What Does 2A Girls Look Like For Next Year?

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Paonia returns next year as a team to watch seriously in the ranks of 2A Girls.

We look today at the prospects, such as we can determine from this vantage point, for next year's 2A Girls. To do this, we'll run two separate virtual meets. 

The first virtual meet, with results on page 1 (individuals) and 2 (teams) takes the top times from this past season for all returning 2A Girls runners. Then, we do a second virtual meet, using only the state meet results of returning runners. Although the state meet results are much more limited in the extent of runners they cover, that virtual meet does have the advantage of putting all included runners on the same course on the same day, so course variables don't have to be taken into account.

Much will change, of course, before next season. Athletes will transfer. Some athletes won't return. We'll see new athletes next year--especially, but not solely, freshmen--that we didn't see this year.  Note, however, that this virtual meet does include schools migrating down from 3A next year.

So, this is still the best look we can get right now at what next year could be like. With that as prelude, here we go...

5,000 Meter Run (Season Best Times, Top 150)

1Helen Cross2020Nederland High School18:52.00 1
2Chloe Veilleux2019Soroco High School19:30.10 --
3Lucca Fulkerson2021Dawson School19:41.00 2
4Josephine Howery2020St. Mary`s High School20:19.90 3
5Katie Fankhouser2020Lyons High School20:33.50 4
6Katya Schwieterman2020Paonia High School20:38.09 5
7Cecilia Davies2021Clear Creek High School20:49.30 6
8Kylee Udovich2019Lyons High School20:51.70 7
9Emma Dikken2021Platte Canyon High School20:52.50 8
10Lizzie Valentine2021Centauri High School20:54.40 9
11Linnea Sherman2020Colorado Rocky Mountain School20:55.77 10
12Tawnee Roberts2021Paonia High School20:56.35 11
13Grace Manning2021Mancos High School20:59.82 12
14Lisa Bezzant2019Platte Canyon High School21:11.30 13
15Mckenna Nading2019St. Mary's Academy21:26.00 14
16Kate Griffin2020Colorado Springs School21:29.10 15
17Brenna McDaniel2021Centauri High School21:30.45 16
18Arebba Nauman2020St. Mary's Academy21:32.00 17
19Ashleigh Gardner2021Caprock Academy High School21:43.86 18
20Alexandra Eaton2019Paonia High School21:48.12 19
21Ashlyn Alvey2021Rocky Ford High School21:49.90 20
22Caitlyn Anderson2020Highland High School21:50.30 21
23Elysia Nitsch2021Nederland High School21:58.80 22
24Raechel Lopez2021Rye High School22:01.00 23
25Jenny Dekker2020Peyton High School22:04.00 24
26Elsie Wilkens2020Caprock Academy High School22:08.30 25
27Kelcee Coombs2021Centauri High School22:13.06 26
28Eleigha Hamari2020Platte Canyon High School22:14.30 27
29Mikaela Taylor2019Limon High School22:19.40 --
30Elise Caucutt2021Golden View Classical Academy22:20.00 28
31Ryleigh Carr2020Highland High School22:21.00 29
32Emma Fisher2020Golden View Classical Academy22:23.00 30
33Briar Meszaros2019Meeker High School22:27.20 --
34Kayleigh Mannering2020Peyton High School22:30.00 31
35Kendra Sears2020Sargent High School22:30.32 --
36Scout Donovan2021Ouray High School22:32.19 32
37Kaitlyn Pallotto2019Heritage Christian Academy22:37.00 33
38Jacquelin Alvey2019Rocky Ford High School22:37.06 34
39Rylee Habel2020Highland High School22:37.30 35
40Mikhala Lucky2019Peyton High School22:39.53 36
41Sophia Schuemann2021Heritage Christian Academy22:42.00 37
42Meg Feeley2019Nederland High School22:45.00 38
43Jade Ellenberger2019Paonia High School22:48.89 39
44Kaysa Kurtz2021Rocky Ford High School22:50.70 40
45Alora Cross2020Lyons High School22:52.30 41
46Ainsley Powell2020Merino High School22:56.00 42
47Madi Sutter2021Merino High School22:58.00 43
48Alexis Santopietro2021Buena Vista High School22:59.70 44
49Dolores Estrada2020Center High School22:59.82 --
50Kourtney Bruner2020Soroco High School23:02.80 --
51Abigail Snyder2021Rocky Ford High School23:04.00 45
52Anna Bearss2019Buena Vista High School23:04.50 46
53Hakayla Snow2020Mancos High School23:06.40 47
54Kaitlyn Young2020Colorado Rocky Mountain School23:07.00 48
55Mariah Griffith2019Hotchkiss High School23:12.92 49
56Mariah Ruybal2019Centauri High School23:13.01 50
57Jessica Garofalo2021St. Mary's Academy23:15.00 51
58Mackensey McFee2019Buena Vista High School23:15.40 52
59Milla Gary2020Pikes Peak Christian23:27.00 --
59Tessa Lesondak2021Heritage Christian Academy23:27.00 53
61Brooke Ashbridge2021Colorado Springs School23:38.10 54
62Kylie Guiles2021Mancos High School23:38.20 55
63RaeLynn Norman2019Rangely High School23:39.00 --
