Week In Review: Storming Into The National Rankings

Where to start?

Well, I guess with all of those US Top-10 marks... 

As busy as it was in Colorado this weekend, Cruz Culpepper made headlines Saturday with a big - big - run at the UW Invite in Washington. The Niwot senior stating his intentions for the months to come by dropping a US No. 1 in the mile, running 4:01.65. 

Back in Colorado there were big waves at the Air Force High School Open. 

The pentathlon was one of many stellar events at the meet, and Palmer Ridge's Braeden Holcombe delivered - the senior tallied 3,662 points - a US No. 2 to win the eventAnthony Breglio finished third in the even with 3,220 - a US No. 8. 

Sydney Holiday also put on a clinic in the sprints. The Broomfield senior ran 7.46 in the 60 finals for a US No. 7. 

Likewise, Yasin Sado soloed the final 600 or so meters of the 800 to erase Jack Merrell out of the meet record books. Sado ran 1:54.75 for US No. 11 - without any altitude conversions. 

Gavin Schurr completed his rise to the top of the sprint world in the 200. The Fairview junior ran a big PR of 21.58 for a US No. 12. 

Mia Manson had a big week of her own. 

The Monarch senior went big Thursday night at Mines - she won the pole vault in 13-1 a US No. 6, and leapt to a 18-9.75 in the long jump - a US No. 15. 

Featured Meets

Air Force High School Indoor Open

Cadet Field House USAFA, CO
Jan 31, 2020 Feb 1, 2020
1,282 Total Performances (1,106 CO)

Photo Albums (2)

Videos (115)

Articles (11)

