Week In Review: It's Heating Up Indoors!

It's heating up indoors!

Colorado athletes competed across the country this past weekend, as there were a ton of high caliber meets to chose from. 

Among the many highlights coming out of the weekend - and there were many - has to be Camille Peisner

The Valor Christian junior opened up the year with a stellar 56.30 400 clocking at the Texas A&M High School Indoor Classic in College Station, Tex. The time is a US No. 10. 

A little further east Lanie Szuch opened up her 2020 with a 5:19 mile clocking at the the KYA HS  Indoor Classic in Johnson City, Ten.

Back in Colorado there were plenty of fireworks...

Valor's Sadie McMullen and Megan Lonneman brought some serious fire to the Steinhauer Field House at Mines HS Indoor Series #2. 

McMullen went 19-1 in the long jump, which stood a US No. 3 for a few days before landing No. 6 come Monday morning. Likewise, Lonneman went 18-9.5, which landed as a US No. 8. 

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Additionally, Sydney Holiday trounced the 60 field, running 7.66.

In the field, Hunter Potrykus maintained a clean sheet of victories in the pole vault. The Silver Creek senior 15-2 to claim his fourth consecutive win of the indoor season.

Editor's Note: Rankings/Results do not (yet) include marks from the USATF-Colorado All Comers InvitationalThis page will be updated once we receive results from the meet.

Featured Meets

Texas A&M High School Indoor Classic

Texas A&M University College Station, TX
Jan 10, 2020 Jan 11, 2020
2,544 Total Performances (2 CO)

Photo Albums (4)

Videos (377)

Articles (20)

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
400mF 1 5th56.30Camille PeisnerValor Track Academy
400mp 12 12th57.84Camille PeisnerValor Christian High School

More Meets

Colorado Mines HS Indoor Series #2

Steinhauer Field House, CSM Golden, CO
Jan 9, 2020
404 Total Performances

Photo Albums (1)

Videos (10)

Articles (3)

Elite Performances

Girls (22)
60mF 1 1st7.66Sydney HolidayFK Elite
60mF 1 2nd7.80Kaleah MITCHELL-RUFFSprint50
60mF 1 3rd7.84Amarachi OnuohaUnattached CO
60mF 1 4th7.85Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
60mF 1 1st7.90Fabiola BelibiUnattached CO
60mF 1 5th7.92Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
800mF 1 1st2:18.27Taylor JamesReal Training
800mF 1 2nd2:24.43Jocelyn MillicanExceler8 Track Club
60HF 1 1st9.05Elise GillettReal Training
60HF 1 2nd9.19Diondra WilbornAngel Flight
60HF 1 3rd9.22Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
LJF 2 5th16-4.25Cassidy CheesmanReal Training
LJF 1 1st16-6Kalaya PiperAMATA
LJF 2 4th16-6.75Sydney HolidayFK Elite
LJF 2 3rd18-4.25Agur DwolMile High Track Club
LJF 2 2nd18-9.5Megan LonnemanValor Track Academy
LJF 2 1st19-1Sadie McMullenValor Track Academy
PVF 1 5th10-8Kourtney RathkeAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 4th11-2Erin JoostUnattached CO
PVF 1 3rd11-8Megan KelleghanAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 2nd12-2Lilly NicholsDrift Motion
PVF 1 1st12-8Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
Boys (17)
60mF 1 1st7.02Jackson ConnellyFK Elite
60mF 1 2nd7.06Korey HairstonFK Elite
60mF 1 3rd7.09Nii YarteySpeed Denver
60mF 1 1st7.13Josh ThornValor Track Academy
60mF 1 2nd7.18Jackson PriceFK Elite
60mF 1 3rd7.19Justin ReynoldsUnattached CO
LJF 1 3rd21-1.75Vanni VecchiarelliUnattached CO
LJF 1 2nd21-5.25Cam HARRISGazelle Sprint Club
LJF 1 1st21-10.75Anthony HicksAMATA
TJF 1 3rd44-11.5Jaden BoggsMacktrack Elite
TJF 1 2nd45-4.25Fischer James ArgosinoAMATA
TJF 1 1st46-3.5Cam HARRISGazelle Sprint Club
PVF 1 4th13-8Will ChiangAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 4th13-8Mason AdamsAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 3rd14-2Davis HumeAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 2nd14-8Noah KellyAMATA
PVF 1 1st15-2Hunter PotrykusUnattached CO

