Top Progression Of The Boys Mile In 2019 So Far

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Colin Szuch has nearly dropped 13 seconds from his 2018 best within the first three weeks of 2019.

Who is making gains?

We don't see every distance runner hit the boards during the indoor season, but we've seen quite a few use these colder months to sharpen the tools in their belt in preparation for the outdoor season.  

There are a handful of big meets on tap in coming weeks, meaning we'll likely see a few more names added to the list of those competing this indoor season, but so far we've seen quite a few make massive improvements already.

The boy's mile has seen some considerable improvement in the first three weeks of the new year. Leading the way in terms of time is Yonatan Kefle and his 4:38, which is over three seconds faster than last year. 

Two more notable improvements are coming from Peak Performance's Colin Szuch and Bryce Reeburgh. Both have improved by over 11 seconds so far.

Speaking of improvement, topping this list is Golden's Mason Smith, who has already dropped 26 seconds from his 2018 indoor PR. Additionally, Paul McDonald dropped 22 seconds.

And, what are the odds of running the same time, down to the hundredth of a second?

The question must be asked, because in a eerie coincidence, Erik Le Roux ran 4:42.44 last year, and again this year. 

Currently the average improvement is 8.55 seconds. 

Athlete2019 2018 Difference
Yonatan Kefle 4:38.484:41.74( 3.26 )
Erik Le Roux 4:42.444:42.4400.00
Colin Szuch 4:45.224:58.14( 12.92 )
Bryce Reeburgh 4:49.665:00.68( 11.02 )
Isaac Roberts 4:56.044:53.792.25
Sean Sands 5:01.985:04.63( 2.65 )
Noah Brown 5:08.245:19.94( 11.70 )
Paul McDonald 5:11.975:34.82( 22.85 )
Aidan Mobley 5:12.545:09.912.63
Blake Peters 5:12.735:21.05( 8.32 )
Cory Shea 5:14.005:32.72( 18.72 )
Anthony Foster 5:16.395:15.480.91
Rayan Elahi 5:18.085:34.05( 15.97 )
Declan Palmer 5:41.755:42.20( 0.45 )
Flynn Halsor 5:42.145:50.82( 8.68 )
Mason Smith 6:02.556:28.56( 26.01 )

Average5:10.895:19.44( 8.55 )