An Early Look At Colorado's Top 2019 NXN Returners

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Next year is looking exciting for Colorado, again...

Cole SproutEaston Allred, and Connor Ohlson are the No. 1, No. 3, and No. 5 returners. Let that sink in - Colorado has three of the top five returners...

And to add to how incredible that already is, also take note that Sprout, Allred, and Ohlson are all 5A, and all in the same region (Region 2). Additionally, Dakota Ridge's Jacob White, and Benjamin Piegat are the No. 21, and No. 25 returners, and Mountain Vista's Seth Rouse and Davis Helmerich, and Dakota Ridge's Ben Morrin are all within the Top 50 returners, and in the same region.

So, in another perspective: Colorado's 5A Region 2 is the most competitive region in the country.

The only non-5A-Region 2 runner in the Top 50 returners is Thompson Valley's Dylan Schubert, who is No. 14.

If NXN were tallying state scores, Colorado would go 1-3-5-14-21, and would be a clear champion. Talk about depth...

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5000 Meter Run

1Cole Sprout2020Valor Christian High School15:02.70 --
2Nico Young2020Newbury Park High School (SS)15:04.70 1
3Easton Allred2020Mountain Vista High School15:05.20 --
4Matt Strangio2020Jesuit (SJ)15:10.50 --
5Connor Ohlson2020Dakota Ridge High School15:11.50 --
6Stetson Moss2020Thunder Ridge High School15:13.10 --
7Josh Methner2020Hersey High School15:16.40 --
8Evan Holland2020Ashland15:17.60 --
9Nathan Green2021Borah High School15:20.00 --
10Evan Bishop2020East Grand Rapids15:20.90 --
11Anthony Monte2020Austin Vandegrift15:28.30 --
12Ethan Kern2020York High School15:29.00 --
13Carlos Shultz2020Loudoun Valley15:32.00 --
14Dylan Schubert2020Thompson Valley High School15:36.30 --
15Mateo Joseph2021Great Oak High School (SS)15:40.80 --
16Lisandro Berry-Gaviria2020Mt. Ararat High School15:42.70 --
17Wil Smith2020Lewis And Clark High School15:43.30 --
18Caleb Niednagel2020La Costa Canyon (SD)15:45.10 2
19Kellen Hasle2020Loudoun Valley15:46.10 --
20John Worthy2021Great Oak High School (SS)15:46.50 --
21Jacob White2021Dakota Ridge High School15:48.80 --
22Sam Otis2020Fayetteville-Manlius (FM)15:50.90 --
23Jace Aschbrenner2020Newbury Park High School (SS)15:53.40 3
24Luke Henseler2020Bishop Hendricken High School15:54.20 --
25Benjamin Piegat2020Dakota Ridge High School15:55.30 --
26Chris Verdugo2020Great Oak High School (SS)15:59.40 --
27Dylan Gatua2021West Ranch (SS)16:00.90 --
28William Hauenstein2020Wheaton Warrenville South High School16:01.40 4
29Nate Lannen2020Southlake Carroll16:04.80 --
30Patrick North2020Lewis And Clark High School16:04.90 --
31Edwin Gomez2021San Elizario16:05.90 --
32Evan Reynolds2021Bishop Hendricken High School16:07.70 --
33Seth Rouse2020Mountain Vista High School16:08.60 --
34Jarrett Kirk2020Flower Mound16:08.80 --
35Tim Mcelaney2020Southlake Carroll16:08.90 --
36Ben Morrin2020Dakota Ridge High School16:09.50 --
37Peyton Geehrer2021Fayetteville-Manlius (FM)16:11.10 --
38Issac Teeples2022Kamiakin High School16:15.30 --
39Shaw Powell2020Christian Brothers Academy16:16.50 --
40Cole Sawires Yager2020Great Oak High School (SS)16:16.80 --
41Roman Ystenes2020Middleton16:18.30 --
42Behailu Bekele-Arcuri2020Warwick Valley16:19.00 --
43Tyler Hunter2020Central Valley Senior High School16:19.60 --
44Nicholas Goldstein2021Newbury Park High School (SS)16:20.50 5
45Elias Perez2020El Paso Eastwood16:21.70 6
46Colin Sahlman2022Newbury Park High School (SS)16:22.00 7
47Hunter Romine2020West Ranch (SS)16:22.50 --
48Davis Helmerich2020Mountain Vista High School16:23.50 --
49Sergio Leon Cuartas2021El Paso Eastwood16:23.60 8
50Jacob Kluckhohn2020Wheaton Warrenville South High School16:24.20 9
51Stanford Smith2020Kamiakin High School16:24.80 --
52Max Svienty2020Hersey High School16:25.40 --
53Will Sacay2020Mounds View High School16:25.60 --
54Finn Sokolowski2020Mounds View High School16:26.20 --
55Matt St. Jean2020Bishop Hendricken High School16:26.90 --
56Ethan Crawford2021Lewis And Clark High School16:27.30 --
57Colin Safford2020Hersey High School16:27.50 --
58Ethan Seng2020Wheaton Warrenville South High School16:30.50 10
59Jack O'Sullivan2020Mountain Vista High School16:31.20 --
60Jared Peaslee2020Wheaton Warrenville South High School16:31.30 11
61Troy Hill2020Christian Brothers Academy16:33.20 --
62Yakob Kelley2022Fayetteville-Manlius (FM)16:33.40 --
63Ashton Hysell2020American Fork16:35.10 --
64James Miramontes2020La Costa Canyon (SD)16:36.00 12
65Aaron Perez2021El Paso Eastwood16:37.00 13
66Alec Nelson2020Mounds View High School16:37.40 --
67William Brady2022Bolles HS16:44.00 --
68David Metacarpa2020Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake16:48.00 --
69Zachary Leffel2020Middleton16:48.70 --
70Mike Morris2020Christian Brothers Academy16:49.40 --
71Kevin Board2020Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake16:51.60 --
72Elliott Mcarthur2023Mounds View High School16:55.50 --
73Juan Olmos2020El Paso Eastwood16:57.00 14
74Tristan Amell2021Christian Brothers Academy16:58.60 --
75Jax Weidi2020Kamiakin High School16:59.10 --
76Egan Johnson2020Middleton17:00.50 --
76Nathan Hernandez2021El Paso Eastwood17:00.50 15
78Cole Rutkowski2021Bolles HS17:01.30 --
79Steven Torres2020Southlake Carroll17:03.00 --
80Geoff Howles2020Fayetteville-Manlius (FM)17:05.80 --
81Antonio Florcruz2021Southlake Carroll17:06.10 --
81Daniel Appleford2022Newbury Park High School (SS)17:06.10 16
83Mateo Barreto2020Loudoun Valley17:12.50 --
84Danny Maxwell2020Lewis And Clark High School17:16.40 --
85Andy Pueschel2020La Costa Canyon (SD)17:17.10 17
86Dante Ubriaco2020Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake17:17.50 --
87Brandon Arana2020West Ranch (SS)17:18.00 --
88David Zeller2020Wheaton Warrenville South High School17:24.30 18
89Asher Savage2020La Costa Canyon (SD)17:28.80 19
90Braedon Gilles2020Middleton17:32.00 --
91Alex Motawi2020La Costa Canyon (SD)17:37.00 20
92Luis Vasquez2021Hersey High School17:45.30 --