64Lena Warren2020Clear Creek High School23:40.30 56
65Katie Preciado2021Rocky Ford High School23:41.04 57
66Faith Paquette2021Rye High School23:41.70 58
67Jewel Thomas2019Lyons High School23:44.00 59.5
67Sarah Chvojka2020St. Mary's Academy23:44.00 59.5
69Mykal Adams2019Buena Vista High School23:44.90 61
70Alejandra Butcher-Salazar2020Colorado Rocky Mountain School23:45.00 62
71Alex Sorokach2020Nederland High School23:48.50 63
72Natalie Hlatki2020Peyton High School23:49.00 64
73Sophie Wiener2019Dawson School23:51.00 65
74Abby Reedy2021Paonia High School23:51.84 66
75Laura Geyman2020Denver Academy23:52.00 67
76Erika Becker2021Wiggins High School23:53.80 68
77Isabella Spano2021Hotchkiss High School23:54.93 69
78Emma Creech2019St. Mary`s High School23:57.00 70
79Adly Nadeau2019Clear Creek High School24:00.00 71
79Kendra Parra2020Del Norte High School24:00.00 --
81Lydia Hagan2019Telluride High School24:01.83 72
82Micala Schultz2019Front Range Baptist Academy24:03.00 73
83Elizabeth Gallick2019Golden View Classical Academy24:07.40 74
84Gretta Gavette2021Colorado Rocky Mountain School24:07.80 75
85Hannah Thomas2021Lyons High School24:10.00 76.5
85Laura Hickey2019Lyons High School24:10.00 76.5
87Grace Hatheway2020Hotchkiss High School24:10.38 78
88Natalie Knowles2021Golden View Classical Academy24:10.80 79
89Isabelle Bennett2019Telluride High School24:11.55 80
90Ariel Benney2019Lake County High School24:12.20 81
91Lizzy Gueck2019Heritage Christian Academy24:13.00 82
92Daniela Acosta2021Ouray High School24:13.45 83
93Brittney Walsh2020Highland High School24:14.20 84
94Lindsey Muniz2019Rye High School24:15.00 85
95Raja Braford-Lefevbre2021Ouray High School24:15.52 86
96Myles Cress2021Crested Butte Community School24:20.00 --
97Martha Castenada2021Rocky Ford High School24:21.71 87
98Calli Mckenna2019St. Mary's Academy24:24.00 88
99Nami Kaneko2019Dawson School24:28.00 89
100Anita Ulmala2019Centauri High School24:29.38 90
101Avary Morrissette2021St. Mary's Academy24:31.00 91
102Cassidy Meyer2021Colorado Rocky Mountain School24:35.93 92
103Sela Fyffe2021Heritage Christian Academy24:40.00 93
104Bailey Reid2021Colorado Springs School24:45.00 94
105Ella Pinkert2019Denver Academy24:46.00 95
106Ashley Hermosillo2021Ellicott High School24:46.54 96
107Chloe Filfred2020Rangely High School24:50.08 --
108Kailene Black2021Rocky Ford High School24:53.65 --
109Tatihana Loya2021Clear Creek High School24:58.00 97
110Logan Karofsky2019St. Mary's Academy25:01.00 --
110Samantha Smith2020Clear Creek High School25:01.00 98
112Abigail Nagel2021Buena Vista High School25:01.40 99
113Hope Kincaid2019Lyons High School25:03.00 --
114Faith Trenkle2021Merino High School25:11.00 100
115Rachel Dumm2021Windsor Charter Academy25:11.70 --
116Blayse Starling2021Colorado Springs School25:12.10 101
117Paige Boyer2021Wiggins High School25:13.00 102.5
117Taylor Starkie2019Peyton High School25:13.00 102.5
119Bridget Binder2019St. Mary's Academy25:16.00 --
120Geny McArdle2020Ouray High School25:16.30 104
121Lane Rippey2020St. Mary's Academy25:19.00 --
122Katelyn Schultz2019Front Range Baptist Academy25:22.70 105
123Sophia Taylor2020St. Mary's Academy25:23.00 --
124Jenni Ellis2020Peyton High School25:30.00 106
125Zoe Alberti2019Springfield High School25:32.00 --
126Anna Ridilla2019Dawson School25:33.90 107
127Lauren Maroney2020Rye High School25:34.00 108
128Emelie Elkins2019Crested Butte Community School25:39.50 --
129Lisbet Jackson2021Fountain Valley School of Colorado25:46.50 109
130Heather Hatch2021Colorado Springs School25:49.60 110
131Dominika Piech2020Lake County High School25:53.00 111
132Delaney Spires2021Telluride High School25:54.90 112
133Emily Thorpe2021Merino High School25:55.03 113
134Danielle DeMattos2021West Grand High School25:58.40 114
135Nancy Reichert2019Golden View Classical Academy26:03.00 115
136Emily Peterson2020Rye High School26:15.00 116
137Anna Osborne2019Clear Creek High School26:17.50 117
138Emelie deKay2021Ouray High School26:27.34 118
139Marija Takic2019Caprock Academy High School26:31.46 119
140Jasmine Valle2021Ellicott High School26:32.29 120
141Hina Suzuki2020Colorado Springs School26:38.40 121
142Naomi Bates2020Denver Academy26:39.00 122
143Emily Reed2019Centauri High School26:52.00 123
144Zoe Johnson2021Golden View Classical Academy26:58.80 124
145Rachel Smith-Claudell2019Highland High School27:01.00 125
146Abbie Danielson2019Highland High School27:03.00 126
147Alicia Domingo2021St. Mary`s High School27:09.90 127
148Cara Butler2021Heritage Christian Academy27:10.00 128
149Emma Stewart2019St. Mary's Academy27:23.00 --
150Amit Sela2021Dawson School27:23.20 129