Boys Leap Of The Year: Camden Law

Chatfied sophomore Camden Law dropped over three minutes from last year.

Who improved the most among the boy's from 2019 to 2020?

Camden Law takes the cake!

The Chatfield sophomore was the only runner to drop over three minutes from 2019 - he dropped 3:02 in fact.

When scanning his improvements, it's clear that he's finding his stride each week - he's only getting better. Let's take a nose-dive into his leap...

A year ago Law opened his MileSplit account with a 21:14 clocking at the D'Evelyn Dash. He broke 20 minutes just once - the final race of his freshman season, running 19:52.

And that wasn't even close to where he picked up in 2020...

Law opened the 2020 season with a massive PR, running 17:48 at the D'Evelyn Dash - that's the result of a lot of miles. He broke 18 minutes six of seven times, with his slowest race being a 18:02 clocking. He saved his best for last, running a PR of 16:50 at the Colorado XC Classic. 

For his efforts, Law takes the boy's Leap Of The Year!

Taking the runner-up honors here is Central's (GJ) Jackson Edwards, who had an improvement of 2:39. A year ago he was a 19:41 5ker. This year he nearly cracked 17 minutes, running 17:02.

Conifer's Patrick Doty, and Valor's Cole Nutting were a close 3-4. 

Doty went from 19:03 to 16:35 for a leap of 2:27, which was just ahead of Nutting, who went from 19:39 to 17:14 for a leap of 2:25. 

One more made an improvement of over two minutes - and that was Central's (GJ) Thomas Berry, who went from 20:00 to 17:45 for a leap of 2:14.

Editor's Note: This list was taken from the top 2,000 times from 2019 and 2020.

