Derek Fearon: Rock Canyon To Pomona-Pitzer


Derek Fearon 's Best Marks 

1,600 - 4:36.09

3,200 - 9:45.44

5k - 15:33


Q) Talk about the recruitment process - what other schools were you looking at, and how did you come to choosing Pomona Pitzer?

The biggest thing about my search was that I wanted to look at colleges academically first, and then contact the coaches at my top school.

When I visited Pomona College, I knew it was my top choice. It offered a strong liberal arts program in a beautiful town. Once I reached out to Coach Carpenter, I knew that the close and competitive program that balanced academics and running was the right fit for me.

Q) What do you plan to study at Pomona Pitzer

I plan to major in either History or Economics with a minor in French. That's tentative, though, as I'm still a confused 18 year-old... 

Q) What event do you see yourself focusing on at Pomona Pitzer

Probably 5k and 10k on the track, because these skinny legs can only sprint so fast. I'll definitely be looking forward to extending cross country to an 8k. 

Q) You've had success in the 1,600 and on over to the 5k, which event would you say is your favorite, and why? 

I'd say the cross country 5k. I love the amazing trails and terrain that Colorado offers its runners, and I tend to do better with longer distances. Plus, there is nothing like competing as a part of a team. 

Q) You've been incredibly consistent throughout your entire high school career - what would you say attributed to such consistency? 

I think that a big part of staying competitive and consistent is BALANCE. I could run miles upon miles every week and eat all the right foods, but without fun and time to be a teenager, it wouldn't mean anything.

Taking time to relax and having a good perspective on competing has prevented me from burning out. It doesn't hurt that Coach Davies creates an environment that encourages balance and rest.

Q) The first result we have on you on MileSplit is a 5:29 mile victory at the DCSD Middle School Championships in May 2015 - what do you remember from this competition?

It's seems like ages ago, but I remember being absolutely clueless about the race. I thought that if I finished with a PR, that'd be sick. I ran in my street shoes that I wore all day in school, so maybe that was the key to success...

Q) What got you interested in competing in XC/Track in the first place?  

I was sort of torn between soccer and running when I entered high school, but the Rock Canyon program headed by the unmatched Dan Davies was hard to pass up. The team dynamic was amazing, and I consider my teammates now some of my closest friends. The camaraderie was probably the biggest draw. 

Q) Favorite book, musical artist, and movie - GO: 

Hate to be basic, but The Great Gatsby is such a cool book. Favorite musical artist has gotta be Frank Ocean or Noname. Favorite movie: La La Land (the soundtrack slaps).

Q) Could you share any goals you have for your final track and field season?

I hope to make state for the 2 mile, especially alongside my teammate Wesley Beckham, and perhaps go below 4:30 for the mile. Otherwise, I just wanna keep competing and having fun for my last high school season.  

Q) What would your favorite high school moment be?

This season's regional championship was special for my team and I. Last year, Rock Canyon boys did not qualify for state, an aberration from the past few years. This year, our team won after a 6th-man tiebreaker with Liberty gave our team the advantage. The taste of redemption was sweet.