Meet Information

Contact: Alex Sarabia

Course: The course is a true cross country course, consisting entirely of dirt, sand, and grass trails, along with dirt packed roads. The terrain is mostly flat, with a few small up hills and 2 steep down hills. Some areas are wooded and you might have a log-jump. The course will be well marked with pennant turns, arrow markers, cones and flour ground arrows. This is truly a great spectator course and is easy to get from the start to both mile markers and the finish. Athletes can easily wear spikes or racing flats alike.




$150.00 per gender team or $250.00 if you are running both teams.


8:15 AM Breakfast

8:30 AM Coaches Meeting

9:00 AM Girls Varsity (Run 9, score 5)

9:30 AM Boys Varsity (Run 9, score 5)

10:00 AM Varsity Awards

10:20 AM Girls JV (Unlimited, score 5)

11:00 AM Boys JV (Unlimited, score 5)

11:40 AM JV Awards

12:00 PM High School Meet Conclusion

12:20 PM Youth Races allowed on Course

1:00 PM Youth Races


Unique trophies to the top 3 teams in each varsity race

Medals to top 10 boys and girls varsity individuals

Medals to top 10 boys and girls individuals in the JV race

Race times will be subject to change pending the completion of the preceding race. This may require a race to start late, but no race will start earlier.

Place: Polson Ranch 5201 Colorado Hwy 67 (Go west on Hwy 67 from Hwy 85 through Sedalia). Polson Ranch is on the right hand side just a few hundred yards past the post office. Entrance will be marked by a Douglas County H.S. sign and personnel will direct spectator vehicles into the entrance for parking. Buses will be able to drop off close to the course and will park near the meet site. Do not park at the post office or along Hwy 67 outside of Polson Ranch as you will be towed.

The afternoon will be dedicated to youth races sponsored by Kokopelli Racing. If your athletes have younger siblings that would like to compete, this is a great opportunity for a complete family event. Please view link below for more details.

Afternoon Youth Race Registration: