Leap Of The Year: Boys 300 Hurdle Edition

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This one was nearly to close to call, but the numbers don't lie. Three hurdlers improved by over 2.30 seconds. Three

And not only did three have that much of an improvement, but all three, which are Garrett NelsonAngelo Hurtado, and Darrius Gaw, improved by nearly the same time. 

Their improvements? 2.35, 2.34, and 2.30. 

We're talking fractions of a second separating the 300 hurdle Leap Of The Year. This one was so close that I simply had to acknowledge all three, because less than .05 difference is about as close as it gets. 

So, who's the Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner?

Poudre's Garrett Nelson

Nelson started his 2017 season with a 44.08. He did drop to 41.54 by the end of the year, however, though his season opener really adds to his impressive improvement over the past year. 

Nelson capped his 2018 season with a 39.19 PR - that's a 2.35 improvement over last year. Clearly, he went to another level this year. His result tops the lists as most improved.

A close runner-up was Angelo Hurtado, who had an improvement of 2.34. Hurtado went from 40.81 to 38.37. Rounding the top three was Darrius Gaw, who ran 2.30 faster than last year. 

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