Top Combined Girls Mid-Distance Athletes

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Over 30 girls have run the 800 and the mile this indoor season so far, and leading the way with a combined time of 7:35 is Anna Shults

The Peak to Peak senior has run 2:22 in the 800, and 5:12 in the mile. Currently her 2:22 is No. 3 in the state, and her 5:12 is No. 1. But combined, she's the top mid-distance runner in Colorado. 

Her 7:35 combined time is just seven seconds in front of eighth-grader Brooke Wilson, who has put together a stellar season for someone who has yet to walk the halls of high school. 

Wilson, who runs under the Valor Track Academy banner, has run 2:23 in the 800, and 5:19 in the mile for a combined total of 7:42. 

Lanie Szuch and Carley Bennett are the only other two girls to break 8 minutes in their combined totals. Szuch's total adds up to 7:48, just ahead of Bennett's 7:53. And right on the cusp is Maren Busath, who has a combined total of 8:01. 

AthleteMile 800 Combined
Anna Shults 5:12.742:22.937:35.67
Brooke Wilson 5:19.202:23.557:42.75
Lanie Szuch 5:23.492:25.357:48.84
Carley Bennett 5:26.872:26.237:53.10
Reese Tucker 5:32.952:35.308:08.25
Riley Geldean 5:33.712:34.698:08.40
Maren Busath 5:34.122:27.708:01.82
Lily Mourer 5:37.382:28.688:06.06
Ami Bigler-Redd 5:38.022:31.858:09.87
Baylie Koonce 5:39.782:33.338:13.11
Anna Warmack 5:43.242:33.368:16.60
Jenna Howard 5:44.312:33.808:18.11
Mollie Roden 5:47.482:38.038:25.51
Bri Teegarden 5:47.702:30.668:18.36
Aspen Fulbright 5:50.092:35.468:25.55
Makenna Knez 5:53.092:43.398:36.48
Hope Stark 5:53.772:30.288:24.05
Lauren Boutelle 5:56.032:45.248:41.27
Eva Lennert 5:57.442:46.408:43.84
Rachel Goodrich 5:58.112:34.438:32.54
Mackenzie Moss 6:00.542:40.068:40.60
Ashley Edwards 6:02.302:46.568:48.86
Bryanna Hoffman 6:05.392:48.028:53.41
Shayana Holcomb 6:07.372:51.968:59.33
Kenna True 6:12.102:36.428:48.52
Kasia Poulson 6:12.972:46.178:59.14
Adeline Wilson 6:14.122:48.729:02.84
Emma Stutzman 6:15.062:32.128:47.18
Amanda Johnson 6:15.422:56.729:12.14
Abbie Saline 6:19.822:45.909:05.72
Ellie Sundheim 6:22.162:52.669:14.82
Aubrey Surage 6:27.302:41.169:08.46
Brenna Jones 6:27.342:45.729:13.06
Sydney Gasper 6:29.432:46.779:16.20
Alyssa Kimes 6:31.392:46.759:18.14
Amara Teany 6:37.232:55.599:32.82
Emma Thomas 6:37.323:00.749:38.06
Aliya Carey 6:42.112:49.699:31.80
Heather Prevatte 6:43.042:58.409:41.44
Kimberly Blough 6:54.533:03.619:58.14
Samantha Weese 7:05.593:15.1910:20.78