Lucca Fulkerson: Niwot To Princeton


Lucca Fulkerson's Best Marks

Mile - 5:05

3,200 - 10:20

5k - 17:40


                  Q) Talk about the recruitment process - what other schools were you looking at, and how did you come to choosing Princeton University?

                  The other schools I was looking at were Duke, Oklahoma State, Yale, Brown, and Georgetown. Some of the things I love most about Princeton was how energetic, and welcoming Coach Hunt was. He was always available to answer my questions, and he did not hesitate to set up zoom meetings with the team and the teachers at Princeton. Talking to the teachers and hearing what they had to say about classes and the various opportunities at Princeton excited me and made me want to learn more. Additionally, the girls on the team were so kind and fun to talk to, and as soon as I met them, I felt like I would fit right in.

                  Q) What do you plan to study atPrinceton?

                  As of right now, I do not know. However, I am interested in environmental science as well as political science.

                  Q) What event do you see yourself focusing on at Princeton?

                  I am open to running any event, but I assume I will be running the distance track events and cross country.

                  Q) You've had success in every event from the 1,600 on up to the 5k - what would you say your favorite event is, and why?

                  My favorite event changes from time to time, but right now, I enjoy the 3200. I like this event because it is long enough that I have time to make moves, and it does not feel like an all-out sprint from the start.

                  Q) You've consistently made gains each year across every event (chopping off about 45-seconds in the 3,200 each year among the many) - what would say attributed to such consistent improvements?

                  What has helped me progress each year has been the excellent training program at Niwot High School, my teammates that push me every day, and adequately recovering after running to prevent injuries. Additionally, Coach Kelly, Coach Bloom, and Coach Mo have been amazing coaches, and they have provided the best training program for me. I am forever grateful to them.

                  Q) The first result we have on you on MileSplit is a 10:05 2,400, third place finish at the St. Mary's XC Invitational - What do you remember from this competition?

                  I remember this was my first ever cross country race, and I did not know what to expect. My mom told me she was just hoping that I would finish the race without walking or crying. I think I surprised both of us by finishing third.

                  Q) What got you interested in competing in XC/Track in the first place?

                  In 6th grade, my PE coach watched me run the mile, and the pacer test in class. She told me that I should join the cross country team and that I could be pretty good. I also played soccer during this time, and my favorite part was running up and down the field.

                  Once I started cross country in 7th grade, I loved it, and over time it became more and more important to me. I never thought about doing track until my freshman year when my Dawson Coach, Katie Boyle, encouraged me to do so. I was planning on playing soccer in the spring for Dawson, but I decided to do track instead. Since Dawson did not have a track team, I joined the Niwot team because they are my home school.

                  Q) Favorite book, musical artist, and movie:

                  Right now, I am reading East of Eden by John Steinbeck for my English class, and I have really been enjoying it due to the complex characters in it. My favorite song is Santeria by Sublime because it always puts me in a good mood. I can't think of my favorite movie, but one of my favorite TV shows is All American on Netflix.

                  Q) What would your favorite high school moment be?

                  One of my favorite high school running moments would be when my team and I placed third at Nike Cross Nationals.

                  Samree, Taylor, Eva, Joelle, Amelia, Maddie, and I had all been working so hard all season, and NXN was when we were able to celebrate our hard work. We couldn't stop smiling after we heard that we got third, and it was an experience I will never forget.

                  One of my favorite moments from high school was my sophomore homecoming. I had never had that much fun at a school dance until this one, and we danced for at least 3 hours. They practically had to kick us out of the venue, but afterward, my friends and I got massive pizza slices at Cosmos in Boulder. It was a fantastic night.