Top Progression Of The Boys PV In 2019 So Far

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If these numbers are telling us anything, it's that we've got a big year in the pole vault ahead of us... 

So rather than only list the athletes who competed indoors in 2018 and 2019, I let this list air out a little bit, because we've got some names making serious gains...

What's already exciting is that Max Manson is ahead of where he was last year, and last year he capped the outdoor season with a 17-3.5 personal best. He's already gone over the 17-foot mark, and is 3.25 inches ahead of where he was this time last year. 

While he's got the eyes of Colorado on him as he chases his father's Colorado record of 17-7.5, behind him, or below him, are a slew of pole vaulters who have given chase to this rising bar. 

Among them include Hunter Potrykus.

Potrykus has made some serious gains over the past year. After ending his - regular - outdoor season at 13-9, he did go on to hit 14-6.5 in September, and the mark was clearly a prelude of what we'd see in 2019. 

He went 12-6 indoors last year, but has already upped the bar to 15-1 for an improvement of nearly three feet indoors. This bodes very, very well for his outdoor season. 

Athlete2019 2018 Difference
Max Manson 17-0.7516-9.5( 0-3.25 )
Hunter Potrykus 15-112-6( 2-7 )
Wyatt Nelson 14-0--
Tyler Forbes 13-5.513-1( 0-4.5 )
Eric Casey 13-5.514-00-6.5
Hitch Young 13-5.25--
Seth Rohr 13-213-0.25( 0-1.75 )
Oliver White 12-11.512-6( 0-5.5 )
Alex Argust 12-612-5.5( 0-0.5 )
Noah Kelly 12-5.58-6.25( 3-11.25 )
Travis Thomas 12-5.513-6.251-0.75
Nico Pasquariello 12-210-6( 1-8 )
Alex Argus 12-0--
Tommy Harmon 12-013-0.251-0.25
Ian Rainsberger 11-11.7512-5.50-5.75
Tanner Forbes 11-78-6.25( 3-0.75 )
Tyson Walgren 11-7--
Chase Graves 11-5.75--
Tyson Wahlgren 11-4--
Ryan Elahi 11-09-6.25( 1-5.75 )
Rayan Elahi 11-09-8( 1-4 )
James Lum 10-11.75--
Anthony Breglio 10-11.75--
Mason Boss 10-69-1( 1-5 )
Joe Atchison Iii 10-6--
Kai Miller 9-8--
Hunter Lazar 9-6.25--
Tristen Jeffrey 9-6.25--
Jack Megenhardt 9-0.25--
Eric Eismeier 9-0.25--
Tanner Dukart 9-0--
Brendan Munoz 8-0.57-1.5( 0-11 )
Rylen Lippelt 7-6.5--
Ryan Flaherty 6-8--