF 1 16th19:17.55Taylor RorickValor Christian High School
5000mF 1 20th19:18.03Mollie RodenRampart High School
5000mF 1 21st19:18.24Edythmae FrodlRocky Mountain High School
5000mF 1 22nd19:18.84Brynn SilesLegacy High School
5000mF 1 123rd19:19.03Willow LottDurango High School
5000mF 1 23rd19:19.77Campbell SorensenMountain Vista High School
5000mF 1 10th19:19.96Cadence LappRoosevelt High School
5000mF 1 126th19:19.99Soonhee HanCherokee Trail High School
Boys (118)
5000mF 1 1st14:41.38Cole SproutValor Christian High School
5000mF 1 3rd14:54.56Cruz CulpepperNiwot High School
5000mF 1 4th14:55.07Connor OhlsonDakota Ridge High School
5000mF 1 5th14:58.01Dylan SchubertThompson Valley High School
5000mF 1 6th14:58.43Yasin SadoGateway High School
5000mF 1 7th14:58.87Parker WolfeCherry Creek High School
5000mF 1 11th15:09.11Gus McIntyrePalmer High School
5000mF 1 13th15:11.90Cole NashChatfield High School
5000mF 1 14th15:12.78Harrison WittMountain Vista High School
5000mF 1 16th15:14.22Matthew MettlerAir Academy High School
5000mF 1 17th15:15.94Matthew StorerAir Academy High School
5000mF 1 19th15:17.58Jacob WhiteDakota Ridge High School
5000mF 1 20th15:17.73Henry MurphyFairview High School
5000mF 1 22nd15:23.43Ben ConlinRampart High School
5000mF 1 27th15:28.03Grahm Tuohy-GaydosGreen Mountain High School
5000mF 1 28th15:28.03Mason NormanClassical Academy, The
5000mF 1 32nd15:31.44Erik Le RouxCheyenne Mountain High School
5000mF 1 33rd15:32.23Davis HelmerichMountain Vista High School
5000mF 1 34th15:33.27Jack O'SullivanMountain Vista High School
5000mF 1 35th15:33.39Edward RushCastle View High School
5000mF 1 38th15:35.68Ben MorrinDakota Ridge High School
5000mF 1 39th15:35.91Cory KennedyHeritage High School
5000mF 1 40th15:36.53Luke TichiDurango High School
5000mF 1 42nd15:38.07Zane BergenNiwot High School
5000mF 1 2nd15:38.96Parker LeeLegacy High School
5000mF 1 44th15:41.31Seth RouseMountain Vista High School
5000mF 1 2nd15:42.91Lukas HaugBoulder High School
5000mF 1 48th15:43.12Paul KnightDurango High School
5000mF 1 51st15:43.76Grayden RaubaNiwot High School
5000mF 1 52nd15:43.82Wesley BeckhamRock Canyon High School
5000mF 1 1st15:44.06Alex BacaGunnison High School
5000mF 1 54th15:44.16Benjamin PiegatDakota Ridge High School
5000mF 1 55th15:44.28Derek FearonRock Canyon High School
5000mF 1 4th15:45.63Ryan MonteraLegacy High School
5000mF 1 2nd15:46.88Jackson ShortenMountain View High School
5000mF 1 1st15:47.36Hudson MajeskiLiberty Common High School
5000mF 1 61st15:47.88James OverbergCentaurus High School
5000mF 1 62nd15:48.19Colin SzuchEvergreen High School
5000mF 1 63rd15:48.73Robert ScottRock Canyon High School
5000mF 1 65th15:49.06Aidan ScottCastle View High School
5000mF 1 1st15:49.07Scott PrievePalmer High School
5000mF 1 4th15:49.92Josh MedinaAlamosa High School
5000mF 1 70th15:49.95Kyle BoeMountain Vista High School
5000mF 1 6th15:50.50John HoudeshellPoudre High School
5000mF 1 6th15:50.74Nico PilieroBattle Mountain High School
5000mF 1 73rd15:51.34Wiley FeigerFairview High School
5000mF 1 74th15:52.28Bryce ReeburghGolden High School
5000mF 1 7th15:53.16Owen NolanSkyView Academy
5000mF 1 7th15:53.42Henry LittleMonarch High School
5000mF 1 78th15:53.67James GregoryFort Collins High School
5000mF 1 6th15:54.69Peter FoxGrandview High School
5000mF 1 9th15:55.38Noel LopezRocky Ford High School
5000mF 1 83rd15:55.55Kevin ConlonFort Collins High School
5000mF 1 9th15:55.74Thomas BeattyRegis Jesuit
5000mF 1 10th15:56.52Noah GandleyRampart High School
5000mF 1 86th15:56.87Grant BradleyOverland High School