KYA HS Indoor Classic

East Tennessee State University Johnson City, TN
Jan 10, 2020 Jan 11, 2020
795 Total Performances (2 CO)

Photo Albums (11)

Videos (4)

Articles (1)

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
MileF 1 8th5:19.68Alayna SzuchPeak Performance

USATF-Colorado All Comers Invitational

Cadet Field House USAFA, CO
Jan 12, 2020

Elite Performances

Girls (27)
60mF 1 1st7.75Teagan ZwaanstraParker Panthers
60mF 1 2nd7.86Amarachi OnuohaUnattached CO
60mF 1 3rd7.90Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
60mF 1 4th7.98Jahzara DavisColorado Springs Striders
60mp 1 1st7.84Teagan ZwaanstraParker Panthers
60mp 3 2nd7.90Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
60mp 2 3rd7.96Amarachi OnuohaUnattached CO
60mp 6 4th7.97Jahzara DavisColorado Springs Striders
600mF 2 1st1:40.10Reese DragovichValor Track Academy
600mF 1 2nd1:44.80Abigael HowardHustle Track Club
1500mF 1 1st5:06.76Reese TuckerPeak Performance
60HF 1 1st9.19Jahzara DavisColorado Springs Striders
HJF 1 2nd5-3Riley MastenFK Elite
HJF 1 1st5-7Shayla PadillaUnattached CO
LJF 1 4th17-0.75Agur DwolMile High Track Club
LJF 1 3rd17-11.25Ayana BrownHustle Track Club
LJF 1 2nd18-0.5Madissyn MooreColorado Springs Track Club
LJF 1 1st18-1.75Teagan ZwaanstraParker Panthers
TJF 1 1st37-8Agur DwolMile High Track Club
PVF 1 6th10-6Kristina WillisAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 5th11-0Phoebe YoungAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 4th11-5.75Erin JoostUnattached CO
PVF 1 2nd11-11.75Megan KelleghanAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 2nd11-11.75Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
PVF 1 1st12-3.75Baylee BloesserUnattached CO
SF 1 2nd38-7Shannon VivodaUnattached CO
SF 1 1st41-1.75Giavonna MeeksUnattached CO
Boys (28)
60mF 1 1st6.92Gavin SchurrRISE Athletics
60mF 1 2nd6.98Korey HairstonFK Elite
60mF 1 3rd7.04Nii Yarbo YarteyUnattached CO
60mF 1 4th7.06Keirryse SimpsonHustle Track Club
60mF 1 5th7.09Jackson ConnellyFK Elite
60mF 1 6th7.15Sterling BrassfieldAMATA
60mF 1 7th7.22Al AshfordUnattached CO
60mF 1 8th7.22Dawson MenegattiUnattached CO
60mp 1 1st6.94Gavin SchurrRISE Athletics
60mp 3 2nd7.10Korey HairstonFK Elite
60mp 7 2nd7.10Sterling BrassfieldAMATA
60mp 5 4th7.12Jackson ConnellyFK Elite
60mp 6 5th7.17Dawson MenegattiUnattached CO
60mp 2 6th7.17Keirryse SimpsonHustle Track Club
60mp 4 7th7.18Nii Yarbo YarteyUnattached CO
60mp 5 8th7.21Al AshfordUnattached CO
60mp 8 9th7.22Jackson PriceFK Elite
60mp 6 10th7.24Deven WilliamsUnattached CO
1500mF 1 1st4:12.77Grant BradleyUnattached CO
1500mF 1 2nd4:12.81Matthew MettlerKokopelli Racing Team
LJF 1 4th21-3Carson CampbellMile High Track Club
LJF 1 3rd22-1Daryon WilsonUnattached CO
LJF 1 2nd22-3Braeden HolcombeColorado Springs Track Club
LJF 1 1st22-5Langston WilliamsUnattached CO
TJF 1 1st44-3.5Brandon HillsColorado Springs Striders
PVF 1 3rd13-5.5Mason AdamsAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 2nd14-11.25Davis HumeAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 1st15-5Hunter PotrykusAbove the Bar Track Club