Camden Law - Chatfield High School19:52.0016:50.003:02.00
Jackson Edwards - Unattached - CO19:41.7017:02.602:39.10
Patrick Doty - Conifer High School19:03.0016:35.202:27.80
Cole Nutting - Valor Christian High School19:39.0017:14.002:25.00
Thomas Berry - Grand Junction High School20:00.4017:45.702:14.70
Warin Watson - Grand Junction High School18:43.4216:50.001:53.42
Sam Garcia - Heritage High School19:59.7018:07.001:52.70
Nicholas Schweiker - Ralston Valley High School18:46.0016:54.001:52.00
Tyler Garfield - Grandview High School19:14.3017:23.001:51.30
Reuben Holness - Cherokee Trail High School18:43.0016:55.001:48.00
Dylan Jenkins - Pomona High School19:03.7317:20.201:43.53
Finn Carpenter - Dawson School19:30.0017:48.001:42.00
Eli Post - Overland High School19:31.0017:55.001:36.00
Leo Perez - Hinkley High School19:48.4718:13.901:34.57
Daniel Lamey - Littleton High School19:30.0017:55.601:34.40
Solomon Kieler - Denver North High School18:42.0017:08.001:34.00
Henry Greenwood - Arapahoe High School19:25.0017:51.001:34.00
Andres Villa - Monte Vista High School19:31.6117:58.301:33.31
Michael Brafford - Dolores High School19:44.8018:12.691:32.11
Kaden Schwindt - Brush High School19:07.9917:37.701:30.29
Henry Ilyasova - Manitou Springs High School17:30.0016:00.001:30.00
Grant Leigh - Colorado Springs Christian School19:38.0018:08.651:29.35
Bart Brophy - Regis Jesuit19:18.3817:49.201:29.18
Daniel McCauley - Pine Creek High School19:21.8517:57.731:24.12
Tucker Sussenbach - Platte Canyon High School19:48.3018:24.501:23.80
Jo Jo Suplisson - Rampart High School19:46.6018:23.101:23.50
Evan Keys - Front Range Christian18:33.0017:11.001:22.00
Sebastian Buelter - Faith Christian Academy18:59.0017:37.001:22.00
Nicolas Carrasco - Denver North High School19:51.0018:29.201:21.80
David Canaday - Highlands Ranch High School19:20.0017:58.391:21.61
William Pelech - Cherry Creek High School18:17.0016:56.001:21.00
Nick Walker - Ralston Valley High School18:39.0017:18.001:21.00
Carter Bergeron - Cheyenne Mountain High School19:45.4918:25.201:20.29
Keaton Jansen - Grand Valley High School19:53.6018:34.041:19.56
Josh Duran - Antonito High School19:45.6018:26.301:19.30
Ryan Green - Brighton High School19:09.5017:50.801:18.70
Colin Spuler - Legacy High School19:59.9118:41.601:18.31
Alejandro Lopez - Skyview High School19:21.0018:03.001:18.00
Anthony Haberkorn - Holy Family High School18:05.2616:49.101:16.16
Evan Christopherson - Fort Collins High School19:08.1017:52.001:16.10
Stephen Varnier - Air Academy High School18:46.4017:30.901:15.50
Simon Marsh - Fort Morgan High School19:31.0018:15.601:15.40
Benjamin Hopper - Denver East High School19:05.2517:50.001:15.25
Evan Telgenhoff - Regis Jesuit20:03.4018:48.371:15.03
Ian Kleinschmidt - Northfield High School17:22.0016:07.101:14.90
Jason Lyon - Overland High School19:41.0018:26.601:14.40
Grant Culver - Mountain Vista High School18:27.0017:12.811:14.19
Michael Vargas - SkyView Academy17:52.0016:37.991:14.01
Finbar Martin - Regis Jesuit18:49.2517:36.301:12.95
Noble Haskell - Smoky Hill High School18:10.9016:58.001:12.90
Jake Harrison - Central Grand Junction High School18:57.4017:45.001:12.40
Coen Simpson - Colorado Springs Christian School19:48.3818:36.821:11.56
Isaac Higareda - Alamosa High School17:26.5216:15.001:11.52
Camron Gallardo - Riverdale Ridge High School19:43.8018:32.301:11.50
Caleb Boutelle - Pine Creek High School16:11.3015:00.001:11.30
Jonah Frey - Ponderosa High School19:23.8318:12.601:11.23
Dawson Carney - Liberty Common High School19:58.7418:48.701:10.04
Josh Lewis - Cherokee Trail High School18:00.5016:51.001:09.50
Lorenzo Harrison Anguiano - Peak to Peak Charter School20:01.0018:51.701:09.30
Gavyn Welsh - Cherokee Trail High School17:26.7816:18.001:08.78
Jack Lee - SkyView Academy17:50.0016:42.001:08.00
Grant Willis - Battle Mountain High School19:17.1018:09.241:07.86
Wyatt Harding - Regis Jesuit19:54.7018:47.101:07.60
Elijah Cook - Lewis-Palmer High School19:54.5418:47.101:07.44
Tyler Stogsdill - Central Grand Junction High School17:52.3616:45.401:06.96
Connor Murphy - Grand Junction High School19:55.3118:48.601:06.71
Isaiah Solomon - Thornton High School19:25.6218:19.001:06.62
Logan Seward - Thompson Valley High School19:40.8018:34.401:06.40
Alyster Birk - Paonia High School18:24.4017:18.141:06.26
Stefan Dekleva - Poudre High School18:01.9416:56.001:05.94
Luke Hermsen - Heritage Christian Academy18:29.7417:24.001:05.74
Hunter Powell - Lyons High School19:52.0018:47.001:05.00
Andrew DeLisa - Ralston Valley High School18:21.0017:16.401:04.60
Jeffrey Allen - Heritage High School19:52.2018:48.701:03.50
Zander Miscio - Battle Mountain High School19:28.9718:25.611:03.36
