The 2020 Virtual State Meet Girls PowerMerge

The 2020 Colorado State Track & Field Championships may not have ever launched off the starting line, but we can at least speculate how it all would've played out...

So, here is the 2020 Virtual State Meet - Girl's PowerMerge.

The results are based entirely on 2019 State meet returners - from finals.

Sort of Spoiler alert: Five points separated first from second in the team race... (You'll have to scroll down to see how it all played out...)

100 Meter Dash


Sydney Holiday

2020Broomfield High School11.6010
2Teagan Zwaanstra2021ThunderRidge High School11.768
3Remington Ross2020Highland High School11.846
4Michelle McDonald2021Denver East High School12.195
5Mia Manson2020Monarch High School12.214
6Alexa Gonzalez2020Legend High School12.243
7Avery Wright2022Montezuma-Cortez High School12.362
8Kaleah Ruff2021Mullen High School12.401
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200 Meter Dash


Sydney Holiday

2020Broomfield High School24.0410
2Camille Peisner2021Valor Christian High School24.088
3Taylor James2021Niwot High School24.766
4Remington Ross2020Highland High School24.775
5Keyanda Bolton2020Palmer High School24.924
6Amarachi Onuoha2021Far Northeast High School25.193
7Dominique Chesson2020Fort Collins High School25.222
8Avery Wright2022Montezuma-Cortez High School25.231
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400 Meter Dash

1Lily Williams2020Grandview High School53.6310
2Taylor James2021Niwot High School54.258
3Camille Peisner2021Valor Christian High School54.316
4Lilly Lavier2020Alamosa High School56.105
5Kylie Bahr2022ThunderRidge High School56.414
6Regan Aurich2020Lutheran High School56.673
7Reese Dragovich2021Valor Christian High School56.802
8Kel McDavid2022Cherry Creek High School57.601
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800 Meter Run

1Taylor James2021Niwot High School2:08.2910
2Lily Williams2020Grandview High School2:09.108
3Lilly Lavier2020Alamosa High School2:13.086
4Maggi Congdon2020Steamboat Springs High School2:13.355
5Samantha Blair2022Eagle Valley High School2:13.544
6Joslin Blair2020Eagle Valley High School2:14.443
7Emily Beckner2022Fort Collins High School2:14.782
8Riley Stewart2022Cherry Creek High School2:15.441
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1600 Meter Run

1Cameron McConnell2022Cherokee Trail High School5:00.2510
2Riley Stewart2022Cherry Creek High School5:00.728
3Madeleine Burns2020Durango High School5:00.906
4Joslin Blair2020Eagle Valley High School5:01.185
5Taylor Whitfield2021Valor Christian High School5:04.424
6Samrawit Dishon2020Niwot High School5:04.603
7Lucca Fulkerson2021Niwot High School5:05.912
8Madison Reed2020Mountain Vista High School5:07.591
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3200 Meter Run

1Taylor Whitfield2021Valor Christian High School10:47.5710
2Cameron McConnell2022Cherokee Trail High School10:50.968
3Madeleine Burns2020Durango High School10:53.636
4Samrawit Dishon2020Niwot High School10:53.765
5Riley Stewart2022Cherry Creek High School10:55.714
6Sierra Bower2021Basalt High School10:58.313
7Joslin Blair2020Eagle Valley High School11:00.092
8Madison Reed2020Mountain Vista High School11:02.231
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Zeaniah Wedgeworth2021Overland High School14.4410
2Kara Lucyk2020Mountain Vista High School14.628
3Kameryn Brown2020Grandview High School14.906
4Caitlin Simmons2020Lutheran High School15.115
5Maddy Ortman2021Valor Christian High School15.314
6Shenna Daum2020Classical Academy, The15.693
7Emilie Johnson2020Stargate High School16.182
8Brooke Rule2021Brush High School16.301
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Kara Lucyk2020Mountain Vista High School44.4110
2Megan Jenkins2022Cedaredge High School44.898
3Samantha Gordon2020Fort Collins High School45.186
4Kelia Portis2020Niwot High School45.245
5Maddy Ortman2021Valor Christian High School45.324
6Nikki Gorman2021Broomfield High School46.163
7Samantha Blair2022Eagle Valley High School46.302
8Lily Acosta2020Rampart High School46.341
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High Jump

