Top Combined Boys Mid-Distance Athletes

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This one is tight!

We've got three boys within the very same second.

In combining the 800 and the mile, it appears the magic number, so far, is 6:31.

Yasin SadoCal Banta, and Andrew Bluemel all have a combined time of 6:31. Though, they're separated by a few hundredths of a second. 

Sado's 6:31.52 is just ahead of Banta's 6:31.57. And if this were all one race, Bluemel would be the third man to cross the line in a crazy lean, in 6:31.82. 

And we've haven't even left the second.

Just outside their shadows is Yonas Mogos, who has a combined time of 6:33.73, and Ahmed Sado, who's at 6:35.00.

That's five runners within four seconds across two events. 

Andrew Bluemel1:57.204:34.626:31.82
Yasin Sado1:58.954:32.576:31.52
Jesse Hayward2:00.764:42.016:42.77
Cal Banta2:00.834:30.746:31.57
Ahmed Sado2:01.104:33.906:35.00
Yonas Mogos2:02.454:31.286:33.73
Isaac Roberts2:03.014:56.046:59.05
Caleb Boutelle2:03.544:40.896:44.43
Brandon Hippe2:04.664:47.916:52.57
Adam Maal2:06.124:55.477:01.59
Zachary Salcido2:07.015:13.967:20.97
Edward Rush2:07.724:45.286:53.00
Erik Le Roux2:07.774:31.626:39.39
Andre Stablein2:08.504:44.116:52.61
Chris Nicoll2:08.664:52.787:01.44
Rito Casas2:08.755:13.297:22.04
Zac Witman2:09.604:46.356:55.95
Jadon Bennick2:10.244:48.986:59.22
Trevor Jones2:10.325:14.267:24.58
Tanner Meeks2:11.214:59.107:10.31
Jenson Zaugg2:12.044:54.527:06.56
Bryce Reeburgh2:12.944:45.456:58.39
Aidan Mobley2:13.085:12.547:25.62
Tyler Christians2:13.295:13.607:26.89
Will Scavuzzo2:13.354:59.177:12.52
Noah Brown2:13.795:08.247:22.03
Wyatt Booth2:13.974:56.967:10.93
Joel Behnke2:14.055:22.367:36.41
Patrick Jirele2:14.064:58.417:12.47
Paul McDonald2:14.145:11.977:26.11
Jamison Cartwright2:14.275:01.297:15.56
Luke Lehmpuhl2:14.524:49.707:04.22
Drew Braden2:14.565:00.457:15.01
Rayan Elahi2:16.665:18.087:34.74
Colin Szuch2:16.684:42.596:59.27
Javier Mijares2:16.955:21.837:38.78
Jacob States2:17.975:11.727:29.69
Blake Peters2:18.475:12.737:31.20
Zachary Mason2:18.655:11.497:30.14