Javier Duran - Yuma High School19:01.8017:58.701:03.10
Austin Allen - Wiggins High School19:26.1018:23.301:02.80
Micah Munoz - Holy Family High School18:08.3017:05.601:02.70
Mauricio Lara - Frontier Academy18:40.0017:38.001:02.00
Campbell Forkner - Poudre High School19:36.0018:34.001:02.00
Jonathon Herrmann - Adams City High School19:44.2718:42.701:01.57
Luke Urban - Mountain Vista High School17:34.9016:33.391:01.51
Cian Nagle - Legacy High School19:08.0018:07.001:01.00
Billy Adams - Central Grand Junction High School17:21.4516:20.801:00.65
Maddux Munoz - Vista Ridge High School19:30.0018:29.661:00.34
Ty Young - Highlands Ranch High School18:03.0017:03.3259.68
Eric Sankey - Fairview High School16:41.4115:42.0059.41
Avery Emmelkamp - ThunderRidge High School18:20.2117:21.1159.10
Graham Shellenberger - Castle View High School19:31.0018:32.0059.00
Grady Redding - Littleton High School17:37.1516:38.2058.95
Daniel Duffy - Grand Junction High School17:35.7516:37.4058.35
Joseph Dwyer - Peyton High School18:55.4017:57.2058.20
Daniel Romalia - Mountain Vista High School18:17.3017:19.1658.14
Jack Nauman - Heritage Christian Academy17:32.1316:34.0058.13
Sean Parker - Rampart High School18:25.0017:26.9158.09
Jackson Neppl - St. Mary`s High School18:02.3017:04.3058.00
Isaac Kleinschmidt - Northfield High School18:55.0017:57.0058.00
Caden Miller - Rocky Ford High School18:00.7017:03.0057.70
Turner Christians - Mountain Vista High School17:48.2516:50.5957.66
Jack Kriekels - Denver East High School18:59.4018:02.0057.40
Logan Maddox - Erie High School18:27.3917:30.0057.39
Dylan Schafer - Arapahoe High School18:42.0017:44.8057.20
Tyler Captain - Highlands Ranch High School17:24.2916:27.3256.97
Matthew Campos - The Vanguard School18:58.0018:01.3256.68
Nicholas Mather - Rangeview High School18:41.2217:44.7056.52
Jake Sheykhet - Grandview High School16:46.5015:50.0056.50
Zachary Liles - Dakota Ridge High School18:44.7017:48.8055.90
Andrew Ho - Ponderosa High School17:53.0016:57.3055.70
Luke Orr - Thompson Valley High School18:53.7717:58.5055.27
Tanner Westenskow - Chaparral High School19:35.1018:40.2054.90
Jonah Johnson - Discovery Canyon High School19:20.0018:25.5054.50
Zachary Hoot - Niwot High School18:43.0017:48.6054.40
Allen Harder - Denver East High School19:49.0018:55.3053.70
Canyon Ishikawa - Ouray High School19:29.5618:36.4253.14
Santiago Trujillo - Alamosa High School18:14.0017:21.0053.00
Aaron Jenkins - Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School18:17.0017:24.0053.00
Evan Kraus - Erie High School17:04.3416:11.7052.64
Royce Bair - Fruita Monument High School19:39.5718:47.3052.27
Luke Conrad - Cheyenne Mountain High School20:02.1119:10.1052.01
James Luchkiw - Elizabeth High School19:47.0018:55.0052.00
Joe Lange - Palmer High School17:51.4316:59.8051.63
Blake Hansen - Arapahoe High School17:09.7816:18.2051.58
Tyler Mayer - Mead High School17:55.1617:03.7051.46
Jace Peters - Lake County High School18:46.5017:55.3051.20
Daniel Shore - Highlands Ranch High School19:03.0018:12.0051.00
Caleb Siegling - Fort Morgan High School19:26.0018:35.1050.90
Brayden Schmidt - Thompson Valley High School19:01.4018:10.7050.70
Benjamin O'Keefe - ThunderRidge High School19:42.8018:52.4050.40
Antonio Garcia - Wiggins High School18:50.4018:00.7049.70
Josh Trujillo - Central Grand Junction High School17:06.4716:17.0049.47
Giorgio Spensieri - Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School18:41.6017:53.0048.60
Nandan Murugesan - Rock Canyon High School17:48.3816:59.9648.42
Devon Martinez - Riverdale Ridge High School18:56.6018:08.2048.40
Kyle Blake - Discovery Canyon High School18:14.0017:26.1047.90
Soren Sabey - Chaparral High School19:19.6018:32.1047.50
Tyler Pranno - Valor Christian High School16:55.1916:08.0047.19
Connor Capoot - Kent Denver School19:05.0018:17.9047.10
Avery Aden - Dakota Ridge High School18:41.0017:54.0047.00
Pedro Velez - DiLaura - Mountain Range High School19:41.0418:54.1046.94
Leonard Tardiff - Lewis-Palmer High School18:54.3018:07.4046.90
RJ Jones - Golden High School19:18.7718:32.3046.47
Shiloh Trowbridge - Unattached - CO18:04.1117:18.0046.11
Cameron Perdew - Arapahoe High School17:48.0017:02.7045.30
Christian Corona - Skyview High School18:01.0017:16.0045.00
John Hebert - Fossil Ridge High School19:25.0018:40.0045.00
Liam Von Fischer - Fort Collins High School18:37.0017:52.1044.90
Carter Gonzalez - Pine Creek High School18:58.0018:13.1944.81
Michael Jump - ThunderRidge High School19:14.4518:30.0544.40
Isaac VanWestrienen - Conifer High School16:52.1316:08.0044.13
Nick Williams - Berthoud High School18:25.7017:41.6044.10
Alden Kruse - Palmer Ridge High School19:50.4019:06.4044.00
