Girls Leap Of The Year: Natalie Buchanan

Pine Creek junior Natalie Buchanan a leap of 3:34 from last year.

Who made the biggest leap from 2019 to 2019?

Natalie Buchanan takes the honors!

The Pine Creek junior clearly put in a ton of work since 2019, because she dropped a staggering 3:34. Let's take a dive into her improvement, because it really is impressive. 

Last year Buchanan ran a season-best of 22:57 at the Palmer JV Cross Country Open Championships. It was her lone sub-24 performance of the season, and clearly a hint of what was to come. 

She opened her 2020 season with a PR of 22:06, and then got rolling. 

Buchanan continued to climb downwards in time, chopping off another two minutes the following week, and cracking 20 for the first time at the Wolverine Quad, running 19:59. 

And she wasn't done there. 

She went on to run a PR of 19:22 a week later, but what really solidified her Leap was her performance at State. After not qualifying last year, she finished 34th in the 5A Championships this year, running 19:34.

For her work, Buchanan earns The Leap Of The Year!

Behind her, there were plenty of big improvements as well. 

Heritage's Lauryn Wojcik was close runner-up here, improving by 3:22. She ran 24:01 in 2019, and leapt all the way down to 20:38 this past season. 

Two more cracked the three-minute improvement barrier. 

Palmer Ridge's Morgan Scarsbrook, and Riverdale's Mia Nava both improved by 3:07. 

Last year Scarsbrook ran 24:50, and this year? 21:43. Very similarly, Nava went from 24:35 last year to 21:28 this year.

Editor's Note: The list was taken from the top 2,000 runners from 2019 and 2020. 

