Summer Reading: Vote For Your Favorite Running Book

It's summer, and a unique one at that. 

While I'm sure most athletes across the state are diving into training, and summer reading, I've always found that I enjoyed a boost in motivation during the quiet time by reading running-related literature. 

You know, the sort of thing that adds a little pep in the stride when your legs are giving out near the end of a run.

My high school coach was great with suggesting new and inspiring material to read - it's what helped us all get through the summer when races are so far away. 

And when it comes to running-related literature, there's quite a bit to chose from...

So, why not vote for your favorite?

I've compiled a list of running books that span the past 70+ years for you to vote on. And - since there are likely a few I missed, you can add your favorite in the "Other" option at the bottom.

On a side note, just about everything on this list is worth a read - if you're looking for that added boost in your stride this summer...