Jeremy Gillett - Niwot High School18:31.0017:47.1043.90
James Thomas - Broomfield High School15:49.5415:06.0043.54
Isaac Lopez - D'Evelyn High School19:34.8018:51.3043.50
Gavin Lawlor - Mountain Vista High School18:04.4617:21.0043.46
Fischer Farnsworth - Fort Collins High School19:33.4218:50.0043.42
Jayden Royer - Castle View High School18:41.3917:58.0043.39
Keegan Link - Brush High School19:59.3619:16.2043.16
Reece Sparks - Doherty High School19:02.1018:19.3942.71
Brett Davis - Horizon High School18:18.4017:36.0042.40
Mason Oliva - Arapahoe High School19:11.0018:28.6042.40
Ben Phillips - Regis Jesuit17:40.0016:58.3841.62
Bracken Epp - Columbine High School19:41.0018:59.6041.40
Casey Golden - The Classical Academy18:24.0817:42.7341.35
Evan Scara - Denver South High School18:45.5018:04.4041.10
Brennan Hackard - Heritage High School19:59.4019:18.3541.05
Jose Guevara - Longmont High School18:26.1017:45.1041.00
Tevin Stauth - ThunderRidge High School19:54.7419:14.2040.54
Zenon Reece - Palisade High School17:57.0117:16.5040.51
Jack Jordan - Grand Junction High School19:01.9318:21.6040.33
Max Heins - Centaurus High School16:58.2016:18.2040.00
Gabe Heraty - Pagosa Springs High School17:29.0016:49.0040.00
David Morehouse - Pagosa Springs High School19:09.0018:29.0040.00
Kian O'boyle - Manitou Springs High School19:02.0018:22.3039.70
Beau Noland - Jefferson Academy19:30.0018:50.6039.40
Lleyton Karimi - Legacy High School17:49.6917:10.3039.39
Estin Bunnell - Green Mountain High School18:09.7317:30.4039.33
Lucas Witte - Highlands Ranch High School19:07.0018:27.8539.15
Tucker Meeks - Cherokee Trail High School17:56.0517:17.0039.05
Jackson Shorten - Mountain View High School15:46.8815:08.0038.88
Matthew Schlatter - Highlands Ranch High School19:53.2019:14.4238.78
Jordan Kristoff - Broomfield High School18:50.0018:11.3038.70
Joseph Wall - Heritage High School17:46.6417:08.0038.64
Wiley Peterson - Bear Creek High School19:23.8018:45.7038.10
Hunter Ridpath - Chatfield High School18:44.0018:06.7037.30
Andrius Henning - Ralston Valley High School19:25.3018:48.0037.30
McGinley Zastrow - Fruita Monument High School16:15.8015:38.6037.20
Trent Born - Denver Eagles19:45.5819:08.5037.08
Tyler MacDonald - Fruita Monument High School17:56.8717:19.8037.07
Nick Wilkins - Stargate High School19:36.0018:58.9537.05
Land Lambert - Durango High School16:32.8415:55.8037.04
Slaiman Hadi - Boulder High School17:21.1216:44.1037.02
Luke McAlenney - Denver South High School18:00.1017:23.1037.00
Tyler Perry - Wiggins High School18:05.4017:28.7036.70
Keenan Strauss - Grand Valley High School19:45.0019:08.7636.24
Nabil Hassan - Lotus School for Excellence High School18:47.0018:10.9036.10
Eamon Nussbaum - Denver East High School17:37.0017:01.0036.00
Jacob Blevins - Grandview High School18:13.0017:37.0036.00
Joel Schluessler - Peyton High School17:04.0016:28.3035.70
Deven Nolasco - Riverdale Ridge High School18:03.0017:27.5035.50
Colin Sickler - Chaparral High School18:45.9018:10.4035.50
Curtis Volf - Niwot High School16:26.4215:51.1035.32
Rodrigo Rios-Soto - Bear Creek High School18:38.0018:02.8035.20
Alex Baca - Gunnison High School15:44.0615:09.0035.06
Logan Kryah - Rocky Mountain High School18:53.0018:18.0035.00
Avery Christopher - Rock Canyon High School17:52.3917:17.4534.94
Doyle Young - Delta High School19:32.3018:57.6234.68
Raphael Weigang - Heritage High School18:04.6017:30.1034.50
Kien Cogley - Fruita Monument High School16:23.6915:49.3034.39
Alex Colby - Soroco High School18:10.0317:35.6534.38
Simon Saia - Niwot High School16:43.3316:09.0034.33
Caleb Cox - Lewis-Palmer High School19:12.6218:38.4034.22
Sean Kraemer - Evergreen High School18:56.0018:21.8034.20
Micah Zeller - Custer County High School16:35.6016:01.8033.80
Mercer Stauch - Niwot High School19:12.6018:38.9033.70
Joshua Simpson - Montrose High School17:55.5917:21.9033.69
Ryan O'Loughlin - Heritage Christian Academy18:17.6317:44.0033.63
Paton Edwards - Ouray High School19:52.0219:18.4133.61
Jason Smith - Legend High School19:17.0018:43.6533.35
Gannon Seagren - Fruita Monument High School17:14.6016:41.3033.30
Joshua Medina - Alamosa High School15:49.9215:17.0032.92
Jayden Thulson - Arapahoe High School18:02.0017:29.2032.80
Alexander Hoffman - Columbine High School19:18.0018:45.2032.80
Peter Wilhelm - Pine Creek High School18:25.6617:52.9432.72
Peter Wilhelm - Pine Creek High School18:25.6617:52.9432.72
Arjen Wyjna - Lyons High School18:04.6917:32.0032.69
Owen Morgenegg - Eaglecrest High School18:11.0017:38.4032.60
Oliver Browne - Thompson Valley High School18:13.4517:41.0032.45
Connor Kennedy - Heritage High School16:43.5016:11.1332.37
