Leap Of The Year: Girls Long Jump

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Lily Margolis improved by almost six feet in the long jump this year.

This series was born out of this event. 

The word 'leap' applies directly to the long jump, though it can also be applied towards overall improvement in any event.

We went very, very deep in the rankings this time. 1,000-deep in fact. Because there could be so much improvement in the event, I wanted to insure we got the full spectrum. 

And even on a list this long, there was no one, absolutely no one near this year's victor. 

The Leap Of the Year has a clear-cut winner, and it's Boulder's Lily Margolis

Margolis improved by nearly six feet. Literally. She entered the 2018 season with a personal best of 12-4, and capped the year with a 18-1.5 PR. That's an improvement of 5-9.5 - that's quite a leap.

Additionally, the leap is slightly more then her height. So, in order to understand how big of an improvement this is, think of it this way: she literally added her height, plus a few inches, to the length of her jump.

Only one other athlete went over three-feet in improvements, or four-feet for that matter, and that was Mullen's Natalie Paul, who made a leap of 4-3.75. She's the clear runner-up here.

Improvements of over two feet were very, very rare. So we do have two honorable mentions: Anna Hall and Lilliana Martin, who nearly made three-foot improvements. 

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