Natalie Buchanan - Pine Creek High School22:57.3019:22.383:34.92
Lauryn Wojcik - Heritage High School24:01.0020:38.433:22.57
Morgan Scarsbrook - Palmer Ridge High School24:50.4021:43.203:07.20
Mia Nava - Riverdale Ridge High School24:35.0021:28.003:07.00
Quynh Mackenzie - Northfield High School24:56.6921:58.812:57.88
TianYu Melzer - Lewis-Palmer High School24:07.4821:33.002:34.48
Olivia Gilchrist - Lakewood High School24:44.7022:12.802:31.90
Keira Gamily - Mountain Vista High School21:26.8319:01.052:25.78
Madeline Mohler - Unattached - CO24:12.4221:50.002:22.42
Hannah Willer - Regis Jesuit24:42.6022:22.432:20.17
Mallory Mullen - Heritage High School22:38.0020:25.872:12.13
Elisabeth Delker - Machebeuf High School24:58.0022:46.402:11.60
Sara Wexler - Denver South High School20:53.9018:42.602:11.30
Alyssa McKamey - Pine Creek High School22:39.5520:32.272:07.28
Aubrie Nicholas - Arvada West High School24:28.0022:21.702:06.30
Halle Wist - Cherry Creek High School23:02.0020:57.602:04.40
Lauren Davia - Erie High School24:47.0022:45.702:01.30
Avery Giron - Loveland High School22:58.0020:57.002:01.00
Shilyn Barnum - Wiggins High School24:12.9022:13.201:59.70
Emma Murphy - Frontier Academy21:51.2219:53.001:58.22
Allura Luna - West Grand High School23:01.9621:06.381:55.58
Tiffany Yie - Niwot High School23:31.0021:37.001:54.00
Bela Voglund - Poudre High School24:42.0022:48.901:53.10
Lex Bullen - Stargate High School20:51.0018:58.301:52.70
Sydney Ament - Heritage High School21:56.9020:05.001:51.90
Monica Jarosz - Fossil Ridge High School21:49.0019:58.501:50.50
Jilli Lange - Palmer High School23:40.0021:49.601:50.40
Hope Watkins - Thornton High School24:43.0022:53.301:49.70
Sophie McIntyre - Palmer High School22:53.0021:06.451:46.55
Morgan Karow - Colorado Rocky Mountain School22:25.6020:39.091:46.51
Natalie Wesner - Aspen High School25:02.2023:16.101:46.10
Sophie Berry - Dakota Ridge High School24:53.0023:08.401:44.60
Grace Reinhart - Fort Collins High School24:22.6422:39.401:43.24
Hope Watson - Central Grand Junction High School24:29.7122:47.301:42.41
Alexandria Morton - Erie High School24:50.8223:08.701:42.12
Elise Wheeler - Prospect Ridge Academy22:37.0020:56.501:40.50
Cynthia Hagerty - Thornton High School24:23.3622:43.001:40.36
Paige Massey - Silver Creek High School24:28.1022:49.601:38.50
Gabrielle Mendoza - Prairie View High School24:32.9022:55.101:37.80
Hope Maldonado - Vista Ridge High School23:17.1021:40.201:36.90
Alexandra Wolpert - Regis Jesuit24:03.0022:26.621:36.38
Kristina Bodewes - Durango High School21:50.7020:15.001:35.70
Frances Hudson - Mead High School22:21.2020:47.001:34.20
Elizabeth Carlos - Mesa Ridge High School22:34.3621:00.821:33.54
McKenzie Hiebsch - Poudre High School24:06.3822:33.101:33.28
Autumn Bird - Lewis-Palmer High School24:31.6022:59.401:32.20
Eowyn Dalbec - Peyton High School20:10.6018:39.501:31.10
Erica Gorman - Valley High School24:41.8023:11.001:30.80
Gabriela Hernandez - Berthoud High School23:11.4921:40.701:30.79
Hayden Miller - Fossil Ridge High School22:45.0021:15.901:29.10
Katie Roberts - Lyons High School23:49.0322:20.001:29.03
Alysa Waits - Valor Christian High School24:27.4322:59.001:28.43
Autumn Oslowski - Steamboat Springs High School21:48.0320:21.001:27.03
Mikenna Hoffman - Frederick High School24:04.3922:38.701:25.69
Meredith Overton - Golden High School21:33.0020:07.401:25.60
Summer Norwell - Holy Family High School21:34.8420:09.701:25.14
Claire Nielsen - Regis Jesuit22:06.1020:41.221:24.88
Autumn Rassmusen - Vista Ridge High School24:11.0022:48.801:22.20
Gema Hernandez - Machebeuf High School21:55.8020:33.701:22.10
Anissa Wheeling - Fort Collins High School23:21.1021:59.001:22.10
Annika McKown - Clear Creek High School23:01.0021:39.001:22.00