Keegan Caldwell - Mead High School16:25.3015:53.0032.30
Emilio Sena - Riverdale Ridge High School18:41.0018:08.8032.20
Frederick Ambrose - Niwot High School17:16.1816:44.0032.18
Will Garski - Cheyenne Mountain High School19:50.2519:18.1032.15
Christopher Wong - Lutheran High School19:46.0019:14.0032.00
Hal Fotinos - Castle View High School17:01.4016:29.4331.97
Cj Caton - Limon High School20:03.1019:31.2031.90
Austin Gibbs - Discovery Canyon High School19:14.4018:42.6031.80
Aiden Quayle - Durango High School16:39.0616:07.5031.56
Toler Wilson - Arvada West High School18:19.9217:48.5031.42
Soloman Jameson - Rangeview High School19:09.5118:38.1031.41
Zach McBride - Summit High School17:24.2216:52.9631.26
Victor Lita - Fairview High School17:50.0917:18.9031.19
Shane Pranno - Valor Christian High School16:47.1716:16.0031.17
Will Parsons - Rampart High School17:02.0916:31.0031.09
Joshua Braun - Discovery Canyon High School20:02.1819:31.5030.68
Noah Allen - Basalt High School17:56.7517:26.3030.45
Alex Barker - Kent Denver School17:58.3017:28.0030.30
Xander Stanton - Heritage Christian Academy17:00.0016:30.0030.00
Sean Rotter - Greeley Central High School18:14.2017:44.2030.00
Sawyer Gannon - Littleton High School18:47.0018:17.0030.00
Kaden Williams - Battle Mountain High School17:22.3816:52.5629.82
Casey Walter - Discovery Canyon High School19:10.1018:40.3029.80
Seth Nuncio-Cagle - Jefferson Academy19:45.0019:15.2029.80
Cole Liebentritt - Broomfield High School18:33.0018:03.4029.60
Evan Mills - Jefferson Academy17:14.0016:44.6029.40
Logan Gullett - Eaton High School16:48.8716:19.5029.37
Evan Moore - Littleton High School16:59.0016:29.8029.20
Elijah Wilcox - Salida High School16:40.1516:11.0029.15
Alex Casillas - Regis Jesuit19:24.3018:55.3628.94
Jack Helmke - Buena Vista High School18:46.9018:18.1028.80
Landon Cunningham - Summit High School18:16.6317:48.0028.63
Joseph Houdeshell - Poudre High School17:07.4016:39.0028.40
Ben Sparling - Lutheran High School18:13.6017:45.4028.20
Alexander Carrillo - Frederick High School17:39.9717:12.0027.97
Sullivan Middaugh - Battle Mountain High School16:09.9015:42.0027.90
Max Pearson - Palmer High School18:27.3017:59.5027.80
Damien Cooper - Thompson Valley High School17:48.4917:20.7027.79
Joseph Reedy - Riverdale Ridge High School19:36.1019:08.4027.70
Tyler Olsen - Rock Canyon High School17:53.0017:25.6627.34
Kellen Scott - Castle View High School18:20.0417:52.8027.24
Tim Kewley - Thomas Maclaren Charter School18:06.9017:39.8027.10
Wyatt Schmidle - Berthoud High School18:58.9018:31.8027.10
Nick Parker - Lyons High School18:45.0118:18.0027.01
Kevin Britton - Front Range Christian19:04.0018:37.0027.00
Cash Vanek - Elizabeth High School19:58.9019:32.0026.90
Zack Oldroyd - Montrose High School17:38.4617:11.7026.76
Kade Naso - Smoky Hill High School18:00.5017:34.0026.50
Gustavo Rivera - Pomona High School17:50.2817:23.9026.38
Josue DeLoera - Rifle High School19:59.3219:33.0026.32
Jacob Limb - St. Mary`s High School19:14.1018:47.8126.29
Scott Prieve - Palmer High School15:49.0715:23.0026.07
Ryan Hoskins - Denver South High School18:25.0017:59.0026.00
Austin Hill - Brighton High School18:15.3017:49.4025.90
Shiloh Trowbridge - Palisade High School16:47.6916:21.8025.89
Evan Morrison - Green Mountain High School18:19.7217:54.0025.72
Dexter Wenger - Rock Canyon High School17:41.3717:15.7225.65
Andrew Hansel - Ponderosa High School19:41.9519:16.4025.55
Sebastian Groom - Frontier Academy16:40.4816:15.0025.48
Jadon Nicholson - Central Grand Junction High School17:03.3416:37.9025.44
Nolan Marske - Estes Park High School17:44.0017:18.8025.20
Gavin Hewitt - Colorado Academy18:55.0018:29.8025.20
Elezar Garcia - Skyview High School18:00.0017:35.0025.00
Buck Burnett - Poudre High School19:53.0019:28.0025.00
Shawn Lueteman - Fountain-Fort Carson High School18:57.2818:32.6924.59
Kailer Smith - Centaurus High School16:28.4116:04.0024.41
Andreas O'Malley - Longmont High School17:23.0016:58.6024.40
Mason Sowards - Centauri High School18:39.6018:15.2024.40
James Aldrich - Faith Christian Academy18:59.7618:35.5024.26
Josiah Durrell - Heritage Christian Academy19:08.0018:43.9024.10
Nathan Loew - Poudre High School18:53.0018:29.0024.00
Joshua Judson - Faith Christian Academy17:12.0416:48.4023.64
Knox Exton - Cheyenne Mountain High School16:29.2016:05.9023.30
Clark Rickey - Legend High School19:07.0018:43.7023.30
Aidan Steller - Arapahoe High School18:53.0018:30.0023.00
Cesar Franco Ramirez - Olathe High School19:55.2519:32.3222.93
Travis Carr - Pueblo South High School18:16.4217:53.5022.92
Lukas Haug - Boulder High School15:42.9115:20.0022.91
Christian Groendyk - Fort Collins High School17:03.8816:41.0022.88