1Riley Masten2020Rock Canyon High School5-810
2Brooke Naughton2022Fort Collins High School5-67
2Raina Branch2020Vista Peak High School5-67
4Kenley Kohls2020Fruita Monument High School5-54.5
4Riley Endries2020Poudre High School5-54.5
6Laurene Powell2021Mountain View High School5-43
7Kora Rich2021Highland High School5-32
8Charolette Meskiman2020Eaglecrest High School5-20.143
8Destiny Pelton2020Fort Morgan High School5-20.143
8Hailee O'Neill2021Douglas County High School5-20.143
8Lily Acosta2020Rampart High School5-20.143
8Malia Harton2021Mead High School5-20.143
8Riley Dodd2021Fort Collins High School5-20.143
8Sara Schoenbaum2022Canon City High School5-20.143
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Long Jump

1Sadie McMullen2020Valor Christian High School19-9.510
2Teagan Zwaanstra2021ThunderRidge High School18-98
3Ayana Brown2020Rangeview High School18-5.756
4Mia Manson2020Monarch High School18-3.55
5Remington Ross2020Highland High School17-11.54
6Taryn Burkett2021Fort Collins High School17-10.53
7Caitlin Simmons2020Lutheran High School17-8.52
8Alexa Gonzalez2020Legend High School17-8.251
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Triple Jump

1Caitlin Simmons2020Lutheran High School38-610
2Taryn Burkett2021Fort Collins High School38-48
3Agur Dwol2022Mullen High School37-26
4Brooke Stremler2020Lutheran High School37-1.55
5Grace Lange2020Roosevelt High School36-10.754
6Cassidy Cheesman2020Centaurus High School36-7.253
7Samantha Gordon2020Fort Collins High School36-3.52
8Olivia Rankin2021Fossil Ridge High School36-2.251
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Pole Vault

1Kristina Willis2020Classical Academy, The12-110
2Mia Manson2020Monarch High School12-08
3Erin Joost2020Chaparral High School11-35.5
3Sydney Cotton2020Liberty High School11-35.5
5Alexa Oatman2021Lewis-Palmer High School11-14
6Phoebe Young2021Coal Ridge High School11-03
7Abigail Shay2020Wray High School10-71.5
7Marlia Porreco2020Discovery Canyon High School10-71.5
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Shot Put

1Katie Dack-Howell2021Lutheran High School42-9.2510
2Shannon Vivoda2020Pueblo East High School41-6.58
3Katherine Higgins2020Ponderosa High School40-46
4Ryely Smartt2020Genoa-Hugo High School39-25
5Harlie Medrano2022Pueblo East High School39-0.754
6Grace Whyrick2020Greeley West High School38-10.53
7Keli Drye2020Montrose High School38-8.752
8Alexandria Tice2022Lamar High School38-1.251
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1Kajsa Borrman2022Loveland High School142-010
2Katie Dack-Howell2021Lutheran High School139-78
3Lindsey Osterfelt2021Rocky Mountain High School137-06
4Amanda Opp2021Lakewood High School132-35
5Harlie Medrano2022Pueblo East High School127-34
6Morgan Watson2020Loveland High School127-03
7Keli Drye2020Montrose High School125-62
8Correy Koellner2022Holyoke High School121-51
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Team Scores

1Valor Christian High School48
2Lutheran High School43
3Niwot High School39
4Fort Collins High School30.14
5Grandview High School24
6Broomfield High School23
7Mountain Vista High School20
7ThunderRidge High School20
9Cherokee Trail High School18
10Highland High School17
10Monarch High School17
12Eagle Valley High School16
12Pueblo East High School16
14Cherry Creek High School14
15Classical Academy, The13
15Loveland High School13
17Durango High School12
18Alamosa High School11
19Overland High School10
19Rock Canyon High School10
21Cedaredge High School8
22Mullen High School7
22Vista Peak High School7
24Ponderosa High School6
24Rangeview High School6
24Rocky Mountain High School6
27Chaparral High School5.5
27Liberty High School5.5
29Denver East High School5
29Genoa-Hugo High School5
29Lakewood High School5
29Steamboat Springs High School5
33Fruita Monument High School4.5
33Poudre High School4.5
35Legend High School4
35Lewis-Palmer High School4
35Montrose High School4
35Palmer High School4
35Roosevelt High School4
40Basalt High School3
40Centaurus High School3
40Coal Ridge High School3
40Far Northeast High School3
40Greeley West High School3
40Montezuma-Cortez High School3
40Mountain View High School3
47Stargate High School2
48Discovery Canyon High School1.5
48Wray High School1.5
50Rampart High School1.14
51Brush High School1
51Fossil Ridge High School1
51Holyoke High School1
51Lamar High School1
55Canon City High School0.14
55Douglas County High School0.14
55Eaglecrest High School0.14
55Fort Morgan High School0.14
55Mead High School0.14