Helen Leon - Dawson School23:18.0021:56.001:22.00
Lucyanna Glenn - Fort Collins High School24:25.0023:04.801:20.20
Emily Lamontagne - Arapahoe High School19:07.0017:48.501:18.50
Taylor Friesen - Liberty Common High School22:14.0820:55.601:18.48
Elizabeth Boselli - Holy Family High School22:21.1021:02.801:18.30
Skye Bleakley - Gunnison High School24:11.3022:53.101:18.20
Ava Lane - Basalt High School19:49.7318:32.001:17.73
Nikolette Frei - Fountain-Fort Carson High School23:43.7622:26.441:17.32
Elizabeth Anderson - Chatfield High School22:07.0020:49.901:17.10
Katelyn Maley - Basalt High School18:37.8417:21.001:16.84
Angela Benallo - Arvada West High School22:22.0021:06.901:15.10
Cayley Swaim - Mountain Vista High School21:47.1120:33.841:13.27
Simone Beauchamp - Eaglecrest High School22:26.0021:12.901:13.10
Ashlyn Kuhns - Liberty High School24:45.9023:32.851:13.05
Sophie Collister - Pomona High School22:20.0021:07.901:12.10
Mya Ridder - Arvada West High School22:06.0020:54.001:12.00
Torrey Brown - Fort Collins High School24:28.0023:16.501:11.50
Ellie Schueler - Palmer High School23:39.0022:28.171:10.83
Liza McConaghie - Rock Canyon High School24:45.9323:35.221:10.71
Brooklyn Yates - Brighton High School23:16.3022:05.901:10.40
Melody Stablein - Front Range Christian23:59.0022:49.001:10.00
Autumn McQuitty - Alamosa High School21:20.7420:11.001:09.74
Olivia Lampros - Lewis-Palmer High School23:00.0021:50.901:09.10
Grace Buckman - Strasburg High School23:49.5022:40.401:09.10
Kora Handy - Central Grand Junction High School24:07.3722:59.301:08.07
Alexis Pagel - Cherokee Trail High School19:47.0218:39.001:08.02
Margaret Schmitz - Columbine High School22:05.0020:57.001:08.00
Lane Greenly - Littleton High School24:38.0023:30.201:07.80
Adellin Barnard - Ralston Valley High School22:26.9021:19.301:07.60
Lauren Caldwell - Mead High School21:27.2020:20.001:07.20
Michaela Kenny - Aspen High School21:35.8020:29.001:06.80
Elaina Lyons - Northfield High School24:28.0023:21.321:06.68
Belen Roof - Ouray High School23:56.7322:50.191:06.54
Hannah Writebol - Chaparral High School21:33.5020:27.201:06.30
Jadyn Heil - Fruita Monument High School18:45.5117:39.501:06.01
Aja Hogan - Buena Vista High School24:13.5223:08.011:05.51
Grace McClung - Denver South High School21:27.0020:22.001:05.00
Araceli Ayala - Coal Ridge High School21:24.6020:20.001:04.60
Hannah Thomas - Lyons High School21:19.4120:15.001:04.41
DeAsia Wosachlo - Northglenn High School24:05.0223:01.901:03.12
Murrie Dodge - Rock Canyon High School21:43.3620:40.401:02.96
Gemma Haller - Denver East High School23:19.0022:17.001:02.00
Hailey Eyring - Yuma High School23:23.7022:21.701:02.00
Kylee Terry - Delta High School22:56.7421:54.841:01.90
Bailey Link - Brush High School23:43.6622:42.401:01.26
Malia Heien - Northfield High School20:49.0019:48.201:00.80
Maren Fuller - Rock Canyon High School24:36.1123:35.391:00.72
Madison Ault - Thornton High School24:05.5623:05.001:00.56
Megan Murray - Palmer Ridge High School24:55.0023:54.501:00.50
Grace Burnett - Denver East High School23:03.0022:03.001:00.00
Emily Davidoff - Steamboat Springs High School24:42.5623:43.0059.56
Emily Hoskins - Denver South High School22:08.5021:09.0059.50
Madelyn Baillie - Wheat Ridge High School21:16.0020:16.7059.30
Kendall Hauswirth - Mountain Range High School24:12.1723:13.3058.87
Ella Erickson - Longmont High School23:38.1022:39.5058.60
Sonia Mali - Legend High School24:41.0023:42.4058.60
Sarah Hoffer - Denver East High School22:46.0021:47.6058.40
Selia Hockhalter - Poudre High School25:00.0024:01.9058.10
Reaghan Rinow - Strasburg High School22:28.1521:31.0057.15
Riley Buese - Northfield High School19:28.0018:31.0057.00
Kylie Martin - Regis Jesuit21:42.0020:45.0057.00
Sophia Charles - Denver East High School23:00.0022:03.0057.00