Riley McMurry - Chatfield High School18:53.4718:31.0022.47
Abuzaid Fanning - Frontier Academy16:18.2115:56.0022.21
Daniel Garcia - Prairie View High School19:59.0019:36.8022.20
Julio Jaime - Cherry Creek High School17:33.0017:11.0022.00
Levi Kraus - Fossil Ridge High School17:45.0017:23.0022.00
Alex Lawrence - Thompson Valley High School18:56.4018:34.4022.00
Jake Stocking - ThunderRidge High School17:39.8017:18.0921.71
Izayah Baxter - Salida High School18:38.5118:16.8021.71
Landon Hart - Mountain Vista High School16:55.5916:33.8921.70
Issac Hutchings - Buena Vista High School18:23.0018:01.3021.70
Cale O'Day - Cheyenne Mountain High School17:59.7317:38.2021.53
STEVEN WEST - Sand Creek High School19:04.0018:42.5021.50
Robert Carroll - Falcon High School18:25.3218:04.1021.22
Nigel Kangethe - DSST Conservatory Green17:00.1016:38.9021.20
Aidan Collins - Colorado Academy19:03.0018:41.8021.20
Connor Prost - Steamboat Springs High School19:41.5019:20.3021.20
Henry Stubenrauch - Golden High School17:36.0717:15.0021.07
Tyler Smith - Golden High School19:17.4718:56.4021.07
Carter Byron - The Classical Academy18:40.8618:20.1020.76
Miguel Almanza Silva - Olathe High School18:44.2118:23.6020.61
William Ballard - Arapahoe High School19:47.0019:26.5020.50
Carter Conrady - Liberty Common High School18:19.4417:59.1020.34
Jonas Van Zweden - Golden View Classical Academy17:53.0017:32.7020.30
Jacob Crookston - Jefferson Academy16:41.0016:20.8020.20
William Hinkle - Silver Creek High School19:35.9019:15.7020.20
Jack Fortune - DSST Byers20:00.0019:39.8020.20
Cameron Loew - Poudre High School17:41.1817:21.0020.18
Nick Clifford - Caprock Academy High School18:35.3518:15.2820.07
Stephen Ritschard - Loveland High School17:21.0017:01.0020.00
Drew Holmes - Arapahoe High School18:56.0018:36.0020.00
Jacob Buddecke - Central Grand Junction High School17:14.2316:54.5019.73
Jason Becker - Heritage High School16:11.4015:51.9019.50
Charlie Callis - Eagle Valley High School18:23.0018:03.6019.40
Hunter Rivers - Rangeview High School18:38.1018:18.7019.40
Dakota Kinder - Air Academy High School19:16.6018:57.2019.40
Lorenzo Wade - Pueblo West High School18:46.2818:26.9019.38
Andrew Moenster - Rock Canyon High School17:12.6516:53.4119.24
Tristan Burch - Mountain View High School19:18.0018:58.8019.20
Alec Rowell - Castle View High School19:08.0018:49.0019.00
Austin Quillen - Grand Junction High School19:40.6819:22.1018.58
Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos - Green Mountain High School15:11.4914:53.0018.49
Evan King - Loveland High School18:37.0018:19.0217.98
Jaden McNeese - Lake City Community School19:21.8219:03.9117.91
Caspar Bartholomew Brown - Fairview High School18:08.0017:50.1017.90
Jaxson Lungwitz - Yuma High School19:26.1019:08.2017.90
CJ Gorski - Fossil Ridge High School19:41.8019:24.0017.80
Jayden Nats - Mountain Vista High School16:15.6615:57.9117.75
Zachary Thomas - Woodland Park High School18:35.9018:18.1917.71
Braden Smith - Yuma High School18:26.9018:09.4017.50
Harrison Wade - Cheyenne Mountain High School17:49.0917:31.7017.39
Brayden Bacon - Chaparral High School19:32.3019:15.0017.30
Parker Wolfe - Cherry Creek High School14:47.3014:30.1017.20
Gerasimos Kavvadas - Thompson Valley High School16:47.1016:30.0017.10
Patrick Ash - Silver Creek High School16:33.8916:17.0016.89
Noah Schneiderman - Liberty High School17:45.1017:28.2116.89
Brandon Seymour - Valor Christian High School18:20.8218:04.1016.72
Quinn Baugh - Rocky Mountain High School17:07.4416:51.0016.44
Jonah Micklo - Thompson Valley High School18:59.9918:43.6016.39
Drew Charbonneau - Greeley Central High School19:25.5019:09.2016.30
Henry Taylor - Lewis-Palmer High School17:18.4917:02.4016.09
Michael Bryson - Air Academy High School19:46.8019:30.8016.00
Bradin Vick - Loveland High School18:32.7018:17.0015.70
Luke Griswold - Columbine High School19:14.0018:58.3015.70
Adrian Valerio - Rifle High School19:27.6119:12.0015.61
Hunter Strand - Cherokee Trail High School17:49.0017:33.4015.60
Preston Lux - Chatfield High School18:13.8817:58.3015.58
Ethan Callarman - Middle Park High School18:21.4018:06.0015.40
Aiden Farley - Lakewood High School19:09.0018:53.9015.10
Collin Moore - Vista Ridge High School17:51.2017:36.2015.00
Micah Scherrei - Valor Christian High School19:06.5718:51.6014.97
Bryce Neeley - Legacy High School19:31.7819:17.1014.68
Jonas Graff - Montrose High School16:15.4416:00.9014.54
Lexus Venzor - Thornton High School17:50.4317:36.0014.43
Cody Jaramillo - Rock Canyon High School17:22.4817:08.0614.42
Enzo Knapp - Cheyenne Mountain High School16:29.4016:15.0014.40
Ian Logan - Denver East High School19:42.0019:28.0014.00