Elite Performances

Girls (78)
60mF 1 1st7.46Sydney HolidayFK Elite
60mF 1 2nd7.61Teagan ZwaanstraParker Panthers
60mF 1 3rd7.77Amarachi OnuohaUnattached CO
60mF 1 4th7.81Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
60mF 1 5th7.90Fabiola BelibiUnattached CO
60mF 1 6th7.91Kaleah MITCHELL-RUFFSprint50
60mF 1 7th7.95Jahzara DavisColorado Springs Striders
60mp 1 1st7.65Sydney HolidayFK Elite
60mp 1 2nd7.74Teagan ZwaanstraParker Panthers
60mp 1 3rd7.85Amarachi OnuohaUnattached CO
60mp 1 4th7.91Kaleah MITCHELL-RUFFSprint50
60mp 1 5th7.92Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
60mp 1 6th7.95Fabiola BelibiUnattached CO
60mp 1 7th7.97Jahzara DavisColorado Springs Striders
60mp 1 8th7.99Myia DantzlerColorado Springs Striders
60ms 1 1st7.61Sydney HolidayFK Elite
60ms 1 2nd7.65Teagan ZwaanstraParker Panthers
60ms 1 3rd7.84Amarachi OnuohaUnattached CO
60ms 1 4th7.90Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
60ms 1 5th7.95Kaleah MITCHELL-RUFFSprint50
60ms 1 6th7.98Jahzara DavisColorado Springs Striders
60ms 1 7th8.00Fabiola BelibiUnattached CO
200mF 1 1st24.80Amarachi OnuohaUnattached CO
200mF 1 2nd25.43Sydney HolidayFK Elite
200mF 1 3rd25.57Symone AdamsAngel Flight
200mF 1 4th25.70Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
200mF 1 5th25.85Kiona GibbsAngel Flight
200mF 1 6th25.87Ayana BrownHustle Track Club
200mp 1 1st25.25Sydney HolidayFK Elite
200mp 1 2nd25.25Amarachi OnuohaUnattached CO
200mp 1 3rd25.87Kiona GibbsAngel Flight
200mp 1 4th25.99Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
400mF 1 1st57.55Lily WilliamsUnattached CO
400mF 1 2nd58.11Amarachi OnuohaUnattached CO
400mF 1 3rd58.69Riley ColbyExceler8 Track Club
400mF 1 4th59.68Kiona GibbsAngel Flight
800mF 1 1st2:16.43Riley StewartKokopelli Racing Team
800mF 1 2nd2:22.35Reese DragovichValor Track Academy
800mF 1 3rd2:22.97Jocelyn MillicanExceler8 Track Club
800mF 1 4th2:24.58Madeleine BurnsKokopelli Racing Team
800mF 1 5th2:25.87Abigael HowardHustle Track Club
MileF 1 2nd5:07.65Bethany MichalakKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 3rd5:13.16Madeleine BurnsKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 4th5:14.13Lucca FulkersonReal Training
MileF 1 5th5:23.06Jocelyn MillicanExceler8 Track Club
MileF 1 6th5:23.60Taylor WhitfieldValor Track Academy
MileF 1 7th5:24.64Lanie SzuchValor Track Academy
MileF 1 8th5:24.96Maren BusathExceler8 Track Club
MileF 1 9th5:26.48Brooke WilsonValor Track Academy
60Hp 1 1st9.06Kara LucykVista Nation Track Club
60Hp 1 2nd9.18Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
60Hp 1 3rd9.22Diondra WilbornAngel Flight
60Hp 1 4th9.23Jahzara DavisColorado Springs Striders
60Hs 1 1st8.97Elise GillettReal Training
60Hs 1 2nd9.06Kara LucykVista Nation Track Club
60Hs 1 3rd9.17Diondra WilbornAngel Flight
60Hs 1 4th9.17Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
HJF 1 4th5-2Isabella PalchakUnattached CO
HJF 1 5th5-2Rhyan MooreUnattached CO
HJF 1 3rd5-4Shayla PadillaReal Training
HJF 1 2nd5-6Riley MastenFK Elite
TJF 1 3rd36-1Melody NwagwaUnattached CO
TJF 1 2nd36-8.75Taryn BurkettUnattached CO
TJF 1 1st40-3.75Agur DwolMile High Track Club
PVF 1 9th10-0Mikayla DaltonDrift Motion
PVF 1 10th10-0Kaya WickReal Training
PVF 1 5th10-6Sophie PierceAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 6th10-6Anna WillisAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 8th10-6Kourtney RathkeAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 3rd11-0Megan KelleghanSilver Creek High School
PVF 1 3rd11-0Kristina WillisAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 2nd11-6Lilly NicholsDrift Motion
PVF 1 1st12-6Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
SF 1 5th38-3Harlie MedranoPueblo East High School
SF 1 4th38-6.75Maggie BookoutUnattached CO
SF 1 3rd38-9.25Sterling GlennUnattached CO
SF 1 2nd39-3Shannon VivodaUnattached CO
SF 1 1st41-10.5Giavonna MeeksHustle Track Club
Boys (85)
60mF 1 1st6.86Gavin SchurrRISE Athletics
60mF 1 2nd6.98Korey HairstonFK Elite
60mF 1 3rd7.00Nii YarteyCherokee Trail High School
60mF 1 4th7.04Sterling BrassfieldAMATA
60mF 1 5th7.11Keirryse SimpsonHustle Track Club
60mF 1 6th7.12Luke WernerReal Training
60mF 1 7th7.13Jackson PriceFK Elite
60mF 1 8th7.20Josh ThornValor Track Academy
60mp 1 1st6.90Gavin SchurrRISE Athletics
60mp 1 2nd7.02Korey HairstonFK Elite
60mp 1 3rd7.05Nii YarteyCherokee Trail High School
60mp 1 4th7.09Sterling BrassfieldAMATA
60mp 1 5th7.12Keirryse SimpsonHustle Track Club
60mp 1 6th7.17Jackson PriceFK Elite
60mp 1 7th7.19Brandon JONESUnattached CO
60mp 1 9th7.20Josh ThornValor Track Academy
60mp 1 10th7.25Luke WernerReal Training
60ms 1 1st6.85Gavin SchurrRISE Athletics
60ms 1 2nd6.98Korey HairstonFK Elite
60ms 1 3rd6.99Nii YarteyCherokee Trail High School
60ms 1 4th7.07Luke WernerReal Training
60ms 1 5th7.08Sterling BrassfieldAMATA
60ms 1 6th7.10Josh ThornValor Track Academy
60ms 1 7th7.10Jackson PriceFK Elite
60ms 1 8th7.11Keirryse SimpsonHustle Track Club
60ms 1 10th7.23Kevin FryeColorado Springs Track Club
60ms 1 11th7.25Kenneth SleethWindsor High School
200mF 1 1st21.58Gavin SchurrRISE Athletics
200mF 1 2nd22.03Keirryse SimpsonHustle Track Club
200mF 1 3rd22.04Jackson PriceFK Elite
200mF 1 4th22.50Kenneth Greene IiSprint50
200mF 1 6th22.68Korey HairstonFK Elite
200mF 1 7th22.84Brandon JONESUnattached CO
200mF 1 8th22.85Nick NUHFERReal Training
200mF 1 9th22.95James McHenryUnattached CO
200mF 1 10th22.99Kenneth SleethWindsor High School
200mp 1 1st22.11Gavin SchurrRISE Athletics
200mp 1 2nd22.26Keirryse SimpsonHustle Track Club
200mp 1 3rd22.44Nii YarteyCherokee Trail High School
200mp 1 4th22.46Jackson PriceFK Elite
200mp 1 5th22.54Korey HairstonFK Elite
200mp 1 6th22.74Nick NUHFERReal Training
200mp 1 8th22.86Kenneth Greene IiSprint50
200mp 1 9th22.95Brandon JONESUnattached CO
200mp 1 10th23.00Kenneth SleethWindsor High School
200mp 1 11th23.06James McHenryUnattached CO
200mp 1 12th23.07Jose LimasLongmont High School
400mF 1 2nd50.12Nick NUHFERReal Training
400mF 1 3rd50.16Kenneth Greene IiSprint50
400mF 1 4th51.15Brandon JONESUnattached CO
800mF 1 1st1:54.75Yasin SadoGreat Strides Track Club
800mF 1 2nd1:57.66Abdi AbadeGreat Strides Track Club
800mF 1 3rd2:00.37Caden SmithUnattached CO
800mF 1 4th2:00.83Brandon Williams JrColorado Springs Striders
800mF 1 5th2:01.91Andre SchlytterGreat Strides Track Club
MileF 1 1st4:27.49Grant BradleyGreat Strides Track Club
MileF 1 2nd4:28.00Mason NormanKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 3rd4:31.75Erik Le RouxKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 5th4:32.82Matthew MettlerKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 6th4:33.72Charlie WelchUnattached CO
MileF 1 7th4:37.98Gus McIntyreKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 8th4:38.58Derek FearonRock Track Club
MileF 1 9th4:38.71Matthew StorerKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 1 10th4:39.34Lukas HaugUnattached CO
MileF 1 11th4:40.85Joaquin HerreraReal Training
MileF 1 13th4:41.10Edward RushUnattached CO
MileF 1 14th4:41.21Josh KlausReal Training
MileF 1 15th4:41.31Hans LARSONExceler8 Track Club
MileF 1 16th4:41.35Alex BacaUnattached CO
HJF 1 3rd6-4Elijah ScottUnattached CO
HJF 1 2nd6-6Donte MarshJump Colorado
HJF 1 1st6-8Kaso Lovern-o'rileyUnattached CO
LJF 1 2nd21-9.25Cam HARRISGazelle Sprint Club
LJF 1 1st22-0Brandon HillsColorado Springs Striders
LJF 1 1st22-3Braeden HolcombeColorado Springs Track Club
TJF 1 2nd45-2.75Brandon HillsColorado Springs Striders
TJF 1 1st46-7Cam HARRISGazelle Sprint Club
PVF 1 4th13-0Ian RainsbergerAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 3rd13-6Kian DolanUnattached CO
PVF 1 1st14-0Davis HumeAbove the Bar Track Club
SF 1 3rd48-7Nic DavisUnattached CO
SF 1 2nd48-9.25Parker GonserUnattached CO
SF 1 1st53-10Teagun GlennUnattached CO
PentF 1 3rd53:40.00Anthony BreglioColorado Springs Track Club
PentF 1 1st1:01:02.00Braeden HolcombeColorado Springs Track Club

