Leap Of The Year: Boys 400

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The winner of the Leap Of The Year was clear. Literally. If Leap Of The Year was a race against your 2017 self, this year's winner would be somewhere around 45 meters ahead. That's quite a leap. 

It's about five seconds to be exact. 

Nine quarter milers improved by three seconds or more. Two of them improved by four seconds or more. And only one improve by five seconds. 

A five-second improvement is nearly unheard of in the 400, but for Ralston Valley's Nick Nowlen, it was fact. 

Last year Nowlen held a 54.94 personal best. This year he chopped exactly five seconds off that, running 49.94. 

This year's runner-up was Berthoud's Ryan Schmad, who wasn't far behind. Schmad ran a 4.59-second PR. He capped his 2017 at 54.22, and jumped to 49.63. 

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(Editor's Note: This list is made by taking the Top 100 times from 2017, and the Top 100 times from 2018, then comparing the lists.)