Lane Pirkey - Berthoud High School18:05.0017:51.3013.70
Ben Koenig - Fort Collins High School17:44.5017:31.0013.50
Braden Struhs - Chaparral High School16:32.0016:18.6013.40
Luke Hixson - Holy Family High School18:09.4017:56.1013.30
Isaac Peterson - Arapahoe High School18:26.0018:12.7013.30
John Forbes - Arapahoe High School18:21.0018:07.9013.10
Dominykas Remeikis - Summit High School16:10.0615:56.9913.07
Paul Knight - Durango High School15:41.6815:28.8012.88
Dylan Dieterle - Frontier Academy17:20.1717:07.3012.87
Shalom Trowbridge - Palisade High School17:41.6617:28.8012.86
Liam MacPherson - Highlands Ranch High School18:40.0018:27.1412.86
Ryan Zurcher - Cherry Creek High School19:06.0018:53.2012.80
Oliver Balestrieri - Fruita Monument High School16:52.5016:39.8012.70
Jordyn Garcia - Brush High School19:25.4019:12.9012.50
Jake Drever - Eagle Valley High School16:57.1516:45.0012.15
Grayson Lee - Cheyenne Mountain High School18:49.2518:37.1012.15
Alex Robinson - Riverdale Ridge High School19:15.0019:03.0012.00
Nathan Reseigh - Boulder High School19:27.9619:16.1011.86
Andrew O'Brien - Roosevelt High School19:14.4519:02.6011.85
Jacob McNab - Legacy High School19:14.0019:02.2011.80
Izaiah Casanova - Alamosa High School17:49.5417:38.0011.54
Cy Teruel - Fossil Ridge High School16:55.4716:44.0011.47
Wyatt Bly - Conifer High School18:45.7918:34.4011.39
Jaden Stillman - Boulder High School18:56.0018:44.8011.20
Jack Ryckman - Columbine High School18:56.0018:44.9011.10
Charlie Welch - George Washington High School15:43.0015:32.0011.00
Cade Mather - Eagle Valley High School19:14.0019:03.0011.00
Austin Murphy - D'Evelyn High School19:56.5419:46.1010.44
Logan Stodden - Broomfield High School16:33.4316:23.0010.43
Isaac Olsen - Chaparral High School17:19.0017:08.6010.40
Jonathan Mahoney - Green Mountain High School17:04.2516:54.0010.25
John Whyte - Montezuma-Cortez High School17:39.2017:29.0010.20
Evan Armstrong - Cherokee Trail High School16:46.1916:36.0010.19
Iain Hamilton - Fort Collins High School19:02.0918:52.0010.09
Dylan Knoles - Broomfield High School17:22.8417:12.8010.04
Aidan Seidle - Poudre High School18:00.0117:50.0010.01
Michael Beck - Heritage High School15:50.0015:40.0010.00
Thomas Alley - Chaparral High School16:18.7416:08.809.94
Quint Firestone - Thompson Valley High School17:32.9017:23.009.90
Daniel Stevens - Rampart High School18:16.0018:06.249.76
Lucas Engelby - Legend High School19:24.0019:14.319.69
Thian Callanan - Boulder High School19:37.0019:27.409.60
Chance Barela - Heritage High School19:47.0019:37.449.56
Jay Golden - Golden View Classical Academy19:03.0018:53.609.40
Parker Applegate - Arapahoe High School18:36.0018:26.709.30
Raiden Witt - Wheat Ridge High School18:48.9018:39.609.30
Gage Nielsen - Eagle Valley High School16:14.2316:05.009.23
Jackson Tuck - Brighton High School19:05.3018:56.109.20
William Merrick - Castle View High School16:23.2016:14.039.17
Owen Nolan - SkyView Academy15:53.1615:44.208.96
Beau Thomason - Valor Christian High School16:42.1516:33.308.85
Gavin White - Mountain Vista High School16:52.3516:43.518.84
Chase Svela - Frederick High School17:22.6617:13.908.76
Zachary Coyhis - Douglas County High School18:03.0717:54.358.72
Peter Fox - Grandview High School15:54.6915:46.008.69
Mason Sanfilippo - Liberty Common High School19:22.7519:14.108.65
Jace Valentine - Platte Canyon High School19:10.8019:02.208.60
Jonathan Garrido - Greeley West High School18:23.6318:15.308.33
Tim Churchill - Fairview High School17:47.3017:39.008.30
Logan McGowan - Cherokee Trail High School17:04.2016:56.008.20
Josiah Petak - Lewis-Palmer High School17:23.7017:15.508.20
Erik Le Roux - Cheyenne Mountain High School15:10.1015:02.008.10
Finn Phillips - Northfield High School19:01.0018:53.008.00
Logan Deison - Arvada West High School16:48.8216:41.007.82
Garrett Whaley - Peyton High School19:30.0019:22.407.60
Nathan Wetzel - Rangeview High School19:36.8019:29.307.50
Joshua Hill - Brighton High School19:13.4219:06.007.42
Sam Schwarting - Centaurus High School18:18.0018:10.707.30
Jacob Culig - Bear Creek High School18:21.0018:13.707.30
Clayton Cayard - Pagosa Springs High School19:58.3019:51.007.30
Gavin Geer - Boulder High School16:28.0016:20.807.20
Luke Biggerstaff - Cherry Creek High School17:34.0017:27.007.00
JJ Romero - Skyline High School18:45.1018:38.107.00
Taylor Mallery - Pine Creek High School17:09.2017:02.266.94
Tyler Justiniani - Fountain-Fort Carson High School18:44.3818:37.466.92
Alec Slade - Fort Collins High School18:36.9018:30.006.90
William Clark - Harrison High School20:00.0019:53.206.80
Alex Warren - Central Grand Junction High School18:29.6118:23.106.51