Sarah Trieber - Chaparral High School21:56.0021:00.3055.70
Laurene Powell - Mountain View High School24:19.0023:23.4055.60
Maria Talafuse - Machebeuf High School24:10.5023:15.7054.80
Sophia KrodelSmith - Boulder High School22:11.0021:16.6054.40
Tania St.John - Heritage High School22:19.7021:25.5254.18
Jocelyn Farhar - Jefferson Academy22:11.0021:16.9054.10
Elizabeth Fender - Columbine High School20:49.0019:55.0054.00
Allison Dobbins - ThunderRidge High School24:36.4023:42.7753.63
Kendall Nolan - Fountain-Fort Carson High School22:48.7021:56.0652.64
Emily Handy - Strasburg High School23:43.2122:50.7052.51
Molly Spruce - Palmer High School22:39.0021:47.0551.95
Ryleigh Walter - Discovery Canyon High School23:20.0022:28.2051.80
Cate Gardner - Highlands Ranch High School24:39.0023:47.2351.77
Murphy Berglund - Poudre High School24:47.8223:56.5051.32
Kelsie Heins - Longmont High School21:30.7020:39.7051.00
Alex Sprague - Arapahoe High School23:28.0022:37.0051.00
Ava Davis - Mountain Vista High School21:11.6420:21.1850.46
Grace Murphy - Liberty Common High School23:41.8522:51.4050.45
McKenna Mack - ThunderRidge High School23:37.5222:47.1850.34
Claire Ely - Denver East High School23:53.0023:02.7050.30
Leah Hill - DSST Montview19:20.0018:29.8050.20
Kelly Fairfield - Evergreen High School22:21.3921:31.2050.19
Carly Najarian - St. Mary's Academy24:19.3023:29.9049.40
Lucy Alagna - Boulder High School22:04.0021:14.9049.10
Elizabeth Cronk - Brighton High School24:24.1023:35.3048.80
Kelsey Hamilton - Steamboat Springs High School22:27.8821:39.8048.08
Katelyn Banks - Arapahoe High School22:52.0022:04.0048.00
Molly Kate McCloskey - Regis Jesuit21:05.6020:18.0047.60
Annabel Filippini - Denver East High School21:35.2020:48.0047.20
Eva Pacheco - St. Mary's Academy24:27.7023:40.7047.00
Alexis Santopietro - Buena Vista High School22:26.9021:40.0046.90
Alyssa Lee - Boulder High School21:43.0020:56.6046.40
Hannah Kurtz - Dakota Ridge High School22:15.3321:29.2446.09
Gabriella Olson - Broomfield High School21:45.0020:59.1045.90
Zoe Jones - Grand Junction High School23:39.1522:53.7045.45
Maelynn Higgins - Broomfield High School19:11.2218:26.0045.22
Brooke Krapes - Pomona High School23:15.2322:30.2045.03
Shoshanah Stukas - Horizon High School21:45.1021:01.0044.10
Elaina Arcand - Fruita Monument High School20:00.1319:16.1044.03
Aubrey Surage - Lewis-Palmer High School18:39.7017:56.0043.70
Annika Hammarquist - Discovery Canyon High School22:49.0022:05.9043.10
Faith Kelly - Palmer High School21:23.0020:40.2842.72
Isabella Rueda - Prospect Ridge Academy21:58.0021:15.7042.30
Edie Sherlock - Aspen High School21:35.2020:53.0042.20
Olivia Ennis - Denver South High School20:53.4020:11.5041.90
Cameryn Friesen - Middle Park High School23:07.8022:26.0041.80
Loren Linnenburger - Discovery Canyon High School19:26.0018:44.3041.70
Loren Linnenburger - Discovery Canyon High School19:26.0018:44.3041.70
Bree Meats - Moffat County High School22:59.2822:18.0041.28
Maddy Persing - Durango High School20:27.4119:46.2041.21
Shantell Hafner - Mountain Vista High School19:35.0018:54.1740.83
Leah Christians - Mountain Vista High School19:25.9018:45.2040.70
Rena Singleton - Summit High School23:40.3423:00.0040.34
Alexis Chelle - Palisade High School19:38.2718:58.0040.27
Morgan O'Rourke - Central Grand Junction High School24:44.5324:04.9039.63
Taylor Rorick - Valor Christian High School19:17.5518:38.0039.55
Mailee Holley - Pueblo South High School22:43.0022:03.8039.20
Charliray Jackson - Strasburg High School23:31.2022:52.4038.80
Macy Hopkinson - Aspen High School22:13.0021:34.5038.50
Bridget Turner - The Academy of Charter Schools21:25.0020:46.6038.40
Sarah Levy - Basalt High School19:50.1319:11.9138.22
Lindsey Taylor - Chatfield High School22:23.0021:45.0038.00
Sophia Schuemann - Heritage Christian Academy21:12.9020:35.0037.90
Mikayla Fry - Rampart High School22:16.0021:38.1637.84
Alden Pennington - Battle Mountain High School22:11.1121:33.9237.19
Adele Havlick - Palmer High School20:08.0019:30.8837.12
Stella Sherlock - Aspen High School24:38.1024:02.0036.10
Rebecca Godwin - Woodland Park High School23:11.9022:36.2835.62
Isabella Prosceno - Valor Christian High School18:30.2517:55.0035.25
Amelia Moore - Grand Junction High School23:28.7522:53.5035.25
Mandy Moran - Grand Junction High School19:36.7719:01.9034.87
Emma Stutzman - Pomona High School18:11.7317:37.0034.73
Hannah Smith - ThunderRidge High School25:00.0024:25.3934.61
Kashlynn Tadolini - Brush High School20:38.0020:03.6034.40
Mikayla Smith - Regis Jesuit20:23.4019:49.3034.10
Nicole Fritz - Ponderosa High School23:30.7022:56.7034.00
Chandler Hand - Brighton High School23:52.0023:18.0034.00
Abigail Boaz - Horizon High School23:05.6022:32.0033.60
Megan Weaver - Boulder High School24:55.0024:21.6033.40
Alana Mann - Castle View High School21:35.7021:03.2732.43
Althea Griffith - Longmont High School22:38.4022:06.0032.40
Libby Garcia - Fort Morgan High School24:59.0024:26.6032.40
Tessa Everett - Niwot High School20:59.0020:27.0032.00
Addie Horton - Northfield High School21:21.3620:49.7031.66
Shealan Waters - Woodland Park High School22:18.1021:46.7131.39
Gianna Spangler - Elizabeth High School24:18.0023:47.0031.00
Aspen VanRamshorst - Rock Canyon High School20:55.9020:25.0330.87
Madeline Tapp - Holy Family High School21:28.0120:57.4030.61
Hannah Beziou - Liberty High School22:28.7021:58.1030.60
Isabella Lopez - Prairie View High School24:30.3023:59.7030.60
Cecilia Davies - Clear Creek High School21:14.0020:44.0030.00
Shelby Balding - Cherry Creek High School18:14.9017:45.0029.90
Joy Hast - West Grand High School21:57.8221:27.9829.84
Grace Moroney - Silver Creek High School21:06.8020:37.0029.80
Riley Pope - Grand Junction High School21:52.4921:22.8029.69
Myra Kirk - Denver North High School23:05.8022:36.7029.10
Brooklyn Ewert - Mountain View High School19:56.0019:27.0029.00
Sophia Connerton-Nevin - Glenwood Springs Middle School18:31.4918:03.2028.29
Sophia Connerton-Nevin - Glenwood Springs Middle School18:31.4918:03.2028.29
Grace Galvin - Broomfield High School23:30.0023:02.0028.00
Chloe Hehir - Telluride High School23:09.0022:41.1727.83
Darby Jones - George Washington High School21:40.7021:13.0027.70
Leia Ellenberger - Paonia High School22:27.7022:00.1427.56
Layla Haji - Lotus School for Excellence High School23:10.0022:42.8027.20
Maya Nussbaumer - Denver East High School21:16.9020:49.9027.00
Micala Boex - Eaglecrest High School22:17.0021:50.0027.00
Maddie Witte - Highlands Ranch High School22:26.0021:59.0027.00
Julia Schor - Denver East High School19:14.9618:48.0026.96
Mallory Salazar - Buena Vista High School19:57.5119:31.0026.51
Madison Pierson - Loveland High School21:03.4020:37.0026.40
Ella Swanson - Springfield High School24:25.6023:59.2026.40
Aidyn Covington - Chaparral High School20:15.0019:48.8026.20
Vanessa Vazquez - Aurora Central High School22:59.7522:34.0025.75
Paige Machemer - Lakewood High School21:08.4020:43.0025.40
Claire Nowels - Fountain-Fort Carson High School21:15.6420:51.0024.64
Katelyn Cunningham - Lake City Community School21:28.8321:04.6124.22
Jocelyn Millican - Palmer Ridge High School18:17.0017:53.1023.90
MyAnna Winters - James Irwin Charter High School22:59.0022:35.1023.90
Marissa Karpinski - Lakewood High School22:02.0021:38.3023.70
Rachel O'Connell - Lewis-Palmer High School24:30.7024:07.5023.20
Kayla Renner - Arapahoe High School20:32.0020:09.0023.00
Brooke Ammidown - Broomfield High School24:10.0023:47.0023.00