5000mF 1 87th15:57.18Nicholas HugerCheyenne Mountain High School
5000mF 1 11th15:57.49Dalton KainesRocky Mountain High School
5000mF 1 89th15:58.06Josh KlausFairview High School
5000mF 1 5th15:58.95Colby SchultzPalmer Ridge High School
5000mF 1 91st15:59.16Calbert GuestFort Collins High School
5000mF 1 14th16:03.19Owen BuehlerRegis Jesuit
5000mF 1 15th16:03.51Caleb MannLiberty High School
5000mF 1 105th16:03.79Charlie WelchGeorge Washington High School
5000mF 1 4th16:05.31Dominic DanbornArvada West High School
5000mF 1 112th16:05.87William BushFort Collins High School
5000mF 1 14th16:07.42Zack GacnikConifer High School
5000mF 1 116th16:08.11Isaac RobertsLyons High School
5000mF 1 117th16:08.17Anders CoteFairview High School
5000mF 1 15th16:08.31Andre StableinFront Range Christian
5000mF 1 120th16:08.48Jack KenkelNiwot High School
5000mF 1 122nd16:08.57Alex MalineAir Academy High School
5000mF 1 6th16:09.37Jackson ParrillChaparral High School
5000mF 1 17th16:10.62Oscar GollLiberty High School
5000mF 1 19th16:11.78Topi AlahuhtaConifer High School
5000mF 1 129th16:12.25Ethan AbbsAir Academy High School
5000mF 1 20th16:12.51Josh LopezAlamosa High School
5000mF 1 131st16:13.02Ethan StraubDakota Ridge High School
5000mF 1 21st16:13.76Dylan BrushSt. Mary`s High School
5000mF 1 8th16:14.43Hans LarsenPalmer Ridge High School
5000mF 1 137th16:15.66Jayden NatsMountain Vista High School
5000mF 1 24th16:15.86Sullivan MiddaughBattle Mountain High School
5000mF 1 26th16:16.10Deagen FahrneyBattle Mountain High School
5000mF 1 27th16:16.46Nick ThomasUniversity High School
5000mF 1 28th16:16.51Jaden DavisFrontier Academy
5000mF 1 11th16:16.65Carlos Kipkorir CheruiyotNiwot High School
5000mF 1 18th16:17.37Peter MartinFossil Ridge High School
5000mF 1 29th16:18.21Abuzaid FanningFrontier Academy
5000mF 1 143rd16:18.54Austin PlunkertHeritage High School
5000mF 1 10th16:18.74Thomas AlleyChaparral High School
5000mF 1 13th16:18.76Michael DudzicMullen High School
5000mF 1 20th16:19.31Guillaume PattynFossil Ridge High School
5000mF 1 31st16:20.11Jake AllenBattle Mountain High School
5000mF 1 22nd16:20.93Avery ConaghanMonarch High School
5000mF 1 12th16:20.95McGinley ZastrowFruita Monument High School
5000mF 1 20th16:21.63Wesley WrightPalmer High School
5000mF 1 153rd16:21.96Jared WrightCastle View High School
5000mF 1 154th16:22.75Luke SundbergValor Christian High School
5000mF 1 15th16:23.44Charlie GeislerMountain Vista High School
5000mF 1 16th16:23.53Nate HarbertMountain Vista High School
5000mF 1 32nd16:23.56Sylas ChambersFrontier Academy
5000mF 1 17th16:24.37Carson SchmidtThompson Valley High School
5000mF 1 157th16:24.37Michael BeckHeritage High School
5000mF 1 158th16:24.73Matthew BoyleFort Collins High School
5000mF 1 159th16:25.72Jason BeckerHeritage High School
5000mF 1 27th16:26.42Curtis VolfNiwot High School
5000mF 1 20th16:27.44Charlie GordonLakewood High School
5000mF 1 164th16:27.49Sean McCauleyPine Creek High School
5000mF 1 21st16:27.57Aidan MobleyLakewood High School
5000mF 1 34th16:27.58Finley PetitSalida High School
5000mF 1 22nd16:28.28David RhoadesArvada West High School
5000mF 1 26th16:28.47Gavin GeerBoulder High School
5000mF 1 165th16:28.66Joaquin HerreraNiwot High School
5000mF 1 26th16:28.78Colin BervigLiberty High School
5000mF 1 27th16:28.85Dalton SeymourSmoky Hill High School
5000mF 1 35th16:28.86Chandler WilburnClassical Academy, The
5000mF 1 167th16:29.06Noah WheelingFort Collins High School
5000mF 1 28th16:29.74Benjamin TownsendLiberty High School