More Meets

Music City HS Indoor Invitational

Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN
Feb 1, 2020
252 Total Performances (14 CO)

Photo Albums (8)

Videos (8)

Articles (7)

Elite Performances

Girls (4)
WTF 1 9th39-2.5Skylar DentonLet it Fly Track Club
WTF 2 4th45-2.5Gabriella BormetLet it Fly Track Club
WTF 2 2nd49-11Averi ParkerLet it Fly Track Club
SF 2 6th38-1.25Averi ParkerLet it Fly Track Club
Boys (3)
WTF 2 7th54-7.5Vishal TurnaLet it Fly Track Club
WTF 2 4th58-10.25Joseph StephensonLet it Fly Track Club
SF 2 7th48-0.5Vishal TurnaLet it Fly Track Club

Colorado Mines HS Indoor Series #5

Steinhauer Field House, CSM Golden, CO
Jan 30, 2020
383 Total Performances (381 CO)

Elite Performances

Girls (11)
MileF 1 1st5:20.50Reese TuckerPeak Performance
MileF 1 2nd5:25.23Elliot PribramskyUnattached CO
MileF 1 3rd5:27.82Aspen WebbPeak Performance
MileF 1 4th5:30.86Mucharsky-OBoylePeak Performance
HJF 1 1st5-2Sierra HabermanJefferson Academy
LJF 1 2nd16-4.5Elise GillettReal Training
LJF 1 1st18-9.75Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
PVF 1 4th10-1Mikayla DaltonUnattached CO
PVF 1 3rd10-7Sophie PierceUnattached CO
PVF 1 2nd11-7Megan KelleghanAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 1st13-1Mia MansonSuperior Track Club
Boys (9)
60mF 1 2nd7.21Davon DesmondRangeview High School
MileF 1 1st4:40.28Bryce ReeburghPeak Performance
MileF 1 2nd4:40.68Sam HILSDENUnattached CO
PVF 1 4th13-1Garrett SearlsAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 4th13-1Leo SundstromAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 2nd14-1Will ChiangAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 2nd14-1Mason AdamsAbove the Bar Track Club
PVF 1 1st14-7Hunter PotrykusAbove the Bar Track Club
SF 1 1st48-8Luke HardMountain View High School