Jasmine Carey - Pomona High School24:24.0024:01.2022.80
Ava Schneider - Fossil Ridge High School24:08.0023:45.9022.10
Sydney Kerschen - Fossil Ridge High School22:42.6022:20.6022.00
Ava Mitchell - Arapahoe High School18:09.8017:48.0021.80
Mary Fetters - Mead High School22:47.5022:25.7021.80
Julia Nelson - Canon City High School24:15.4823:53.8721.61
Angela McManus - Durango High School19:29.9719:08.8021.17
Paisley Williamson - Broomfield High School19:56.7419:36.0020.74
Atlee Barrow - Manitou Springs High School23:48.0023:27.4020.60
Anna Duffy - Mountain Vista High School20:01.9019:41.9020.00
Gabriela Kobak - Northfield High School21:51.0021:31.0020.00
Adilyn Malcolm - Elizabeth High School23:31.0023:11.0020.00
Emma Jones - Moffat County High School21:04.8520:45.0019.85
Olivia Krueger - Thompson Valley High School18:50.1318:30.6019.53
Allison Beard - Roosevelt High School20:14.7619:55.9018.86
Kailyn Mitchell - Smoky Hill High School22:14.5021:55.7018.80
Addison Alexander - Brush High School23:09.2022:50.6018.60
Kailene Black - Rocky Ford High School23:56.8023:38.2018.60
Angelina Kondrat - Durango High School21:23.0521:04.6018.45
Emma Lindsey - Discovery Canyon High School20:17.8019:59.4018.40
Grace Santistevan - Grand Junction High School24:59.8824:41.5018.38
Kylie Simshauser - Florence High School18:53.8418:35.5018.34
Kaylie Bookout - Faith Christian Academy20:43.0020:24.7018.30
Sierra Hain - Palisade High School22:33.6522:15.4018.25
Ellie Beauchamp - Fort Collins High School22:06.8021:48.8018.00
Kyra Weinbender - Frontier Academy22:33.0022:15.0018.00
Caitlin Murphy - Riverdale Ridge High School23:48.0023:30.0018.00
Sophia Kirby - Poudre High School23:15.9822:58.0017.98
Shayda Zarrin - Mountain Vista High School18:16.9617:59.0017.96
Kinsey Christianson - Cherry Creek High School20:08.8019:51.0017.80
Zoe Johnson - Golden View Classical Academy24:29.0024:11.3017.70
Ayauna Smith - Harrison High School22:39.0022:21.6017.40
Aidyn Woodall - Douglas County High School19:09.1018:52.2016.90
Tara Durbin - Fountain-Fort Carson High School21:38.0921:21.3616.73
Elizabeth Matsen - Battle Mountain High School22:03.9321:47.4816.45
Abby Bolt - Rampart High School23:06.0722:49.6816.39
Ella Johns - Fort Collins High School18:15.3717:59.0016.37
Abigail Bufkin - Cheyenne Mountain High School23:04.8022:49.0015.80
Alex Hebert - Salida High School21:22.7621:07.0015.76
Mary Scoggins - Rangely High School21:02.9720:47.2515.72
Delaney Gilfillan - George Washington High School19:57.6919:42.0015.69
Aliya Carey - Pomona High School22:12.2021:56.9015.30
Madeline Snook - Rock Canyon High School20:33.0020:17.8915.11
Zoe Suhajda - Discovery Canyon High School23:04.1022:49.0015.10
Alexandra Emerson - George Washington High School20:01.0019:46.0015.00
Laura Romero - Denver East High School18:53.9018:39.0014.90
Grace Dow - Vista Peak High School21:02.7920:48.0014.79
Amelie Colsman - Regis Jesuit19:20.4119:05.6414.77
Sienna Vuijsters - Golden High School20:24.2320:10.0014.23
Taylor Rogers - Valor Christian High School23:41.1323:27.0014.13
McAllister Stewart - Littleton High School21:53.0021:39.0014.00
Jordan Gossett - Mountain Vista High School19:48.9619:35.7313.23
Audrey Orstead - Faith Christian Academy19:28.0619:15.0013.06
Ellie Herrald - Horizon High School23:08.0022:55.0013.00
Medora Peltier - Monarch High School21:44.5621:31.7212.84
Madison Graves - Chaparral High School24:17.7024:05.0012.70
Autumn Rassmussen - Vista Ridge High School22:47.2022:34.6112.59
Kayla Wong - Lakewood High School21:48.0021:35.7012.30
Adele Horning - Lake County High School20:37.8020:25.7012.10
Sophie Astone - Chatfield High School22:39.0022:27.0012.00
Shea McManaman - Poudre High School23:24.0023:12.0012.00
Payton Lott - Chatfield High School21:41.8721:30.0011.87
