Top Progression Of The Girls 200 In 2019 So Far

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For the sake of adding a little more depth to these "Progression" lists, I changed the parameters a bit... 

We're just over three weeks into 2019, so how fast had everyone run three weeks into 2018? In other words: where were they on this day, a year ago?

We've seen Arria Minor race sparingly in 2019 so far, (which hints at an eye that extends into July), though she's nearly where she was last year at this time.

And behind her?

The next six - in terms of speed - have made serious gains on the 2018 versions of themselves... 

Kyairra Reigh has already chopped over over a quarter of a second from where was this time last year, and take a look at Camille Peisner... 

She came on strong outdoors, and if her 2019 improvements are saying anything, it's that she'll be even faster when she heads outdoors this year... 

Her January 22, 2018 self had a 27.11 PR. Her January 22, 2019 self? 25.18.

Peisner has nearly dropped two seconds from this time last year. That's more than anyone on this list by far. 

Jasmine CharlesNina Kemp, and Lauren Cox have all dropped nearly a quarter of a second from their Jan. 22, 2018 self as well. 

Athlete2019 2018 Difference
Arria Minor 23.7023.450.25
Kyairra Reigh 24.6724.96( 0.29 )
Camille Peisner 25.1827.11( 1.93 )
Jasmine Charles 25.9226.18( 0.26 )
Nina Kemp 26.7227.03( 0.31 )
Lauren Cox 26.8627.07( 0.21 )
Makiya Gayles 26.9026.97( 0.07 )
Lily Margolis 27.1026.820.28
Casia Provencal 27.2027.000.20
Kara Lucyk 27.3728.01( 0.64 )
Julea Trank 27.4527.48( 0.03 )
Kelia Portis 27.6227.560.06
Margot Diasabeygunawardena 27.6527.630.02
Chloe Piegat 28.0328.62( 0.59 )
Victoria Eversley 28.1327.930.20
Elise Gillett 28.3229.29( 0.97 )
Kayla Nowlin 28.3227.430.89
Sakara Harrison 28.3728.38( 0.01 )
Gianna Borzileri 28.4028.94( 0.54 )
Tess Leuchten 28.7730.02( 1.25 )
Princess Sagala 28.8428.570.27
Kiarra Lapp 29.7229.360.36
Lena Branch 29.8029.370.43
Aly Laurain 30.7729.691.08