UPDATED: The 2020 Cross Country Season Is A GO

Mark your calendars - October 17 is the NEW date for the 2020 Cross Country State Championships.

CHSAA released an in-depth, modified calendar for the upcoming year - and cross country has been given the green light to resume as scheduled.

The season, while starts at the same time as it was previously scheduled for, is abbreviated, however. The tentative state championship is scheduled for October 17, which is two weeks early. The season has been condensed to seven weeks from start to finish. 

In a zoom call Tuesday afternoon CHSAA Commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green stated that "we'll be looking at one race per gender a day."

The new format calls for two 50-runner races - one for each gender. That means once 100 runners have competed on the course, there will be no more competitions on the course that day.

For regionals each race will allow for 75 runners for each gender, and for State 100. Blanford-Green did say that these races will be staggered. 

To hear Blanford-Green talk about cross country, you'll want to skip to about 53:45 minutes into this video: CHSAA press conference on 2020-21 calendar.

Among the modifications for the 2020 season:

  • Reduce the maximum number of regular season meets from 11 to 7.
  • No alternate runners. 2A: run 6, score 4; 3A-5A run 7, score 5.
  • No JV or open races at varsity meets. Schools can host a JV meet or open race separate from varsity.
  • 50 athletes per gender will be allowed at regular season meets. Must start in waves of no more than 25.
  • Postseason rosters: 2A run 5, score 4; 3A-5A run 6, score 5.
  • Regionals: 75 athletes per gender will be allowed.
  • State championship: 100 athletes per gender, per classification will be allowed.

For more details on the changes - check the latest CHSAA bulletin here: Cross Country Bulletin 

We'll continue to update the how and when etc. as we receive information.

For more information: CHSAA announces 2020-21 athletics and activities calendar