Nina St John - Mountain Vista High School18:56.8418:45.4211.42
Mikaela Haas - Lakewood High School22:18.4022:07.8010.60
Ella Johnson - Glenwood Springs High School17:58.7517:48.2010.55
Lilliya Larson - Rock Canyon High School22:21.9922:11.7710.22
Danica Bishop - Discovery Canyon High School21:05.9020:56.109.80
Sidney Barbier - Steamboat Springs High School21:09.8021:00.009.80
Emma Stone - Brush High School21:59.9021:50.109.80
Samantha Weese - Lewis-Palmer High School21:31.0821:21.609.48
Sydney Hertel - Wheat Ridge High School22:28.0022:18.609.40
Makayla Kinard - Jefferson Academy23:58.0023:48.609.40
Avery Richardson - Monarch High School20:53.7320:44.409.33
Kylie Kenny - Aspen High School19:23.4019:14.209.20
Haven Prodzinski - Coal Ridge High School24:04.8023:56.068.74
Grace O'Meara - Denver East High School21:22.5021:14.008.50
Hannah Duez - The Vanguard School23:55.0023:46.838.17
Simona Lazarus - Chatfield High School23:43.0023:35.008.00
Claire Qualls - St. Mary's Academy23:04.6022:56.707.90
Mollie Roden - Rampart High School19:18.0319:10.307.73
Alexandra Kerschner - Peak to Peak Charter School22:51.4022:43.707.70
Rebekah Palmer - Lutheran High School23:25.7023:18.007.70
Aly Laurain - Boulder High School21:13.6521:06.007.65
Katherine Heekin - Faith Christian Academy19:36.1019:28.707.40
Abigael Howard - Denver East High School20:35.0020:28.007.00
Skye Henley - ThunderRidge High School19:02.2118:55.326.89
Lauren Hodges - Cherokee Trail High School19:08.7819:02.006.78
Emma Kjellsen - D'Evelyn High School20:38.0020:31.506.50
Becca Patrick - Machebeuf High School22:39.0022:32.506.50
Abby Fehr - Durango High School19:54.0819:47.606.48
Annalisa Phillips - Douglas County High School24:05.2023:59.006.20
Haley Blomquist - Douglas County High School19:43.9919:37.806.19
Aspen Day - Chatfield High School25:01.0024:55.006.00
Mel Sartain - Coronado High School21:26.8521:20.925.93
Jayda Nix - Thompson Valley High School19:54.5519:48.905.65
Whitney Thong - Alamosa High School22:45.0022:39.505.50
Amanda Bermingham - Rock Canyon High School19:42.4519:36.995.46
Faith Henderson - Heritage High School20:43.9020:38.445.46
Cara Butler - Heritage Christian Academy24:24.1724:18.905.27
Millicent Gothman - Clear Creek High School21:56.0021:51.005.00
Lane Baker - Salida High School24:14.9024:09.905.00
Julia Dombrowski - Columbine High School23:26.0023:21.304.70
Tea Forrest - Durango High School19:21.0719:16.404.67
Aspen Fulbright - Pueblo West High School18:26.6618:22.004.66
Norah Powers - Broomfield High School20:33.5220:29.204.32
Cameron McConnell - Cherokee Trail High School17:13.7717:10.003.77
Lauren Herk - Fort Collins High School21:23.8421:20.203.64
Brighton Bair - Meeker High School22:16.1222:12.793.33
Tamsin Hale - Thompson Valley High School22:37.0022:34.102.90
Joy Wakimura - Mountain Vista High School22:20.6022:18.002.60
Gracie Leal - Roosevelt High School20:31.7220:29.202.52
Logan Haugestuen - Liberty Common High School20:56.6820:54.701.98
Brooke Heffernan - Fossil Ridge High School21:16.8621:15.001.86
Riley Stewart - Cherry Creek High School17:03.7317:02.001.73
foley Alexandra - Bear Creek High School23:52.0023:50.301.70
Linsey Bauer - Conifer High School23:51.0023:49.401.60
Anna Roush - Denver South High School20:10.2020:09.001.20
Taylor Weiss - Silver Creek High School20:14.7020:13.501.20
Jayla Sanderson - Northfield High School22:14.2022:13.001.20
Ivory Carpenter - Pagosa Springs High School22:22.8022:22.000.80
Greta Olson - Douglas County High School20:48.3020:47.800.50
Sawyer Wilson - The Classical Academy18:44.5018:44.100.40
Jordan Neifert - Eagle Valley High School19:58.0019:57.700.30
Katie Yoho - Prospect Ridge Academy24:38.0024:37.780.22
Taylor Whitfield - Valor Christian High School17:34.0217:34.000.02