Top Progression Of The Boys LJ In 2019 So Far

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We're barely a month into 2019, and already Colorado has proven to be home to several national caliber long jumpers.

Improvement usually come in small increments, but that's not entirely the case for Elizabeth senior Mason Anthony, who not only leads Colorado with the No. 6 mark in the country, but his two-foot, one-and-a-quarter inch is beyond anyone within the Top 10, or even the Top 20 in Colorado.

A year ago he went 21-8 indoors, which bodes well within the state, but his 23-9 Wednesday night is the second jump within a week that launched him into a national-caliber long jumper. 

Mason Anthony has made some serious gains in the long jump this season.

In terms of numbers, the long jump looks eerily similar to last year, only last year at this time Colorado didn't have a jumper beyond 23 feet, and Anthony has already surpassed the mark twice in the past week.

Jeordon Holmes is already inching towards his outdoor PR from 2018. While he did not compete indoors last year, he did go 22-2.75 outdoors. Likewise, Teagan Mayes has already surpassed his outdoor PR, going 20-11.7 indoors this season. 

And speaking of making gains, keep an eye on Beckham Argosino

The eighth-grader has already added nearly three feet to his personal best this year. 

Athlete2019 2018 Difference
Mason Anthony 23-9.2521-8( 2-1.25 )
Jeordon Holmes 22-1--
Teagan Mayes 20-11.720-6.5( 0-5.2 )
Kaiden Keefe 20-9.7519-11.7( 0-10.05 )
Altera Rogers Jr 20-9.2520-5.75( 0-3.5 )
Charles Davis III 20-9--
Langston Williams 20-7--
Mikey Sanchez 20-6.7521-3.50-8.75
Ian Gray 20-5.7520-5( 0-0.75 )
Braeden Holcombe 20-5.75--
Zachary Miller 20-4.5--
Chase Monestime 20-4.25--
Tyler Harshbarger 20-4.25--
Joshua Ameyaw 20-0.25--
Fischer James Argosino 19-11.7520-5.50-5.75
Justin Alter 19-11.520-1.250-1.75
Isiah Williams 19-10.5--
Bryant Straus 19-5--
Isaiah Davis 19-3.25--
Jack Casper 19-3--
Jaden Boggs 19-1.5--
Luke Anderson 19-0--
Brooks Jackson 18-10.519-9.750-11.25
Pombi Yussufu 18-10.2--
Kyle Krebs 18-1017-7( 1-3 )
Matthew King 18-9--
Trevor Reed 18-8.75--
Beckham Argosino 18-7.2515-10.5( 2-8.75 )
Robert Henderson-Johnson 18-5.5--
Cheyenne Sharp 18-4.5--
Chris Matimba 18-3.5--
Derek Gonser 18-3.25--
Nolan Johan 17-10.5--
Nathanial Scoby 17-9.75--
Akio Castro 17-9--
Jaden Parrott 17-7.5--
Jensen Douillard 17-6.25--
Michael Hanna 17-6--
Braelon Tate 17-6--
Giovanni Lara 17-4--
Andrew Pixley 17-4--
Lyric Battle 17-3.75--
Miles Newbins 17-2--
Hawi Olam 17-0.5--
Jacob Schuster 16-10--
Ben Kirk 16-7.25--
Aidan Moyer 16-7--
Cayden Claeys 16-6.75--
Manharsh Mohan 16-514-9.25( 1-7.75 )
Joseph McGuire 16-4--
Gabe Montes 16-2.25--
Micah Dobson 16-2.25--
Valentino Rodriguez 16-2--
Aidan Brooks 16-1.75--
Payton Waggoner 16-0--
Noah Hall 16-0--
David Burr 15-8--
Jaden Bickell 15-7.5--
Gavin Utroske 14-9.5--
Brad Fielding 13-7.5--