Throwback Thursday: Watch Sado Blaze A 1:54.75 At Air Force

Yasin Sado has raced indoors in Colorado twice this season - and both performances have been highly entertaining.

About a month ago he dropped a 2:28.10 1,000 - a US No. 2 at the Let's Get REAL Open, and three weeks ago Sado took down Jake Merrell's 800 meet record of 1:55.14 at the 2020 edition of the Air Force High School Open in dominating fashion - by kicking the entirety of the final lap. 

At the time the performance was a US No. 9. It has sense been shuffled back to a US No. 17, but it is the only performance run at elevation - right around 7,048 feet to be exact. 

Relive the record by watching it above!

Editor's Note: You'll want to skip to about 2:30 into the video to catch the start of the 800.