Dominic Danborn - Arvada West High School16:05.3115:59.006.31
Nolan Hoffman - Mead High School16:46.6016:40.306.30
Nathan Schluessler - Peyton High School17:27.0017:20.706.30
Ethan Pham - Fossil Ridge High School19:05.2018:59.006.20
Miles Medina - Coronado High School17:04.6316:58.576.06
Adam Parish - Cherry Creek High School16:42.0516:36.006.05
Stefan Haug - Boulder High School16:48.0316:42.036.00
Trevor Salamon - Pueblo West High School18:10.0018:04.006.00
Kenny Deng - Arvada West High School18:29.0018:23.006.00
Edin Hrnjic - Horizon High School19:02.8818:57.005.88
Zach Chagnon - Horizon High School17:13.7017:08.005.70
Charles Morris - DSST Montview18:49.0018:43.305.70
Nate Harbert - Mountain Vista High School16:23.5316:18.005.53
Kris Palmer - Widefield High School18:19.7718:14.255.52
Cooper Morris - Pueblo East High School17:31.8717:26.405.47
Caleb Sutter - Resurrection Christian High School19:06.4219:01.005.42
Clayton McPherson - Pueblo County High School18:15.1118:09.735.38
Carson Schmidt - Thompson Valley High School16:24.3716:19.005.37
Mitchell Lockard - Arapahoe High School16:55.1016:49.805.30
Jackson Baker - Gunnison High School17:29.3017:24.005.30
Mateo Reyes - Smoky Hill High School18:34.0018:29.005.00
Owen Murphy - Standley Lake High School18:38.0018:33.005.00
James Garrison - Lake County High School19:50.7019:45.705.00
Hunter Kenney - Cherokee Trail High School17:43.9417:39.004.94
Ben Riley - Rock Canyon High School17:52.2617:47.404.86
Dylan Brush - St. Mary`s High School16:13.7616:09.004.76
Carlos Kipkorir Cheruiyot - Niwot High School16:16.6516:12.004.65
Tanner Reinert - Platte Valley High School18:17.6718:13.104.57
Wyatt Booth - Douglas County High School16:59.2916:54.934.36
Aaron Yocom - Mountain Vista High School16:39.3816:35.224.16
Levi Baxter - Dakota Ridge High School17:57.0017:52.844.16
Patrick Murphy - Green Mountain High School17:11.6417:07.504.14
Ryan Montera - Legacy High School15:45.6315:41.504.13
Zachary Headley - Greeley West High School18:56.0018:51.904.10
Jack Modler - Columbine High School19:06.0019:01.904.10
Finn Voss - Arapahoe High School17:58.0017:54.004.00
Trevor Lewis - DeBeque High School17:58.7117:54.873.84
Robert Anderson - Brush High School19:01.4018:57.603.80
Topi Alahuhta - Conifer High School15:56.2315:52.503.73
Jake Bach - Palmer Ridge High School16:44.1216:40.403.72
Kellen Sisco - Golden High School17:45.5117:41.903.61
Quinn MacPherson - Glenwood Springs High School17:39.2017:35.603.60
Jodzuel Juarez - Ellicott High School16:49.6016:46.033.57
Kevin Martinez - Prairie View High School18:42.0018:38.503.50
Elijah Vigil - Heritage Christian Academy17:56.4317:53.003.43
Calvin Given - Green Mountain High School17:07.6617:04.802.86
Stanley Booth - Legacy High School18:12.8018:10.002.80
Alex Hill - Stargate High School19:39.0019:36.302.70
Ferguson St. John - Eagle Valley High School17:22.6917:20.002.69
Zinabu Engstrom - Coronado High School16:07.3816:04.702.68
Sam Meyer - Boulder High School19:29.0019:26.402.60
Bryan Shuler - Golden High School18:43.4918:40.902.59
Robert Carroll - Coronado High School18:13.1218:10.702.42
Brennan Stice - Gunnison High School17:13.2617:10.902.36
Diego Taboada-Cross - Mullen High School19:01.4518:59.102.35
Justin Quammen - Frontier Academy16:38.2916:36.002.29
Jacob Brown - Harrison High School19:22.0019:19.742.26
Samuel Hilsden - Highlands Ranch High School16:54.7616:52.702.06
Mac Eliason - Rocky Mountain High School17:37.8417:36.001.84
Jamis Schriner - Erie High School17:48.8217:47.101.72
Bryan Vossen - Valor Christian High School18:52.7018:50.991.71
Kenny Drbohlav - Hotchkiss High School19:52.8719:51.161.71
Sylas Chambers - Frontier Academy16:23.5616:22.001.56
Peter Neid - George Washington High School16:56.1016:54.691.41
David Rhoades - Arvada West High School16:28.2816:27.001.28
Grayden Rauba - Niwot High School15:43.7615:42.501.26
Daunte Limon - Wheat Ridge High School19:42.5019:41.301.20
Zack Gacnik - Conifer High School15:34.1915:33.001.19
Caden Smith - Cherokee Trail High School15:45.1815:44.001.18
Aiden Logan - Ralston Valley High School16:56.0916:55.001.09
Preston Fagerlin - Resurrection Christian High School16:12.7816:11.751.03
Beck Gutjahr - Cherokee Trail High School17:28.0217:27.001.02
Tyler Robinson - Riverdale Ridge High School18:01.0018:00.001.00
Jaydon Fryer - Steamboat Springs High School15:58.9015:58.000.90
Dominic Hess - Northridge High School17:56.5017:55.700.80
Riley Kenison - Sargent High School17:44.9017:44.600.30
Chase Cartwright - Rock Canyon High School16:53.0116:52.860.15
Tyler Johnson - Mountain Vista High School16:51.6316:51.600.03
Spencer Nelson - Fossil Ridge High School19:05.0019:05.0000.00