Colorado NXR-Southwest Boys PowerMerge

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Take out American Fork and few individuals not from Colorado and what do you get?

An All-Colorado PowerMerge that looks eerily similar to the state meet, plus Easton Allred.

The team results look remarkably similar to the state meet, plus and minus a few points here or there. Dakota Ridge proved their mettle once more with a NXR-Southwest win, and even with the inclusion of Allred to the Mountain Vista squad, the Boys from the 'Ridge remained on top of the results. 

Allred's return to the course did however give Vista Nation a must-needed boost.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Dakota Ridge proved to be the best team in Colorado this season. 

  • Mountain Vista deserves to extend their season with an At-Large Berth to NXN

  • Durango saved their big day for NXR

1Dakota Ridge High School732+3+10+27+31 (39+166)1:02.7015:20.21
2Mountain Vista High School921+17+22+23+29 (40+55)1:06.6915:30.09
3Centaurus High School2188+15+51+69+75 (172+217)58.5215:53.10
4Durango High School2299+24+37+59+100 (103+113)1:07.3115:56.27
5Heritage High School25713+28+43+71+102 (132+138)59.8316:00.99
6Pine Creek High School28925+38+54+68+104 (197+325)47.9716:05.94
7Fort Collins High School29619+48+56+63+110 (246+257)56.2216:06.15
8Palmer Ridge High School30011+14+62+80+133 (137+143)1:20.1516:02.75
9Monarch High School34142+52+74+77+96 (134+199)29.2916:13.84
10Niwot High School3854+21+114+117+129 (135+175)1:43.0316:08.24
11Rock Canyon High School38526+60+72+83+144 (145.5+151.5)1:06.3716:17.19
12Battle Mountain High School38646+79+81+85+95 (127+131)28.4816:19.13
13Cheyenne Mountain High School3947+78+82+97+130 (158.5+169)1:30.6516:13.84
14Legend High School42412+33+49+61+2691:52.4616:11.56
15Fossil Ridge High School47247+70+101+106+148 (230+231)51.3816:26.67

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